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Does anyone ever bother to read them or am I a bit sad?

Thought it would be worth starting a thread to share them, not to go on and be clowns winding them up but just to read their opinions both on us and their own teams.

So I was browsing a Wednesday one earlier, understandably in meltdown. Some stark comparisons to here though some of the comments particularly regarding Monk.


Worth a read if you get a few mins.


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I'm a bit sad too - I often go to the other teams forums to read after a result. As you say, lots of similarities to here over there but that can be said about most boards tbh. 'worst full backs in the league' springs to mind - we have said that a lot when we have played Bennett and Bell/Williams.

Also, have had little choice today as this site keeps going down.

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I do go on the opposition's boards to hear a different view of our players and style after a game. The most common views are often:

1) "One of the most boring teams in the league."

2) "I wish our players closed down like Blackburn."

3) "Their CB (Lenihan) was a beast."

Also, it is vey noticeable how well set up this site is in comparison. Like said above, so many threads with a couple or no replies saying exactly the same thing. There can be as many as 10 threads during the game! There also seem to be the arguments between the more 'excitable' members who always see a 4-0 win and those can't stand anything about the current manager.

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50 minutes ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

Never mind other clubs message boards, this site is better than the official Rovers site. I have spoken about the app before 

Was it Oxfords site that's illuminous yellow?I think someone shared it here for some reason a while back. It's actually blinding. 

Yeah, we are lucky to have a good team of guys at this site. When i go to other teams it is just endless threads all over the place so well done to those behind the scenes here. 

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