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[Archived] Ford Fiesta

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I did a numbty special,i left my lights on and flattened my battery.I got a set of jumpleads and started it.My radio was then back at factory settings and needs a key code.I cant find the book .Anyone any ideas apart from going to the dealer.doh im thick i know.

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Try 0000 OR when this happened to me once I disconnected the battery again and when I reconnected it was all good and worked again.

First thing - look in your manual, or radio book, it should have the code in there somewhere (and how to input it).

Secondly, ring the dealer - sometimes they keep the codes on the database, you may need to give them your VIN (Vehicle ID Number - usually on a plate either in windscreen, under bonnet or in drivers door frame).

Thirdly, if the above don't work, I'd rush it up that car audio place on Eanam next-door but one to NatWest (next to the tyre-place where they change them in the parking strip). Probably will unlock for a tenner I'd guess, maybe cheaper than going to Base (further down past the tile place).

There are other ways, but this is probably going to be your quickest, best option - especially if you're not a petrolhead. Has your car an immobiliser too? Sometimes these can play up once you start disconnection battery etc.

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