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[Archived] Next Years Season Tickets

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The difference is swipe cards need a reader to read the magnetic strip from the card (like a super market does when you pay) where as RFID tags can be read by a nearby [R]adio [F]requency reader as you walk past.

Most Ski resorts use them now, just leave your pass in your pocket and walk through the turnstyle, not swiping or anything. Also a lot of building entry system use them too.

I'm sure Neil may know a lot more about them than me because I believe his employer is one of the largest suppliers of them.

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methinks i will get 2 kiddies swipe cards for me and lil abs wink.gif

How does that one work? I've been to Crewe a couple of times and used a friend's son's swipe card to get in. Haven't been able to pass for under 16 for a couple of years now. smile.gif

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7. To get over the problem of fans handing out their membership cards to all and sundry install RFID activated CCTV on the turnstile.   Insert RFID chip in membership cards and photograph the individual as they go through the turnstile. Use this photo to create a new personalised photocard that is mailed to the member for future use. Put a bar code on this card. Give the bus crew a bar code scanner, scan the card and bring up the history of ticket purchases etc. Then the "Conductor" can be really good and "Hello Mr. Smith would you like your usual two seats in the JW?"

Well I know I was thinking in a slightly different direction at the time but you heard it here first. smile.gif once again wink.gif

Very worrying crowd stat from the other night

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Interesting snippet in yesterday's programme where John Williams states you'll be able to "buy a season ticket at Ewood Park for the equivalent of £13.69 per game."

With 19 games, that makes £260.

This season, the cheapest season ticket price was in the Riverside outer, and cost £270 with the loyalty discount (£295 without).

On the assumption the price of £260 is for the loyalty discount price, there's either a price cut on the standard price down to £285; or there's been an increase in the loyalty discount. (could even be as much as £50 if there's a general rise of 5% in ticket prices).

So what is the strategy? A general price reduction? An increase in the loyalty discount with static prices? A larger increase in the loyalty discount with increased general prices?

And will it be applied to all parts of the ground?

We only have just over a week to find out...

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My personal guess.....

The 13.69 a game price quoted in Rovertime will be for the Riverside outer and including the loyalty discount.

A slight general rise in season tickets generally copuled with an increase in the loyalty discount.

I know ground breaking in my predictions once again

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