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  1. I am not sure JRC or Chapman will be here either. There has been a pause put on all expenditure and commitiing to any new contracts by Venky's The rumours presently in India are that Venky's are in discussions with a fellow IPL owning billionaire to come in as an investor into Rovers. If these rumours are true, Venky's won't be making any financial decisions concerning Us.
  2. I think most Sheffield United fans were thinking the same when they appointed Wilder as manager, apart from being a Sheffield United Fan, he had not done that much to be appointed their boss. Also we did try to appoint him as manager at the same time as Mowbray, but got turned down, so we did seem to be looking at lower league managers at that point. I am not saying we should appoint Ainsworth, but he has something about him, and what he has done with Wycombe, especially this season on a £4m total player budget is pretty impressive. It just took him a touch too long for their players to g
  3. As soon as he said he wasn't worried about trying to overhaul Wigan and win League 1, I was getting concerned. What ambitious successful manager says they don't care about winning the league they are in? Also to then say he had to convince Venky's to cool it when we were promoted. Sheffield United and Norwich had both proven you go for it once promoted and if you don't get promoted the first season, you will be set up nicely for promotion in the second season.
  4. Are we all sure our current transfer embargo is as straight forward for us to get out of? I must say there does seem to be an awful lot of good out of contract players at other clubs this year, so even with a very small transfer budget, some clubs are going to be able to put a very good side together on virtually nothing.
  5. It might be they want a replacement lined up similar to Bowyer and Coyle dismissals before they move.
  6. You have written off the summer transfer window as the new manager will need time to assess the squad before deciding on players he needs. Also the pre season schedule will be what Mowbray had set up and could be completely different to what the new manager requires etc.
  7. Good point. I am not sure which ones are living in the UK so avoided. If Wagner is living in the UK i would add him to my list as well.
  8. I think with Brexit getting an obscure European manager will be much more difficult in obtaining a work permit, so it will therefore have to be a British manager. Also in regard to this recruiting unearthed gems from Europe through our new European scouting network is also going to be a challenge. I think really we need someone who knows lower leagues and can unearth gems from there as well as developing young talent through our youth system. I think I would go for one of either Cowley's, Gareth Ainsworth or Mark Robins.
  9. I was speaking to a developer during the week who claims it is a lot further along than we anticipate. He indicated that the STC has already been sold to a developer pending approval of the planning application. I am hopeful he was just pulling my leg but I am not so sure these days. Why billionaires require this small amount of cash i have no idea. Also as investments in training grounds and youth developments are excluded from FFP calculations they could build a world class facility at any time they want. I could understand moving to one facility if we were moving to a 200 ac
  10. They could always, swallow their pride and ask Tom Finn to come back and sort the mess out.
  11. I hope you are right, as I don't think we have the players to roll their sleaves up for a relegation battle, the two young lads from Everton and City will crack under the pressure of a relegation battle. I think your comments would have been echoed last season by Hull who had 39 points after 26 games. To only get 3 draws and a win in the last 20 games was horrifying for them. Looking at our next 9 games, we are likely to get a few draws so the last 8 games will be tight. Having said that when the pressure is on, TM always seems to conjure up a few wins so we should be ok.
  12. I fear we maybe this seasons Hull with how we are playing at the moment. Our next set of fixtures look horrible, will he be able to sort it out or will he go down as our first manager to take us to League 1 twice in their tenure. He just doesn't seem to know what to do anymore and it looks like he is desperate to be put out of his misery and sacked.
  13. You do realize that Brentfords budget is lower than ours, also they have to develop and sell one star per year to cover their losses each season. So why are they able to be top so far this season and have been able to mount multiple top 6 campaigns?
  14. Apart from the overdraft, we do not have any external debt at the moment. It seems they are having to inject nearly £7m every 3 months to keep the lights on, so around £28-30m for this season (nearly double their normal yearly contribution). For that amount of cash I would be expecting a promotion challenge at the minimum. Also in 3 months we will break the magical £200m barrier, at a certain point they must reach an enough is enough moment.
  15. Limited spending has been allowed following relaxation of the FFP rules for the season as well as TM going for the playoffs. Up until then we had a leeway of £15k. Venky's have guaranteed an injection into the club this year of £32m to cover this years running costs.
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