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  1. So which team is currently having their best season in recent times, are currently sitting pretty in 3rd place and can't even fill the smaller away allocation at Liverpool? Now I'm fully aware our away support is poor but I'm shocked to see less than 1000 Bolton fans at Anfield today for the top of the table clash. Very poor Bolton but I guess highlights many points made on this thread already.
  2. I'd be extremely reluctant to let Gally go simply because he's a Blackburn lad with an obvious passion for the club. He doesn't look good enough thats clear for us all to see, but locally born players are hard to come by and Hughes should keep him around for as long as possible In my opinion. I never thought Beattie would make a player either and we let him go, I'd love to see him back and we should learn from that mistake alone because he can do it on his day. But Hughes is working to a tight budget and he'll make decisions based on that so I guess its a case of watch this space. As for Nonda he's certainly another Grabbi in the making. I always thought Grabbi would come good , Nonda shows the same attributes and simply isn't good enough I'm afraid. When he gets the ball you think "right here we go" but almost every time it turns into nothing, exactly what Grabbi was like, get rid Hughes.
  3. My views on David Dun over the years have been well documented, not had a decent run of games since our promotion season etc etc. But you can't help but think, that hopefully Dunny will realise just exactly what he lost when moving to Birmingham and will not want that to happen again. From what people are saying, coupled with the fact he's that few years older, maybe just maybe he can be the player he promised to be all those years ago. An added bonus is that we've again stuck one up big club and that fills me with glee Good luck Dunny, no pressure........ :ph34r:
  4. I'd take relegation and a UEFA Cup win. Just imagine Blackburn Rovers actually winning a European trophy I'm still finding it hard to believe we're actually playing European football
  5. I saw that guy far to many times I can tell you, sure he was following me
  6. The guy is indeed a legend if not a little embarrassing for Macky junior Just been told by a Liverpool fan of a trip to Porto a few years back. Liverpool advised all fans to meet in a certain area to be bused to a safe drinking area near the stadium. They were taken to a large expanse of gravel on the outskirts of Porto, surrounded by police and held on the buses for 2hrs. NEVER AGAIN
  7. Having arrived at the designated meeting point a good 3 1/2hrs before kick off, the police closed the bars and insisted we remain there until 8pm when the bus would then take us to the ground. Not a hint of trouble just bad policing and will certainly put people off following the guidelines laid down by the club in future. We were kept penned in like animals and if you attempted to leave you’d be met with hostility and abuse. It needs mentioning please BRISA as I’ve never experienced anything like this previously on European trips. Both Turkey and Bulgaria had just as much potential for trouble and yet things went like clock work in those two countries. Thanks in advance.
  8. It could have been allot worse with some of the faces in Amsterdam over the past few days. It doesn'"t make things right but it could have been worse...... I'm fecked! :ph34r:
  9. Just sat in my the hotel lobby and thought i'd write my experience of yesterday. First of all the support out here both in the bars of Amsterdam and on the night of the game was nothing short of sensational. Something about these European trips brings out the best in you and it's an experience everyone should have. Everywhere you tunred in Amsterdam you'd see Rovers fans, the bars echoed to sound of No Nay Never etc etc and the grasshopper on Wednesday night was like the brown cow, fox and hounds, white bull etc all wound in to one. WONDERFUL. We left Amsterdam about 4.45pm yesterday and headed for the designated port area where we'd been told we could drink before the game. We arrived in Rotterdam and were told we could not leave the station and thst s train would along soon to take us to the port. 20 Mins later we were on our way and got to the port to discover the police had just shut the bars for no reason at all and we were penned in to that area for the next 2hrs with only water to drink and no explanation at all. Having remonstrtated with the police we were still given no explanation for why this was and had to wait for the buses to the ground. This also caused more friction as they ran one bus to the ground for around 500 people, when that returned they put another hundred on and so on. I still can't believe it never actually kicked off there because of the police's decision to close the bars, if ít had been a different set of supporters it would have got nastly. I'll never attend a meeting point organised the club again. I like many had been all over Europe watching Rovers and I never been treated like that, even with England it's rare these days. To say the police are used to dealing with supporters they were clueless, ignorant and aggresive in some cases. It really spoilt the night to be honest. As for the ground itself it was like going back in time with a couple of lads ripping tickets off in a booth, it took ages to get in the ground then we were lucky as we had seats but I know Bob flemming paid 300 quid to come over for a day and never saw the first half due to cr@p stewarding. It was amaturish and just made the whole game an experience I won't forget in a hurry. Anyway I'm ###### off again now so I'm going for a beer and something to eat. Great result, Wonderful support, onwards and upwards. Well done to all that travelled. A very sober Gav (Explanation why, above) agrees with both Hughes and Savagae, we did boss the game for long periods. They were poor and had a few chances but we bossed the game. I was impressed with No 24 for them. We never got past him once, maybe worth a look at Mr Hughes.
  10. Just setting off, see you all in Amsterdam.......
  11. We'll be there this time tomorrow Now just to get today out of the way
  12. A day on the ale then all night watching the ashes, hope they have beds in the bar
  13. I saw a figure recently of just over 1000, thought more myself but it was an official figure apparently.
  14. Still no news on extra ticket allocation? I know a few who haven't got tickets and the clubs silence doesn't help matters. They'll still travel as you'll almost always get in, but having a large number of people without tickets isn't good from a policing point of view.
  15. Flying Wednesday 6am from Liverpool, leathered by dinner
  16. I know someone who has just come back and says count on prices for beer between 4.5 and 8 euros even in the less lively parts of town.
  17. Why do we have the constant scare mongering on almost every page of this thread? If you want it you'll find it but FFS stop trying to put the fear of God in to people. Anyone who visited the Sofia website before our game out there would have seen hundreds of swastika tattooed nutters, but not an ounce of trouble, they were the perfect hosts. It'll be a great trip and safe also.
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