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  1. He's made 14 appearances in the PL for Leeds (in the main as a sub) and featured in 30+ match day squads. I think it would be naive to think it's a 'cheap' loan signing in terms of loan fee and wages. PL clubs like Chelsea, City etc make very substantial monies from loans and I don't think Leeds will have done this out of the kindest of their heart.
  2. I think your figures are very wrong. My understand is it is an expensive deal (loan fee and wages) for Rovers.
  3. Understand it's an expensive deal for Rovers and the lad will be one of the highest paid players (if not the highest) we have. Also, believe there is another lad on his way from Liverpool on loan.
  4. You first have to get to the Premier League!!!! WBA will walk it whilst the height of our ambitions seems to be retention of Championship status. It isn't - surely if players are of roughly the same ability then you go for the bigger unit, if available, for obvious reasons. These aren't perfect examples (and not necessarily players of equal ability) but illustrate the point I'm trying to make. Full back - Reece James or Gary Neville Centre back - Van Dijk or Ben White Midfield - Pogba or Alcantara Striker - Lukaku or Adam Armstrong
  5. A good big 'un is always better than a good small 'un! The older members of this MB will remember little Johnny Price the winger who joined us from Stockport round about 1970. Johnny was only 5 foot 3 inches but had the heart of a lion and would run through brick walls for the cause. A very decent signing for Rovers at that time in our history. Sadly, Johnny died in his fifties.
  6. Give it a rest Gav. Based on your comments over recent weeks, one could be forgiven for thinking you are on the Ewood pay roll! Your comments about Gallagher today are laughable - I expect every single player in blue and white to put a real shift in and work their socks off - IT IS A BASIC REQUIREMENT and not one that costs £5million and a fortune in wages.!!!!!
  7. Is that the height of our ambitions!? Feck me, think Mowbray has done some job on our fans.
  8. I do but what a feckin mess now. The point I was trying to make is what a small club like Brentford can do with proper management. IMO, Waggott and Mowbray are 10th raters and way out of their depth and that is why we are in such a feckin mess. You could sense the togetherness in the Brentford community (club, manager, players, fans). We can and should be like that but sadly we are now a million miles away from that and we might never get it back.
  9. But wasn't it great. Just what the feck do we have to cheer about!?
  10. Fantastic to see Brentford tonight. What a collective spirit (club and fans). Well done Raya - excellent and assured throughout. We need a manager like Frank who can communicate and relate to the fans. Oozes positivity and confidence. Hope Pasha, Venky's were watching and realise just what could be.
  11. Think you've read it wrong! Think there is more to this man than meets the eye - sadly, IMO, none of it relates to the skills of football management. Humble, man of integrity? I'd rather believe the moon is made of green cheese!
  12. You do not want to mess with Ashley. I did work for an organisation who had dealings with his businesses and he and his senior management team are absolutely ruthless. You try and 'do' him then expect to pay a very heavy price.
  13. In your dreams! Anyhow, I wouldn't trust Waggott and co as far as I could spit. If Rovers try to pull a fast one, Newcastle will be all over Rovers like a rash. As a business man, Ashley is a b@stard and will have his pants taken down by no one.
  14. Barton wasn't top drawer but I'd put him ahead of the likes of Butcher, Dickins, Fettis, Steele, Walton etc. If my memory serves me correctly, in his one full season as Rovers No 1, other than Jimmy Hill's Sky Blue Coventry, we conceded fewer goals than any other team in Division 2 (now Championship) - you don't do that with a poor goalie! Think we finished top 6 but some distance away from Champions Coventry.
  15. @chaddyroverssee post from @philire Alex Neil. I posted after the Bournemouth match I thought Mowbray would be potted within 72 hours (others also posted to similar affect). I think it's clear moves were afoot to replace Mowbray. I think the Alex Neil 'thing' is far from dead. and more on that IF Neil is appointed. Some stuff happens, some stuff doesn't, that's football - just accept that and also accept folk post in good faith and I've got enough right for folk to accept that.
  16. The Alex Neil one came from family with good connections to PNE. All I would say is don't write that one off just yet! My colleague in the NE like myself is an experienced financial professional with strong business connections and a wide range of contacts in the area (I'll leave it at that) so it would be no surprise if he picked something up. As for 'finer details of the Armstrong deal', I did not say that - I posted £12m with £3m add ons which is not finer detail - funnily enough, someone else on this MB posted they've also read elsewhere it's £12m with £3m add ons. I think it's better for this MB if the likes of you and @chaddyroversstopped having a pop at me as I'm sure other members find it boring and tedious.
  17. Moving up to PL is huge. Doubt his pace will worry many. Don't think he has a football brain, needs too many chances to score, poor touch and caught offside too many times. Don't blame the lad as it will set him up for life whether he succeeds or not. However, I wish him well - going to live and work in a lovely part of the country.
  18. I don't give a sh1t what you two lads think but at least give a balanced view and get your facts right Clearly, you forget where I've been right on numerous occasions. And for the record, Mullan did not break the news that Rovers had agreed a deal for Rhodes. Check the postings if you've nothing better to do. I posted that hours before anything in LT, on Radio Lancs or on here. It came straight from the Huddersfield camp. Who also posted about Seneca's attempt a few years ago to buy into Rovers some 24 / 48 hours before anything appeared anywhere!? What pearls of wisdom have you two ever come up with?
  19. Would be a loan with Southamton subsidising wages.
  20. Read it again !!! "Adam Armstrong of up to £15m with add-ons" It's in the wording ie UP TO £15million when adds on are taken into account. If it was £15m plus add ons, it would say so!!! I'll back my colleague in NE over any Talkshyte presenter.
  21. The lad missed the 2nd half of last season through injury!!! Hope it isn't going to be another one of those.................................
  22. According to a colleague in NE, it's £15m MAX INCLUDING £3m add ons. £15m max ties in with Hampshire press.
  23. £12m + £3m add ons. Without the add ons, which have to be earned, nets Rovers £9.7m. Rovers got their b@lls squeezed - didn't Rovers want £25million!? Think Southampton's deal is okay given the sh1t hole, IMO, Waggott and Mowbray put us in.
  24. Problem Gav is it's not that simple! If no club coughs-up, we are left with a disenchanted player who will almost certainly either leave in January in a 'cut price' deal or will walk for nothing at the end of the season.
  25. But he hasn't, he's less than 12 months. IF my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle! Time for realism - Rovers between a rock and a hard place.
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