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[Archived] Strachan Quits / Owen Coyle To Take Over Tomorrow

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Congrats to Owen Coyle on getting a threefold pay increase out of the dingles.

Even so he is probably only on half the average paid by non-Big 4 Premier League clubs.

Celtic are plumping for Tony Mowbray. Going down playing pretty stuff? (that is a bit of a joke by the way...)

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Scottish football is in a lot of financial trouble right now, especially with Setanta on the brink of going bust. They owe the Scottish League around £3 Million and rumours are a few teams could go under north of the wall. Given Celtic are skint, I doubt any high profile manager would even consider the Celtic job. Fans are a load of nutters anyway.


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Wasn't sure but thought this might be the most appropriate place to put this.

Mowbray has been confirmed as Celtic boss. Seems to me that even the glaswegian giant's prestige is falling. Of the three candidates they had origionally, Mowbray, Coyle and Martinez, I'd have said he's the weakest by far. Sure he's got WBA doing well in the championship, but the fact they were bottom of the prem doesn't bode well for celtic, especially against quality teams in europe. I can't see him being a big enough name either to attract players and he hasn't been fantastic in the transfer market. I'd say Rangers must be feeling quite good about the appointment.

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