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  1. Pickering and Rothwell both slipping was less than ideal
  2. Harsh on Edun, great point on Clarkson. Looks very unathletic
  3. Just play the team that produced in the second half, then change it if folk get tired or it’s not working. ————-Kaminski———- Nyambe Lenihan Ayala Pick ———Rothwell Travis———- Dolan Butterworth Khadra ————-Brereton————
  4. We looked a teal team when the subs came on. Everyone in the correct positions and Trav and Rothwell started moping everything up as Hull couldn’t get out. The boy Khadra looks something else. Exciting. Breo can stay upfront and be awful but grab a goal a game if he wants. Arma was very similar in most games last year.
  5. I can tell you after 5mins that Khadra is the best player at our club. Sheer quality
  6. Played off the park by league one fodder. Just embarrassing Clarkson and Buckley are the same type of player and you can barely get away with one of them, nevermind two.
  7. Embarrassing when you have three Centre halfs in there
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