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  1. I think they are all useless. What the feck is the point of changing staff and keeping, IMO, this absolute idiot purporting to be a football manager and tactical genius. IMO, Mowbray, Venus, Lowe and Benson are all way, way below par and that is being polite. I've been saying this for years and very sadly, I've been proven right.
  2. If anyone ever talks to me about Mowbray being humble, honest, man of integrity etc then I will metaphorically smash them in the face. It gives me no pleasure in being proven right about Waggott and Mowbray almost from the day they first set foot in Ewood. If you've 'been around the block a few times' in life then you can smell 'em and I've always thought Waggott and Mowbray stink.
  3. Managerless and covid hit Swansea will hand Rovers an opening day win.
  4. 1) No, 1 Dec 2) No, 1 Oct 3) Kaminski - providing he's not sold. Think there's a 70%+ chancw he'll be gone by 31 Jan 4) Bottom 3 5) Bournemouth
  5. Did you honestly expect anything different!? His value to Rovers is falling by the minute. It can't go on. IMO, he'll go for about £12m netting Rovers about £8m - if we are lucky! IMO, shambolic management of issue by Waggott and Mowbray.
  6. Think it was a groin issue. If rumours are true, looks like Brockhall sale will happen. Think it's criminal when you look at the money spunked up the wall on likes of Ayala - must be £4million+ in wages, NI, signing on fee, agents etc.
  7. Not ridiculous but savvy! Sadly, I think a bit of that type of nous would be welcome at Ewood! Instead, I think we've spunked away £millions on transfer fees for likes of Brereton and Gallagher and extended deals for likes of Mulgrew, Smallwood and Hart - you could go on and on and on.
  8. I think Tyrone is right. What we have now Gav is totally different to anything that I've encountered I would say in getting on for 60 years in supporting Rovers. I'd estimate that only 1 in 5 of my Rovers' connections (family, friends, colleagues, clients) are taking a season ticket this time. Never known apathy like this. I think it extends beyond Venky's - people I speak with have come to despise Waggott and Mowbray because, IMO, they are equally guilty of destroying our club and they are only in it for themselves. I think enormous damage has been done and sadly, it might not be rectified in my life time.
  9. Think you are totally wrong. He took us down when he was employed to keep us up and, IMO, we've had years of turgid football with only countless soundbites and bullsh1t emanating from his mouth to show for his tenure. We are in a total mess which, IMO, has everything to do with Mowbray's mismanagement of his squad and his ineffectiveness in player trading.
  10. Sadly, I think there are so many connected to Rovers who are hugely out of their depth. IMO, Mowbray, Venus, Lowe and Benson would never get another job at Championship level working with a first team. For me, it's the stuff of nightmares. Nevermind, at least @chaddyroversis happy - he thinks they are better than Sean Dyche!
  11. It is clearly an uncomfortable question because you are frightened of answering it!!!!!!!!!! I can only assume that you would turn your nose up at the prospect of Sean Dyche becoming Rovers' manager because he has managed Burnley. What a small minded attitude. I think the real world is that Rovers as a football club are screwed and whilst the 'happy clappers' can't see beyond Mowbray and Waggott then we will remain royally screwed. I couldn't give a monkey's what colour, creed or religion our manager is or whether our manager has Burnley connections, two heads or six fingers. The bottom line is can he feckin manage and get us back to the PL. IMO, Mowbray has wasted five years and we are a basket case of a club.
  12. FFS - do you not read properly or do you simply not answer uncomfortable questions for you!? I will ask you again, this time please answer either YES or NO IF Sean Dyche was prepared to come and manage Rovers, would you support the appointment YES or NO?
  13. Come on Chaddy, if you are going to respond to my posts then please at least do so in the right context. You posted as above "Would you want an ex dingle in charge here?" I responded "What Rovers' fan in their right mind WOULD NOT WANT Sean Dyche!?!?" I very doubt Dyche would touch us with a sh1tty stick but IF he could be lured here, are you seriously saying you would be against the appointment because he had managed Burnley? As for Alex Neil, don't rule that out. I am told there is even more credibility in that possibility!
  14. Think it will be miracle if Ayala fit. That midfield looks League One. Johnson already injured - you just couldn't write it. IMO, a season too far for Johnson - we never, ever learn. Think Armstrong will be long gone. Think we will be lucky to be out of the bottom six at any point in the season other than on opening day of the season before a ball is kicked!
  15. What Rovers' fan in their right mind WOULD NOT WANT Sean Dyche!?!?
  16. A 'top talent' would have made his mark well before the age of 22. Injuries or not, if Butterworth had it, he would have broken through into a very mediocre Rovers' team quite some time ago.
  17. Nonsense. All the cards are stacked against Rovers. Armstrong walks for nothing in 12 months if that is what he wants. All boils down to Armstrong. Think least likely option is he signs a new contract with Rovers and condemns himself to Championship mediocrity at best - think he and his agent will have a bit more sense than that. Think Rovers will be lucky to net £7/8million after Newcastle's 40% share of any profit. We are not in the driving seat - Armstrong and his agent know that and so do other clubs. I think the incompetence of Waggott and Mowbray has screwed us again.
  18. It's coming home! Vividly remember us winning the World Cup in 1966. Big money on the boys - a licence to print money - got in early at almost 2/1. Drinks lined up - beer, red wine and champagne for when we lift the trophy. Enjoy guys, these are once, if your lucky twice, in a lifetime experiences.
  19. I get it okay! Even Vince Grella passed a medical when the Rovers' Sports Science team was, IMO, far more clued-up than today's set-up! A medical DOES NOT measure how the body will stand up to physical stresses and strains, however, a player's track record will give you a pretty good indicator. Ayala hadn't kicked a ball in anger for 8 months through when we signed him and you only need to have read the M'boro forums to see what they thought of Ayala and injury!!! The alarm bells should have been screaming in the heads of Waggott and Mowbray especially given Ayala's age!!!! Some players are injury prone as we know to our cost - look how many games even some of our younger players have missed with injury (Nyambe, Lenihan, Davenport, Rankin-Costello, Travis etc). I would put money on each of those 5 players missing at least half a dozen games this coming season through injury. You can predict injuries, given a player's track record, with a high degree of certainty!!!!
  20. and most folk thought Etuhu and Danny Murphy were decent signings !!! As far as I know, there was only the Middle Eastern option on the table for Ayala - I wonder why !? Therefore, especially in light of the 'serious groin injury' you refer to, Rovers should have de-risked the deal. A one year deal with decent basic but big appearance bonus together with a one year option in Rovers' favour. It's not rocket science! If Ayala had said no then we should have moved on and we would have been no worse off, in fact in employment costs and medical bills we would have been £1million+ better off. I wouldn't let Waggott, Mowbray, Venus run a corner shop - IMO, they are not fit for purpose.
  21. We signed Ayala in Sept 2020 on a three year deal when he hadn't kicked a ball in anger for 8 months! In the calendar years 2020 and 2021 so far, out of potentially something like 70 Championship games, Ayala has appeared in just 11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my book, those statistics are damning and I think he's a crock. We need players who are going to be fit and available for at least 85% of our games (39 out of 46 league games). To give a bloke of his age, who hadn't kicked a ball in anger for 8 months, a 3 year contact was, IMO, the height of expensive folly and a scandalous waste of money.
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