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reading another topic gave me this little idea.....

Seeing as Paul 'liquid breakfast' Merson said yesterday "Blackburn don`t sell a shirt outside Blackburn" (or words to that effect)

Maybe all the overseas Rovers fans on brfcs could take a photo of yourselves in your shirts & email/post/tweet them to SkySports Soccer Saturday?

...Maybe holding a little placard with destination & personal message to Merson on it (keeping it clean...obviously :unsure: )

I`m sure Mr Stelling would love to prove Paul 'pass the spesh' Merson wrong.....seeing as he`s a fan of a 'little unfashionable club' too ;)

Thoughts anyone?

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I'm not much of a replica shirt wearer, would a 1975 replica centenary shirt suffice? I would gladly send 'Merse' an unchristian message from Australia's City of Churches.

Speaking of which, would I be right in believing that the Walsall failure has recently been bagged for drink driving on the motorway? If so that may explain his ire at Rovers forcing out a kindred spirit.

What is it with Mr Anderson's clients that they behave in such dangerous, selfish, irresponsible and reprehensible manners?

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Great idea. I'll take a picture tomorrow, wearing one shirt and holding two others. Anyone who can give me the adress to which I can send them? Maybe we all should send an e-mail to the same address with the same subject line, so they can't miss it.

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