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Football agent scores £1.2m own goal

Source: HM Revenue & Customs | | 31/07/2018

A former football agent, Jerome Anderson, who looked after over 200 players during his career including Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp, has lost his £1.2m tax avoidance case with HMRC.

The football agent's tax appeal was recently heard at the Upper Tribunal who upheld the decision of the First Tier Tribunal and disallowed the relief for losses incurred by a football academy run by the football agent. Anderson and eight others attempted to use this scheme to avoid large amounts of tax.

The losses that were under consideration by the Tribunal involved investments in the recruitment and training of young footballers at the Bafana Soccer Academy in South Africa. Anderson attempted to use this investment to claim a £3m artificial trading loss and thereby make a significant dent in his tax liability.

The tribunal found that Anderson’s activities were more like those of an investor which meant he could not claim a trading loss and was therefore liable to pay the tax HMRC said was due.

Penny Ciniewicz, HMRC’s director general for customer compliance, said:

'The court has made it clear that these schemes don’t work. Our public services rely on everyone paying their taxes and it’s unfair for people not to pay their share. Anyone who’s caught up in tax avoidance and who wants to put it behind them should come forward now and settle what they owe.'

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Here's a lengthier document on Anderson's appeal.


Should be noted that in 2009 Anderson borrowed money from a Jersey registered entity, Maddox Limited. Now granted there's a number of financial firms in Jersey but can't anyone see anything suspicious here? It's not that large an island (people know each other particularly in financial circles) and the timing is subject to scrutiny. Who are Maddox Limited really? The names involved could simply be someone's postman or a shell company of some sort. Anderson borrowed this money in 2009 who else was he doing business with around the same time? Who else was offering him an incentive to find buyers? I believe Anderson borrowed this money via a third party that was in reality connected to the Walker family. Maddox Limited were that entity.

If the Academy failed then Anderson had his takeover fees to use as collateral (maybe just the takeover itself no need for direct repayments) not to mention other money he had raised over the years. More likely to be the family than the trustees perhaps but it all adds up to the overall plot. Sightings of Anderson at Northchoke in the past as well...tell me it's less plausible than some of the other stuff? It certainly isn't. If they are indeed whom I suspect them to be then it proves even further evidence of collusion and conspiracy between Anderson and the Walker Family. I became aware of this approx 2 weeks before the Telegraph reported it (most likely after a Times journalist mentioned it on twitter is where they got it from) and a couple of people knew longer. So I've had time to contemplate this and I haven't changed my opinion from weeks back. One of the admins on here didn't even bother to notify people that Anderson had lost an appeal even though he has automatic searches setup for any legal issues involving Anderson. Granted he's hardly likely to be in the poorhouse over this but it's not bad news is it?

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