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[Archived] Rip Alan Rickman

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More shocking news that Alan Rickman has died aged 69. Brilliant actor and will most likely be remembered for some of his iconic villain roles (Hans Gruber in Die Hard, Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood) For the younger generation he will be remembered as playing Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films.

A really talented actor and a big loss.

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Even if you didn't like his music, how can you not mourn the loss of the Goblin King?

I'm afraid I couldn't take to that film. Either way I'd no idea it was Bowie!

Back to Rickman: Soppy as it, I quite enjoyed Truly Madly Deeply. Ofc he had his great roles in Potter, Robin Hood, Love actually and DIE HARD!!! :D also thought he was great as Marvin the paranoid android!

'I don't play villains, I play interesting characters.'

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