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So Who Have You Got?

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I've got Togo! :angry::lol::P

You lot?

spent three days running round organising a sweep at work, then i also ended up with togo {or to give them their full name togohomeverysoon}

thought i had done better in the club sweep, went in during the poland-ecuador match and was met with "great news about the sweep- your teams winning" [ecuador]

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I organised our sweepstake at work and it all began in January. Everyone has paid £2 per month between January and May so all have paid £10 in total (pot of £320). Nobody knew which team they had back in January as all the teams were in sealed envelopes and all we did was write our names on our chosen envelope. As I was the organiser, I took the one that was left.

Now £320 is a lot to win in a sweepstake so there are several prizes.

£120 for being the World Champions

£50 for finishing 3rd... that's right, there's nowt for the runner-up so if you are in the final it's all or nothing.

£50 for the golden boot

£50 for finishing bottom of FIFA's fair play league

£50 for having the worst team knocked out in the first round.

So in our sweepstake having Togo could be a huge advantage, while the real duds are teams like Ecuador, Paraguay, Poland, etc as they won't get beyond the second round, they won't score many, they won't get hammered and they're unlikely to behave particularly badly.

Who did I get? Australia! Got to say I was gutted when I open the envelope but upon a bit of reflection I realised that with Lucas Neill in my team I could be on for the bad boy prize of finishing bottom of the Fair Play league! Go on Lucas, kick him!

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