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[Archived] Grandson of former player wants memorabilia back

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Without wishing to be picky that isn't what the article, and it's my only knowledge of the subject, states:

"In 1991, his family donated his cap and shirt from his only international appearance for Scotland, against Ireland in 1912, to the club.

They have been on display in the Ronnie Clayton Blackburn End ever since."

The family made the donation and the club decided to display the items in the BBE. I can understand why Paul Aitkenhead wants the items back but feel he's on shaky ground. For one thing 21 years have passed, granted for many years stable and happy ones, and it seems a bit late to change one's mind out of a dislike of the current regime.

If there is no contract between donor and receiver does that mean if I hit hard times I can ask charities for my regular contributions to be returned? Serious question as it would appear to have significant implications. Does one give or donate to charity?

I think you're making assumptions there Paul.

How would you know that the items haven't be lent to Blackburn Rovers on a perpetual basis on the understanding that they're for display purposes only?

I'd imagine a clerk to a chief justice would know where he stood legally if he had misgivings about what the current owners of the club might or might not do with those items that might technically still be owned by his family in the eyes of the law.

Let's not jump to conclusions based on what phraseology has been used in a local newspaper article.

I hope he gets the items back.

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