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  1. Yep, and they have been pretty clear with their intention to loan him out. If there is anything good that came from last year, its that we can trusted with top talent youngsters from the top 6 teams.
  2. What a game of football by the way. That was much better than anything served up at the Euros so far. Chilean midfielders are absolute warriors. Brilliant Cameo by Big Ben, looked great! Loved the turn in the box, got about 3 Ooo’s from the crowd! Absolutely superb. Will now be Chile fan! It was like watching someone you knew in school playing!
  3. Usually your quite a good poster on here, but what a classless and stupid post that is.
  4. Punters still arguing about how important Data is and a rehashed Harry Picketing story for the 7th time. Incredibly boring right now. When do the signings start again??
  5. On Johnson, Tried and tested at not being able to keep up with the game, sure. Wins his headers and that’s it, not good enough and should be way down the depth chart. Only reason he got an new contract was that we can’t lose absolutely everyone, bet it’s a huge pay cut too.
  6. Yeah he is, and if you read the document the data shows that. Its doesnt really mean anything of course, but by every measure(Apart from League Table)
  7. A 4-4-2 with us battering balls at Brereton and Gallagher is one school of thought.
  8. Yeah Reading were a nightmare, we couldn’t cope with their athleticism. The boy RB they had was ridiculously good, as was Olise.
  9. On the Ryan Gauld rumours. Watched him at Hibs a couple of years ago when he was on loan, and he was poor. Decent technically, but athletically not up to the game in Scotland, hence why he moved abroad. Unless he has spent an inordinate amount of time in the gym then I don’t get the fit. We have Buckley for that role. I think we need big, fast and strong midfielders if we are too persist with this 4-3-3.
  10. Would be over the moon with Dewsbury-Hall, been different class against us a few times now.
  11. Whoever swoops in and gets Rothwell from us will be getting a steal. Will go on to be a top player wherever he goes. Tony Mowbray has no idea what to do with him. Top quality player, best dribbler I have see in years, and he is also a very good passer. Nowhere near appreciated enough at Rovers. Will be very upset.
  12. Yep McBride makes some great runs and has been pretty clinical in front of goal.
  13. I think its a toss up over the worst player at the club between Johnson and Bennett and we could be keeping both...brilliant
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