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  1. Think Kaminski will be a huge and costly miss. Gone for PNE at 12/5.
  2. We should be buying players better than we already have otherwise we are not progressing. Cover players are not the answer. My big fear right now is the goalkeeping situation. If Kaminski is going to miss a few games then I think Pears will cost us dearly - I don't think Pears should ever have been signed, not even on a 12 month deal never mind the ludicrous 4 year deal.
  3. Great time to play Stoke. We are rolling and they have key absentees. Unbelievably generous odds on Rovers' win at almost 3/1 on one of the exchanges. Lumped on and fully expect Rovers' cash machine to keep paying out! Also stuck a tenner on 3-1 to Rovers at 40/1. Fill yer boots.
  4. Sensible team selection, for a change. Super confident about this one. City ripe for the taking - couldn't play them at a better time. This is a licence to print money - lumped on Rovers at 11/8. Fun bet - £10 on 3-1 win at 20/1.
  5. I couldn't think of anything worse than Mowbray in that role. I do not think he can offer anything further to our football club. We need nous, ambition, vision, drive, personality and first rate communication skills - everything, IMO, Mowbray lacks.
  6. The only thing I would say to you is if someone is looking for a job that person does not put all their eggs in one basket! I will leave you to join up the dots!
  7. Come on Gav, get real. You and I both strongly agree that our owners are an issue. However, that does not change the persona, ambition, drive, tactical awareness, relationship with supporters etc of the manager who is in charge at any point in time. IMO, anyone who thinks Mowbray IS NOT an issue is a fool.
  8. Think some get too hung up about our ownership saying nothing will change whilst Venky's remain in situ. The key question for me is would a new manager get a better tune out of the players currently at Mowbray's disposal and would those players uncertain of committing their future to Rovers be more inclined to stay under the direction of a manager with a clear plan, ambition and who doesn't hang them out to dry (which IMO Mowbray does -it's never his fault). The answer to me is Yes and Yes. We are 7th in the league and have a much better opportunity of selling the club to a new manager than if we were rooted to the bottom of the table. The time for change is now and long overdue. Yesterday's result is irrelevant. What is relevant is Mowbray's 5 years in charge and, IMO, the undefined journey in his football maze of a mind. I think we know another Mowbray death spiral is never far away and who can ever forget last seasons abysmal 2 wins in 17 games.
  9. Interesting stuff from @Paul Mani I think Rovers' executive management change their tune so often it's reminiscent of words/meaning to 'Hokey Cokey'. However, posted earlier this week that I thought even a win wouldn't save Mowbray and I stand by that. Think that departures of Farke and Warnock (not saying either will replace Mowbray - my money is still on Neill or Wilder in that order) will help focus some minds at Ewood (need for change).
  10. Won a packet today on Rovers' win but would give the lot away for a guarantee of a new manager by the time Rovers play another league game. Feel today's win was inevitable but risk is could be yet another papering over the cracks / false dawn.
  11. Some bizarre selections and Mowbray needs a face saving win. Can only be one outcome against an unconvincing Sheff Ud. Rovers' win at 11/4 - just full yer boots.
  12. Interesting to see comments from @PeteJD13 @Paul Mani In the main, totally bemused by Mowbray's attitude in today's press conference. IMO, the attitude of a manager who knows he wont be in post for much longer.
  13. I stand by this. Head on the block - doubt even a win on Saturday will be enough to save Mowbray. Sadly, I don't think he should ever have been appointed and, IMO, his departure will be at least four and a half years too late.
  14. Any win is a good win! Seems like we did our best though to surrender another 2 goal lead. Big, big test on Wednesday. Think Santa's sack will soon start to fill up!
  15. Don't fancy us at all this afternoon. Derby on decent run of form and think Rooney has done well under very difficult circumstances. Buckley at right back - think the lad will wonder wtf is going on this afternoon. Mentally and physically in for a very hard time. Derby at almost 2/1 is a licence to print Christmas money - fill yer boots in readiness for Santa.
  16. It's not rocket science. If football had no close season and Rovers played every Wednesday and Saturday they would play 104 games in a year which is TWO PER WEEK. I think too many blinded by Mowbray's bullsh1t.
  17. From the Raos' personal angle, a smart move. Gives them more control over a major asset in the event of the football club being sold or entering insolvency. If the football club ceased to exist or the remainder of the Brockhall complex was sold off then I think you would find any restrictive covenants re land use would be managed out! As a Rovers' supporter, would have been far happier if this had not happened. Let's not be naive about this. Again, don't think club have been open about Brockhall and their hand has reluctantly been forced. Think it's a pity the Raos are not as smart when it comes to selecting football managers and ceos!!!
  18. Think Big Mick has had his day and now well past his best and not for us. Surprised to see Bruce's name mentioned on here - wouldn't be my choice and I don't think he would have even the slightest inclination to give us a second's thought. Think his hunger has gone for this type of appointment and probably too busy watching the interest rack up on his £millions. I think the next Rovers' manager, and sooner than some on here think, will be either Wilder or Neill with reports of both having attended recent Rovers' games. I understand both have support in the Rovers' hierarchy and are not unknown to them!
  19. Too true. A half decent manager would make us genuine contenders. What's happening with Rothwell is criminal. Liked him from day one but feel Mogadon has held him back. If he goes to Rangers, he will rip up the SPL.
  20. Wouldn't bet against Blackpool at home against any team outside the top 8 - Critchley doing an amazing job there. Just keeping fingers crossed for both Rovers and Reading to net once each in remainder of game. 3-1 at 16/1 would be a nice earner on top of Rovers' win bet.
  21. Oh ye of little faith! Even Rovers can't blow another 2 nil lead at home!
  22. A home banker today and a licence to print money. Mowbray dare not lose today and it is a strongish Rovers' team. Lumped on Rovers and also gone for a 3-1 score.
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