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[Archived] Steven Gatley Rip.

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I can't take credit / blame for this excellent limerick:

There was a young singer called Gately

Who hasn't been seen much lately

With a bottle of rum and a cock up the bum

His week in the sun ended fatally

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joke 1

"There was a young name called Gatley

Who said to his boyfriend 'Now rape me'

His fella was Jeff

And he bummed him to death

and he hasnt been seen around lately"

joke 2 -

Whats the difference between Gatley & Patrick Swayze?

About 3 weeks....

joke 3 -

Police have said that Gately died after being on a bender for 3 days......

The bender is said to be devastated

Joke 4

Why was Steven Gatleys car insurance cancelled?..........

Because he was rear-ended too many times

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Don't worry Philip I had no idea who he was till I read this and I still don't know which one he was. I think one needs a daughter who was 9-10 at the time to have any sort of clue. Though I do have a 50 year old female neighbour who went to see them recently!! ohmy.gif

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I don't know who you're all talking about anyway. Looking at the title of this thread I think it's a bloke who lives near Altrincham.

I've got it even if no one else did.

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