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  1. Blackpool_Rover

    What have I missed?

    Excellent stuff. Thanks a lot for that!
  2. Blackpool_Rover

    What have I missed?

    Hi everyone, A bit of background....I was a st holder in the blackburn end for quite a few seasons and went to most away games before I left the UK and moved to Cz in 2006. My last season ticket was 07/08 but I only flew over for the derby. The following seasons in the premier league I still followed everything as most games were shown here in pubs etc but starting with the Steve Kean mess and the relegation it started going downhill and was harder to keep up. I've been to the odd game over the last few years but I definitely miss it and have decided to get a season ticket for 19/20 then on fixture day book a load of cheap flights and try to get over at least once or twice a month. So...my question....what have I missed? I see attendances are slowly improving. Do we still hate venky's or are most fans thinking they were stupid and naive when they came in and are now investing and making better decisions? I assume the majority are happy for Tony Mowbray to stay and continue to build. There are always going to be fans doubting him but surely last season has to be looked at as being a fairly decent one? I noticed away support has been great. Is it hard to get tickets in general? Before I distanced myself there was the whole Derek Shaw saga. I dont know much about Steve Waggott....I'm assuming he's no John Williams but how is he doing? How is the matchday experience these days? Is there at least adecent enough feeling around the club and a bit of excitement? Thanks!
  3. Blackpool_Rover

    Hull away

    Anyone know if we will be able to pay on the day in the East stand? I'm over for a week and typically we're away (not the easiest to get to either).
  4. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] New Article -> New Rovers Manager

    The Rovers fans on twiter saying 'give him a chance' or 'who knows, he might turn out to be great' are missing the point completely and are absolutely infuriating. He might do well. Nobody knows. The fact is he shouldn't have been given the opportunity to try. Giving him the job defies all logic. oldjamfan1 summed it up perfectly in his post... 'My biggest issue about the appointment of Owen Coyle though, are these three facts: 1. He simply does not fit the person spec for the position as outlined by Mike Cheston. He is, in fact, the polar opposite of what we were supposed to be looking for. 2. We had supposedly carried out ALL the manager interviews before Coyle had even left his job in the USA. Somebody will need to come out and explain how this was so. 3. His record over the past 6 years simply does not stand up to any scrutiny. How does this make him the best candidate for the job? ' People say the petition makes us a laughing stock. WAKE UP! We have been a laughing stock for years. The minority who have reacted negatively to it are mainly Rovers fans who need to seriously wake up and grow a pair. Do you really want to keep having the wool pulled over your eyes while the club slowly dies. The petition isn't against Coyle personally but against the clearly shady deal to give him the job. The numbers are clearly there and obviously show that he shouldn't have been given the job. There is NO LOGIC at all. It's a disgrace and there is clearly something going on in the background. If you can't see that and you want to 'give him a chance', sit back and cry like a baby because of what the newspapers say about us (even though they haven't said anything negative) then enjoy yourselves.
  5. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] New Article -> New Rovers Manager

    If you have rose tinted specs on and feel we should 'give him a chance' then you are entitled to your opinion. If, like me, you are absolutely baffled as to how this has happened then please sign the petition below. This can't have been a fair interview process as his record is an absolute shambles. https://www.change.org/p/mike-cheston-remove-owen-coyle-as-manger-of-blackburn-rovers-fc?recruiter=551035124&utm_source=share_for_starters&utm_medium=copyLink
  6. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] A Letter To Venky's

    I don't really see the point or understand the OP. The owners aren't clowns. They are very successful business people. They made massive mistakes at Rovers and they have admitted as much but they have invested millions.
  7. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Next Manager

    What on earth!?!? He was sacked less than 48 hours ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***I intended to quote 'matt83' here.
  8. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Next Manager

    I agree. I took my class there last week and it's absolutely horrific. Stuck in traffic 2 hours in the morning and 90 mins in the evening for a distance of 15km every day. Shocking. Plus....the city workers look happy and everyone else looks miserable. Anyway....
  9. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Next Manager

    We need to ignore the internet and twitter until we hear something official. What a load of rubbish everywhere you look. The smart man follows the bookmaker. They aren't idiots. Everything points to a Lambert deal agreed long before Bowyer was sacked. The chat with Lambert's agent....all run of the mill stuff. Anyone of us/newspapers would get the same answer. What else was he supposed to say!?!? The sun article. That's what it is. A sun article. Absolute rubbish. The deal with Lambert or another candidate is clearly made hense the swift sacking of the entire backroom team. They are probably putting final touches to it. The festival won't affect it. They aren't clowns. They made mistakes but let us not forget they are very successful businessmen. Words fail me.
  10. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Next Manager

    After he brought stability!? Oh come on. Both would have been a major risk. Most were happy to have a settled club at the start of Bowyer's stint. He is guilty of not progressing, learning from mistakes etc but the beginning he deserved a contract. Holloway was awful at palace, millwall and leicester. He was average at qpr and got lucky at Blackpool. Curbishley....well....he has been out of management too long.
  11. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Next Manager

    Why? Everything so far (reports and bookmaker odds) would suggest your sentence is garbage. They were badly advised and made a terrible mistake giving Kean a contract. Appleton and Berg were both gambles and hired during a power struggle between Shaw/Shebby. Both gambles failed but there were many clubs who would have fancied a punt on Berg and also Appleton as he did a good job at pompey. One thing...they WERE both real mangers. Bowyer did very well initially and it made sense to promote him considering the good job he did keeping us up and the way the players reacted. The alternatives at the time were Holloway and Curbishley!
  12. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Next Manager

    That's why we shouldn't judge on win percentages. Gary Bowyer had 2 hot shot strikers at his disposal. He drew to many games. Should have won more. Those other managers have better win percentages with nowhere near as deadly strike forces.
  13. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Next Manager

    Apologies for the lack of formatting there. It wasn't intentional.
  14. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Next Manager

    After sleeping on it I would love for Lambert to come. I wouldn't be unhappy if Moyes came but he doesn't play atractive football and his transfer market record leaves a lot to be desired. Lambert has a lot to prove after the mess that is Villa threw his career off track. Someone on twitter was talking about his poor win percentage. Were they comparing him to Mourinho and Ferguson!?!? To put it into perspective... Paul Lambert - Wycombe 41% Colchester 44% Norwich 49% Vila 30% Sam Alardyce - Notts County 39% Bolton 41% Newcastle 33% Rovers 35% West Ham 38% Mark Hughes - Rovers 44% Man City 47% Fulham 33% QPR 24% Stoke 39% David Moyes - PNE 48% Everton 42% Man Utd 53% Sociedad 29% Obviously there are a lot of factors involved there but I'm just responding to unfair criticism of Lambert. Everyone is a gamble but it could be a good fit. If Venkys choose one of these candidates then we can't realy argue it's a good decision. They do seem to be learning from past mistakes and did give Bowyer a fair amount of time.

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