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  1. Should be: Dack Trybull Buckley Gallagher Brereton Dolan Think Breo scores today, I’ve backed him. Has the 4-3-3 ever worked without Rothwell?
  2. This has 1-1 draw written all over it, and we march on into nothingness. Would be nice to see one of youngsters getting a go soon. A JRC return, Pike and McBride debuts might cheer me up a bit. Magloire and Chapman seem to be having really good loan spells so that is a little good news for next season. As for this year, can’t wait for it too be done. Tony doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.
  3. I think if you make it too summer, Frank Lampard becomes a very sexy choice
  4. Yep he was the only one that took any risk, and not just safely unloading the ball to someone else. He is awkward at times, but he is a good player.
  5. That Sky interview got really weird around 1:56. He is done and knows it.
  6. It was the same at Ewood, we are afraid to attack their full backs, too quick.
  7. Oh god, Evans had to do something that didn’t involve easily passing it back to a teammate.
  8. Armstrong came out to the left once, and the reading right back shit a brick. I’d swap Ben and Arma
  9. I don’t think anyone but Rothwell has actually taken the ball past someone. We look easy to play against. Rothwell hit a world class ball to Nyambe over the top, and the ball ended up back in our own box. That’s just painful
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