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  1. Investment in Brockhall has been pretty much none existent for 4 years, so it needs a complete overhaul. The analysis and euro scouting team seem to have been funded through cutbacks on medical, physio and training ground investments and it is starting to show. New manager needs to find out if the players here can play his preferred system, his plan b and c system and what new players he will need to bring in. Until players are properly defensively drilled how do we know what our current defenders can do?
  2. My issue with giving TM till the end of the season before we make a change is that you are pretty much compromising next season as well. Replacing now, would allow the new chap to assess the squad, sort recruitment plans, improve training infrastructure, get the players to understand how he wants to play, drill the defence and implement a good pre season, giving us a realistic chance of promotion next season.
  3. I still don't get this on finances, we have the second richest owners in the Championship behind the Coates Family/ Bet365. All clubs that have come down apart from Norwich have had to set players etc to keep losses down etc. Those that have spent cash have done so after player sales. Brentford also have a lower wage budget than ourselves, so how can you use those as an example. If Venky's wanted to, they could easily fund a 1 season all out assault to get promotion (knowing if it didn't work they could sell a few players to comply with FFP afterwards) and then pay the FFP fine when we a
  4. Let's say Venky's have given this season to be promoted before cutbacks happen in the summer. Would you still support him knowing that all assets will be sold in the summer? I remember when Souness was appointed, it took him 5 months to assess the squad and plan who he needed for a promotion push the next season. We are probably in the same category now. Although i have a feeling of deja vu, as i do remember having the same argument last year.
  5. Up until his injury, I was starting to think our best bit of transfer business was Wharton not going out on loan.
  6. For me as this is the 3rd year of the normal Venky cycle we have to go up this year. The summer will be a horror story of cutting funding, reducing squad and wages and selling anyone who is sellable, as happened last time under bowyer inorder to comply with FFP in 2022. I just don't think TM can do it this year, without the injuries he may have had a chance but i really do worry now.
  7. bit of a surprise not to see Davenport on the bench after the Preston match.
  8. Ainsworth does seem to be learning very quickly how to operate in the Championship. First thing he seems to have done is to sort out their defence, stopped playing so open and to make it difficult for sides to score against them.
  9. To be honest a sale now would not surprise me as would no more signings. We have to remember, we have sold just over 1,200 season tickets so far, with this mornings announcement that the new rules will be in place for 6 months, fans won't be in a stadium till next April at the earliest, so we are facing no more season ticket sales. As of right now, Venky's are probably being told they need to put in around £25-35m cash to keep the club as a going concern and complete the season (which is up £10m on what they would have expected to inject up to now). How some of the lower league clubs
  10. What we should have done is admit that fans in large numbers will not likely to be in the stadium until January so we should have based prices on these assumptions.. Season tickets should have been £199 with a free IFollow season pass, if we get fans in the ground before Jan so be it. The Away Ifollow pass should have also been half price for the season to ensure fans keep watching and stay in a habit of watching. Doing the above we would have generated about the same income, reinvigorated fans, kept the watching habit going and people would not be as furious as they are now, infact
  11. I think Shelfy had gone by the time King was sold.
  12. He'll be sold in January, there is no way they will run the risk of him leaving for free. An interesting question though, if say we are 4th in Jan and we look to bring in a player who will guarantee promotion, who wants let's say £45k a week, would we do it?
  13. So you would potentially then be happy for Dack to leave on a free in 18 months time?
  14. To protect a £15-20m payday we may well have to offer Dack £40k a week in a years time, although i suspect, we will most likely try and sell in January, if he has fully recovered from his injury.
  15. Aren't we paying Mulgrew around £20-25k at the minute?
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