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[Archived] What Would You Do To Fill Your Time If...

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As the thread says, and linked into the ACL surgery thread, I have been off work for 2 weeks already after knee surgery and will be off for another 3/4 weeks at least.

I am on full pay from work but am pretty much housebound (can hobble about on crutches and can get lifts from A to B but can't go climbing mountains and stuff!). Like most people, when I am working I always wish I had time off to do something great or interesting with my life. I have in effect been given a school type summer holiday that I thought I would never get again but know at this stage I will end up going back to work having achieved nothing and will totally regret it. I am not much of a relaxer or someone who can stare at a tv for hours on end so any suggestions?

Should I write the great novel that everyone is supposed to have buried within them, spend countless hours doing upper body weights so that I return to work a muscle bound freak, learn an obscure language?

Any suggestions would be cool, you can see how bored I am purely by the fact I am writing this at 1.13 am...

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thing with watching tv all the time (no matter how good prison break is) alot of people get bored of it after a while, its like single player only games, you can play them once or twice through but then you just get bored of it.

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Having been in the same situation I tried not to let the crutches dictate my time off work.

1st things first is to stick to the physiotherapy exercise program. Some mornings and evenings you feel mentally and physically that you really cant be bothered but the more you do, the quicker you will heal.

The biggest problems I found with crutches was that I couldn't carry anything. If your ever on your own, carry a rucksack! Trips to the kitchen and back to the sofa or bed for munchies are a lot easier that way!

It's hard work being on crutches and you need a lot of rest. Many times I've laid in bed all day with the laptop on the net, listening to some DnB sets, watching telly/dvd's or playing on the playstation. Lazy stuff but some days you just need it!

If your lucky enough to have a special lady friend, having them dressing up and roll playing a nurse or a french maid all day certainly pushes the right buttons with me!

Just because your on crutches doesn't mean your grounded at home, don't let it affect your social life. I went to the PDC darts 2 days after surgery, a stag doo weekend in Ireland and a birthday bash in Nottingham too name a few. Go out to the cinema, the swimming pool is a good one because it helps with recovery and poker nights is a firm favorite of mine. With pubs and clubs you may get lucky with the bar staff taking pity on you and giving you waitress service, if not then your mates will go to the bar for you. Go and see some comedians live, have a laugh! Pub games like playing snooker and pool is healthy for the knee too. Obviously rock climbing is out of the question but plan some events or activities in the future when you think you will be fit again and use them as incentive targets.

Have a massive clear out of all the stuff you don't want and stick it on ebay. Even the items you think are worthless will 9 times out of ten sell.

Get yourself a online betting account. Some of the introductory offers are pretty good and have a flutter on the gg's! Online poker is very addictive but always bet within your limits.

Finally marijuana! I'm not sure if your anti drugs or not but imo no legal prescribed drug in this country can do the job as well. Just a suggestion.

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I currently have 4 months off from University. I've just bought Prison Break on DVD, the first 3 series, so that has kept me occupied for over 2 weeks, still have another series left.

Maybe you could get yourself something similar.

Four months off?! Tax dodger, parasite on society, have a wash, cut your hair, get a job and stop listening to the levellers!!!

*Courtesy of SoccerAM*

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Teach yourself to cook something to replace junk food.

Get down the library and get some books out.

Take LSD.

Do some sit-ups

Do all four of these at the same time & report back to us.

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  • Backroom

Buy Football Manager, will make days fly by :P

Alternatively if you're interested in writing, give it a go. It'll take time to research and plan what you want to write, let alone actually penning the words. I've often lost hours in both the researching and the writing itself.

Tied into that, buying a decent book is always a good idea.

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Build a model: out of match sticks, an airfix kit, out of drinks cans, or get a model car kit so you can build it and 'drive' it later.

Take up animation: make an animated film.

Try your hand at painting pictures - you could be the next Picasso or something.

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If you want to achieve something or do something constructive, I'd suggest getting a head-start on work, sorting out some finances, making plans for the future etc etc. If you're not feeling constructive, then buy Football Manager. The days will go by so quickly, you'll be off the crutches before you know it!

Saying that, the one and only time I had a long lay off from work, I completely wasted the time on Championship Manager, getting up late and sleeping in in the mornings. I really regret not getting cracking on some coursework now.

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Thanks everyone, there are some great ideas there!

I must admit that every time I switch my pc on I see the Champ Manager Desktop logo and have so far resisted clicking on it as I know I will literally lose days of my life.

Making a few quid on ebay is a good plan too, and very practical. Thanks again everyone I genuinely am going to keep referring back to this thread over the next few weeks as there are some really good ideas there...

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I have a suggestion:

What about "borrowing" items of furniture from a local public house and then placing them on a convenient Railway station...............!


Langhoblue - at the risk of incriminating myself, do I know you? Not that I am necessary claiming responsibility for such acts either on a one off or regular basis, but it does seem to be a very specific suggestion!

I have an idea who you could be but PM if you like and let me know for sure!

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