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  1. Pretty even game for me. We were very poor first half, much better second half. We had the better chances.
  2. What is the problem with playing a simple ball into Rothwell there?
  3. We lose every 50/50, we are weak all over the pitch. the little prick Morsy should have been the first signing this summer.
  4. Holtby and Rothwell need to do so much better for us. Holtby today came off the bench and looked the best player on the pitch, where the hell has that been the last 10 games or so. What is going on?
  5. Yeah late to every single ball today, way too slow. His last and maybe only really good performance was away at Cardiff last year second half. I think he is an abysmal player at this level and a huge issue. No doubt will be first name on the team sheet on Tuesday.
  6. I thought Bradley Johnson weighed in with the worst half of football by a Centre midfielder in a rovers shirt since Jason Lowe. Seems to have gone unnoticed. He should be nowhere near the starting 11
  7. Davenport is twice the player Johnson is. Best we have seen from Holtby and Brereton in a while. Still not good enough
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