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[Archived] Bennell, Crewe and Gradi


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1 hour ago, JacknOry said:

Not sure if anyone has been following the Barry Bennell case but it seems more and more is being dug up:




Ya, what a sick @#/?. Others definitely knew what was going on. How the hell did people turn a blind eye? I always suspected Gradi knew more than he let on too. 

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What's also almost just as bad is that it looks like people knew about it and just swept it under the carpet. Crewe were renowned for their academy and it probably would have signalled the end of it in many ways. Anyone that knew about this and ignored it needs to stand to rights too.

Also, seems a lucky escape for our very own maligned Danny Murphy who started his career at Crewe in 93, just a year after that sicko left.


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Crewe don’t come out of this well at all IMO. Even when I’ve seen testimonies of those affected, it says that other teams knew about him and called Crewe a ‘paedophile team’....

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This is what is so disgusting about this. People knew, there was a fckin little ring of them. It doesn't just stop at Bennell. People knew and they brushed it away.

Dirty fckin bastards....this is youth level. 

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