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  1. Just started playing again in Sweden after not playing since 2018. Shockingly, he's only 32. Actually his contract was terminated after a month.
  2. Look, I think 99% of us are done with Mowbray, but do you want him to say "we have 7.2M to spend"??? Don't show your hand. We are clearly open for business, but we shouldn't tell teams what the owners are letting him spend. It's Negotiations 101.
  3. Our wage spend was 189% of our REVENUE last year. The wage bill had to come down. If we don't sign anyone now, with 12 players off the books and $10M for Armstrong (assuming Newcastle will get $5M), fans will have the right to be very upset. Let's see what happens over the next few days. There should be several incoming signings.
  4. This is exactly why we did a separate deal. If it were a cash/swap deal, Obafemi's value would have to be taken into consideration. We would owe Newcastle another 2.4M (if Obafemi's valuation is 6M).
  5. Mowbray can't admit that he knows the he is interested. It could be used against us if Newcastle protest. Legally nothing could stop Southampton from cancelling the deal. It sounds like they want rid and they just brought in a new striker.
  6. We won't be buying Obafemi for 6M. We will be getting a cut rate deal. Here is how I see it breaking down: Armstrong sold for 15M, bought originally for 1.75M, but raised to 3M based on incentives. We owe Newcastle 40% of the profit on the deal. (15-3)*.40 = 4.8M. That leave Rovers with 10.2M. We will buy Obafemi for around 3M in a separate deal to avoid paying Newcastle an additional 40% on the 6M (2.4M) valuation of Obafemi.
  7. I honestly don't know right now. It appears that Buckley is playing a false 9. Well he's coming off now. Bizarre.
  8. Haha he's moved Travis out wide into Gallagher's position.
  9. Are foreigners not going to be able to stream games this year as in years past? I've been following Rovers for a long time and had a seasons pass to iFollow since they started streaming in 2017. Under the "View Subscriptions" button all I see is the Bolton preseason match listed. Is there not a season streaming pass on the new RoversTV? That would be brutal. I'd go from watching all 46 matches a year to getting to watch 3-4 on ESPN+. That would be devastating.
  10. If I tried that, I’d be on my way to the hospital or morgue.
  11. I did the exact same and the celebration was icing on the cake. Brilliant.
  12. Bell and Evans need to sit this weekend and for the season. The lineup should be: Kaminski Nyambi Lenihan/Willaims Ayala Douglas Holtby Trybull Rothwell Dolan/Elliott Armstrong Elliott/Brereton Work Dack in once he's ready. I can't get over how bad Evans is. He offers nothing going forward.
  13. Davenport for Evans please. Much better on the ball and can run. Evans next to Johnson is pointless.
  14. Evans is absolutely lost with the ball. We are really missing Rothwell today.
  15. I wouldn't worry about that. We are going up automatically. 1st or 2nd.
  16. Bennett is out injured for at least a month. Not sure who would want to sign him before January.
  17. I talked to a Leeds friend of mine and he said the exact same thing. Said his set pieces are top class. He did say he’s had a hard time staying healthy since joining from Wolves. Certainly an upgrade over Bell.
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