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My name is Katie and I am part of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pies. We have created a website based around sport's stadia and their pies. Within the Sisterhood, there are four of us all studying Football Business and Marketing at UCFB.

Our degree doesn't just involve assignments and exams, it is also about gaining experience in the Football Industry and meeting people who are profoundly involved in the careers we intend to pursue.

You can read our blog post about our recent visit to Blackburn Rovers here...  http://www.sisterhoodofpies.co.uk/?p=30
We would appreciate feedback and comments regarding matchday food and your personal thoughts...

Many Thanks

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The pies at Ewood are decent enough from memory. The only problem I have is that there's often a gap between the pastry and filling, so you get a mouthful of claggy pastry sometimes with no filling.

Mmm, dry pastry.

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On another note, we have had some of the best puddings around in the last few years. Fortunately, most have now left, with the latest one on his way back to Scotland, as of last week.

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14 minutes ago, Dunnfc said:

Thought we used Clayton Park these days? I do think the Hollands were good though additionally the ones at Bolton.

Did they eventually get paid?

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4 hours ago, MGPensioner said:

No pies at Ewood this season after Mike Cheston couldn't afford to pay the pie man at Clayton Park.

I believe they are doing Chicken Samosas instead from a new supplier which Suhail has unearthed from his business links.

Send Mike to do the dishes and work the fee off.

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