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  1. Blackpool_Rover

    What have I missed?

    Excellent stuff. Thanks a lot for that!
  2. Blackpool_Rover

    What have I missed?

    Hi everyone, A bit of background....I was a st holder in the blackburn end for quite a few seasons and went to most away games before I left the UK and moved to Cz in 2006. My last season ticket was 07/08 but I only flew over for the derby. The following seasons in the premier league I still followed everything as most games were shown here in pubs etc but starting with the Steve Kean mess and the relegation it started going downhill and was harder to keep up. I've been to the odd game over the last few years but I definitely miss it and have decided to get a season ticket for 19/20 then on fixture day book a load of cheap flights and try to get over at least once or twice a month. So...my question....what have I missed? I see attendances are slowly improving. Do we still hate venky's or are most fans thinking they were stupid and naive when they came in and are now investing and making better decisions? I assume the majority are happy for Tony Mowbray to stay and continue to build. There are always going to be fans doubting him but surely last season has to be looked at as being a fairly decent one? I noticed away support has been great. Is it hard to get tickets in general? Before I distanced myself there was the whole Derek Shaw saga. I dont know much about Steve Waggott....I'm assuming he's no John Williams but how is he doing? How is the matchday experience these days? Is there at least adecent enough feeling around the club and a bit of excitement? Thanks!
  3. Blackpool_Rover

    Hull away

    Anyone know if we will be able to pay on the day in the East stand? I'm over for a week and typically we're away (not the easiest to get to either).
  4. Blackpool_Rover

    RIP John Steven Taylor

    Im sorry but good natured, harmless fun is throwing a beachball around or whistling at a female stewards breasts. The current situation isn't good natured....it's throwing bottles, bins, causing trouble on coaches and racist chanting. It wasn't an accident, if he had a brain he surely realised it could have hurt someone. It's like the incident a few years back when a burnley fan threw his pint class over the wall of the pub and killed someone....he didn't mean to but he did something stupid and that's what happened...he got what he deserved, prison. Find the guy who threw the bin and do him for manslaughter.
  5. Blackpool_Rover

    RIP John Steven Taylor

    A sad sad day, rovers fans killing each other. It's an embarassment. How have these people not been found out before as clearly they have been causing trouble for a while. It's taken a tragedy like this which was inevitably going to happen because of these mindless idiots. What to do next? Divide the away support in two? Thats just encouraging trouble. They should be identified and banned. We don't want English football to fall into the same situation as football here, where taking kids to the match is a complete no no....why?...because they divided the support as people said instead of banning them....so we have a stand of 'ultras' (mindless idiots) at every game. One thing we do have here, in the games likely to have trouble is the police set up a courthouse in the stadium. Fans causing trouble get arrested, charged and straight to jail. Im sure the English red tape bull**** would put paid to that idea though. I look forward to the inevitable backlash towards us, so people hate us even more, and hopefully it will make the club act...identify them....cant be that bloody hard...and don't sell them a ticket!!! RIP
  6. Blackpool_Rover

    RIP John Steven Taylor

    There needs to be more effort, using cctv to find these trouble makers and banning them. They aren't welcome and there were probably a few real rovers fans who couldn't get a ticket. What is going on
  7. Blackpool_Rover

    RIP John Steven Taylor

    critically ill..........this is absolutely disgusting. What the hell is happening to our club
  8. Blackpool_Rover

    RIP John Steven Taylor

    Doesn't surprise me at all...i went to my first away game for a couple of years on boxing day and some of what i heard from rovers fans around me was disgusting. Absolute disgrace.
  9. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Mark Hughes - Good Choice ?

    Thanks Mark for a very memorable 3 years. Its been great and we have a good squad. Hughes is only trying to further his career and its a good move...but a gamble. Best of luck.
  10. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Holiday Reading

    Ollie: The Autobiography of Ian Holloway Just finished reading this. With so many similar books on the market from overpaid 'handed on a plate' type people in the football world...lampard, crouch etc It was nice to read Holloways story. He is quite honest and talks in detail about his problems managing Bristol Rovers where they sold all his best players and didn't give him any money. The administration times with QPR where he is very keen to point out 'we still did well'. He also goes into detail on his relationship with the QPR chairman and the lies he was told which led to him being put on gardening leave. The book ends a season into his Plymouth career which is quite annoying because as this book was released he moved to Leicsester. He also talks about his lifelong love for his wife Kim and his coming to terms with three of his children being deaf. An interesting read from a man who, although not so succesful, has had to overcome many hurdles in his football career on and off the pitch.
  11. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    From what ive read im now pretty sure he will go. Its just typical and we can't do anything about it. We can't have an unhappy player upfront for us next season if we block a move. What hapened to 'if Blackburn want me to stay then il stay'...of course we wan't him to stay. He obviously said that thinking we would wan't to cash in then realised were not a selling club when hughes said hes not for sale. He then did that interview in the sun. Bellamy back would be nice but we can't rely on him scoring 20+ again...and if he gets injured were screwed. So we would need two big signings upfront. Looking into my crystal ball.... We will sell McCarthy and Pedersen. We will buy Bellamy, Mido and Harry Kewell. Those signings and sales don't worry me too much but what does is that if this keeps happening Hughes will go. He is gonna jump at the chance ti manage one of the top 4 if and when they come knocking. It must be annoying to do all the dirty work, gamble on a player, get them playing well...then see them walk away.
  12. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Lucas Neill

    what a load of crap that post from brownie was. Obviously we offered him more money...jesus christ. Why do people pretend and make things up.
  13. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Lucas Neill

    Good luck to him! Hes given us a good 4 years and hes the same as most of us in that we always want to go one better in our careers and try new challenges. Apart from the fact they more than doubled his wages (who wouldnt go for that!!!) West Ham is a much bigger club than ours and he gets to live in London. Hes been in Blackburn for 4 years...not exactly paradise for an Australian (no offence). He doesnt support Blackburn like us. ITS HIS JOB! He has done his job well. He has kept his promise and honoured his contract. He would have played until the end of the season without complaining. Hes been honest and straight with all of us for the last 9 months. Theres nothing wrong with a change of scenery. So hes gone to a struggling club...he gets 60k p/w and they have a good chance of staying up with curbishley...theyve just signed Davenport and are after Upson...they are fine going forward. Liverpool...he would have been a squad player...like bellamy whereas west ham he could become a fans favourite. Im sure were gonna get the usual idiots booing him when he returns. Im sure he expects it but if im at the game il give him a clap. Then watch Gamst skin him.
  14. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Reidy!

    Absolutely gutted. He played so well last season and helped us get into the Uefa Cup and cant even play a part in it. Get well soon Reidy and keep your head up!
  15. Blackpool_Rover

    [Archived] Reading 1 Rovers 2

    Reading 2 - 1 Rovers Friedel Nolan Neill Oojer Gray Bentley Tugay Savage Pedersen Derbyshire McCarthy Subs..brown, mokoenna, nonda, peter, gallagher

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