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  1. John Connelly against Leeds with Gary Sprake in goal.
  2. Would go as far to say that the first half was as bad as anything I've seen in 50+ years watching Rovers. We were an absolute shambles. If Norwich hadn't have eased back it could have been 6 or 7. We are in huge, huge trouble. We don't even look fit and look totally disorganised, never mind the poor quality of footballers at our disposal.
  3. I look at the very teams below us and the quality we now have in our football management team and can see no way we will be anywhere near the bottom three. Mid table is where we will finish.
  4. I think this thread should be closed. Not a cat in hell's chance of Rovers going down.
  5. Today's problems have been a long time coming. Lambert has inherited a position similar, or perhaps even worse, than the likes of Ken Furphy, Gordon Lee, Howard Kendall and Graeme Souness did. I honestly thought he would get more out of the present crop - perhaps it just underlines the depths we've sunk to and the dross we've accumulated. There is no chance of us going down with Lambert in charge. Remember, the darkest hour is just before the dawn !
  6. Mercer

    Howard Kendall

    Great is an often over used word in connection with football folk but certainly not in Howard's case. He was a truly great Rovers manager who did a magnificent job on a shoestring budget. What he achieved in two years with Rovers was nothing short of remarkable. Those who used the Bulls Head, Wilpshire back in Howard's days at Rovers will recall seeing Howard there on a number of occasions and that's where a big Rovers' party ended up after clinching promotion at Bury on that not to be forgotten night. An amiable bloke always willing to have a word. RIP.
  7. Unbelievable how far our club has fallen in 5 short years. From a comfortable mid Prem club to a club in the bottom 3 of the Championship led by, IMV, a charmless and incompetent manager with some fans salivating over the signings of the likes of Barrow and Lawrence who last Friday, sat on the bench, deemed not good enough to start. It's even beyond fiction.
  8. Amazing how views vary. Have been to The Dressers on a handful occasions over the last three months and what they do, I think they do exceptionally well. Also, think the internals are pretty good which adds to the feel of the place. I also like the Top Lock but I don't think it's in the same league as The Dressers. The driver these days is food and unless a 'pub' has an extremely viable food option then it will struggle. To me, Dressers and Spead Eagle, Mellor are the two outstanding operations of their type in the area.
  9. No it isn't a buffet. You have a menu to select from which includes a good number of popular dishes from the main menu - plenty of choice. Portion sizes are just as plentiful as 'normal' (unlike some restaurants who cut back portion sizes on their 'specials'). Enjoy.
  10. They do a Sunday 'special' between 1 and 5 for about £13 including starter/mains/naan. Wide menu choice and excellent value. Done it a few times and never overly busy. Wouldn't leave it later than 4.30 though.
  11. A very good effort against more experienced and physically mature opponents. Sadly, not too many on show (both sides) showed too much technical ability. Raya, Nyambe, Mahoney and then Hardcastle caught the eye. First three should be given some extended 1st team game time before the season ends.
  12. Managed to pick up some pre match stuff in the car and early commentary. Nothing ever changes - I think Yardley is an absolute knob. Would be amazed if they changed their tune later on - unless they've been told they are finished next season !
  13. Have a word with them - we always tell them we need some time between starters and mains.
  14. Remember going to Naga on the first Saturday that it opened (must be a few years ago now). It was a very poor experience in terms of both service and food and therefore haven't been back since. Based on some of the comments on here, I assume they have now got their act together ? IMV, best Indian Restaurant around here is Shajan - been going close on 20 years and never disappoints. For takeaways and in Chorley area, Shanti Lounge at Buckshaw Village takes some beating.
  15. Extremely sad. A strapping young lad in his early days at Rovers who seemed to have real potential. Not sure Bobby Saxton gave him the opportunities he perhaps deserved.
  16. Chris Flanagan ‏@ChrisFlanaganLT 1m Rovers on front foot at the moment, looking for an equaliser. Off down to the local now - fully expect 3 points in the bag when I return and the depression to have lifted on this MB.
  17. Cometh the hour cometh the man ! A Goodwillie brace for a 2-1 win. Think positive !
  18. Panic over, the lads are safe for another season. Didn't know what all the fuss was about. Nice little win double there !!!
  19. Kamy - when is Bowyer due back ? If there today, he can't be back before tomorrow at the earliest.
  20. Shocked. Puts everything into perspective. Never personally met 'Kelbo' but exchanged messages and sensed he was a really good and knowledgeable bloke. You will be missed. Thoughts and prayers are with the family. RIP.
  21. A decent signing for The Championship, no argument there. However, if someone can make sense of the negotiation, and I say that loosely, and a four year contract for a 30 year old journeyman, then please enlighten me. Here is a guy who is/was a Fulham 'squad player'. So did we really need to increase his wage (as I understand it) and give him a four year contract ? IMO, very poor management from BRFC. Etuhu must think all his Christmases have come at once ! If it was my brass, I certainly wouldn't be happy at what we are signing for the contractual money involved - Best, Murphy, Gomes, Etuhu. Contractual wage cost of that quartet will, possibly, be around £20million. Add bonuses, transfer fees and agent fees on top, and I don't think you will be far short of £35million. Good business ? I know what I think.
  22. Hmmm. Just about sums Rovers up now, IMO !
  23. Sad news, as with any passing. Jack & Fred both came from humble beginnings to become hugely successful self made businessmen who never lost that common touch. Had some limited business dealings with Fred and he negotiated and counted every penny in a deal ! Self made, common touch, a stark contrast to present owners of Rovers.
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