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Won't stop a small handful criticising him, which frankly is starting to piss me off. I get having scapegoats of our worst players all the time, there's always a weak link in a side to be improved. Bu

Its absolutely no coincidence that Elliott on Tuesday, with quite frankly less able team mates around him, was poor. With Rothwell, Brereton, Armstrong and to an extent Johnson round him he looke

Lest we forget, Brereton is still 21. Hope he continues on his trajectory 

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11 hours ago, Hasta said:

Ok. I'll slow it down for you.

You said one on one finishing would stop Armstrong being a 'top striker'.

I pointed out Andy Cole wasnt the best one on one but he was a top striker. You said Cole wasnt a top striker. I said that if your expecting Armstrong to be Ibra, Aguero etc.. thats a bit unfair, to which you said-

So we are back to the original point that it didnt stop Andy Cole, who was without doubt a great Premier League striker, even if not a 'top' striker by your definition.

And my point being weaknesses will hold you back from progressing to whatever level you think you should be aiming at. Can’t deny that, it’s just fact. Weaknesses hold you back. To say it didn’t hold Cole back is wrong, if he was good at it he would be a better player 

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