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[Archived] Chuckle Chuckle Vision!

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Does this mean anything is fair game for posting now ? Or is this just a thread trying to wind people up ? Just asking.. The above post is funny but the opening post is blatant trolling for reactions.

No, its funny cos they're thick as sh*t. That's it.

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The second geezer talked a lot of sense in my opinion. There will be civil war in this country, mark my words.

There would be if Anjem Choudary & the EDL had their way. I say round up all the brainwashed nutters on both sides, dump them on a desert island and let them go Lord of the Flies on each other.
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Guest Norbert

I remember my dad telling he he did exactly the same thing with some dumb squaddie, except the third person had a big soup ladel. The squaddie never worked it out.

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Those threads ???

Your the one taking the you know what out of the EDL though. .. It's funny how you posted it in the other thread first though . Agenda ? I would bet my life on it .

I shouldnt really have to justify anything to you,

I initially put the post in the other thread because im sure i remember seeing something similar in there recently and i couldn't see any wher else relevant to put it, i remived it within minutes as i didnt want to instigate another bs political debate(i just thought it was a funny video, thats all)

"Agenda", that word really needs to be replaced with something else by the mods, im not at all political so what possible agenda could i have.

The video clip its self i randomly came across yesterday and it nade me chuckle so i wanted to share it, i wont be replying to anymore daft remarks you make abbey, so please excuse my ignorance in advance.

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  • Backroom

Thought id start a thread just for video clips that give you a chuckle

(sorry if a similar thread already exists, but I cant see one)

Cant beat a good old edf interview for starters...


:lol::lol: :lol: the best satirical comedy writers in the world couldn't write a sketch that good.

The first two to speak must be among the thickest people in the country, unbelievable.

In fairness though I disagree with the EDL at least the third guy seemed to have a bit of intelligence and was able to put accross a point without shouting and swearing

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