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Strongest 11 - Post Summer Transfer Window

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So now the transfer window has drawn to a close, what do people think our strongest 11 is?

It’ll be impossible to know with much certainty right now with so many players we’ve never seen play 

GK: Wahlstedt / Pears

Full Backs: Rankin-Costello / Brittain / Pickering

Centre Backs: Hyam / Carter / Wharton / Hill

Centre Midfield: Travis / Tronstad / Wharton / Garret

Front 3/4: Szmodics / Sigurdsson / Ennis / Gallagher / Leonard / Telalovic / Hedges / Dolan / Moran / Markanday

I’m hoping to see the below but a lot depends on how good these new lads actually are, and whether we will ever push JRC forward with little full back depth, as I prefer 3 in the middle:


Brittain - Carter - Hyam - Pickering

        JRC - Travis - Wharton

 Moran   -   Szmodics  -   Sigurdsson

If JRC remains right back then:


JRC - Carter - Hyam - Pickering

              Travis - Wharton

 Moran   -   Szmodics  -   Sigurdsson

                     Any ST

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5 hours ago, philipl said:

Strongest eleven is literally


? Carter Hyam ?

? Adam Wharton







'Tother Coach

Van Hool 14 meter 6 wheeler

Haha. Love this. So true!

Although I agree strongest 11 out of what we have to field a line up is-




Rankin Costello Carter Hyam Pickering


Travis Wharton


Moran Szmodics Sigurdsson



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