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  1. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    I certainly don't disagree that we need to be a well-run, efficient club to be somewhat financially stable (although most Championship clubs lose a ton of money, turning back to the parachute payments havers vs have nots...) and successful in the Championship, but thought I'd add some numbers and context to the discussion. The Championship's financial landscape has/will change a lot with the increase in parachute payments. The focus should be on wage expenditure, not just transfer fees. While we're probably paying absurd wages by League 1 standards this year (the accounts up to March 2017 had our wage bill at £22.6m, so maybe we're down to £15m-ish in League 1? Hard to say...), that's still a pittance in the Championship. For reference, the always great SwissRamble is going through PL and Championship 16-17 accounts as they come in. This chart shows the wage bills for 16-17 that have been reported so far: https://twitter.com/SwissRamble/status/977106429168545792 After some inflation this year, the typical 'competitive' wage bill (with exceptions that have already been pointed out!) is probably ~£35m (about the same as our wage bill the first couple years after relegation), but then the likes of Aston Villa, Norwich, and Newcastle can handle wage bills of £50-60m+. (You can also see Cardiff isn't necessarily the best example of a 'low-spending' club when in 16-17 they had a wage bill of £29m to go along with £29m in revenue and incurred a loss of £21m. I suspect their finances aren't much better for 17-18 as they've had a net transfer spend of ~£10m, plus/minus loan fees) On a related note, the difference in revenues is getting staggering too: https://twitter.com/SwissRamble/status/977106343139119104 We may hit ~£25m revenue back in the Championship, but parachute payment clubs now have revenues of £75m+. It's obviously not impossible for a lower-spending team to have some success in the Championship, and posters have already highlighted the right role models for us (Preston, Bristol City, maybe Millwall this year), and revenues of course don't decide everything with notable examples, but I suspect the Championship may slowly drift to have vs have nots with the increasing dominance of parachute payment revenues (think of it like Champions League revenue...) It won't be as '"easy" as when we were last in it. I think our parachute payments were something like £10-12m/year when we went down, versus £41m/year today. I think Venky's have 'proven' they're willing to keep up a £15m+ wage bill in League 1, and probably incur £10m+ losses doing so, but are they willing to pay a £30m+ wage bill in the Championship and possibly incur £20m+ losses again (plus FFP considerations...)? Hard to say. (Hence I agree with the posters in this thread that we need to see the successful low-spending clubs like Preston or Bristol City as role models)
  2. Rovers v Wigan

    Please remind us of your opinion of Nyambe?
  3. Rovers v Wigan

    Obviously a very frustrating result, but I'm just trying to take comfort that I would've been satisfied with a point before the game. Nyambe was pretty awful. Hope this is just a hiccup given he was playing great not too long ago. Williams and Smallwood (how many more games until he can get a yellow again without getting suspended? Seems to have taken the bite out of his game) were quite poor too. Thought Lenihan and Dack were our standouts, and Graham, Bennett, Evans (happy to see him have a couple decent games now as we need him to step up in MF after a generally poor year so far), and Armstrong were solid. If I were to grade it... Raya 6, Nyambe 4, Lenihan 8, Mulgrew 6, Williams 5, Bennett 7, Smallwood 5, Evans 7, Dack 8, Armstrong 7, Graham 7. Can't say I noticed the subs much... Mowbray probably left them a bit too late. Would've put Bell on for Williams anyway.
  4. Academy & U'21's

    Ah, yes, the Smallwood-Bennett pairing that was not long ago the cure to all of our midfield problems... we hardly knew ye.
  5. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Regarding waiting on Shrewsbury to "slip up", in a way they already have to some extent, and that's part of why we're within shouting distance of them in the first place (with our recent run of form being the other reason!) Shrewsbury had an unreal start to the year: 11 W 4 D 0 L - a 113 point pace. Since then, they've gone 7 W 3 D 4 L - a 79 point pace, which is decent (but I wouldn't be surprised if Shrewsbury fans are in a grouchy mood!). They're on pace for 97 points overall, but supposing they only keep up their current form, they'll hit 90 points. Still an impressive tally, but that's roughly what we're on pace for. The drag of our tepid start certainly makes criticism of Mowbray fair, but there's only so much you can do when Wigan and Shrewsbury have plainly had amazing seasons so far. If Wigan and Shrewsbury do end up at 104 and 97 points respectively (which is the highest top-2 points combo in League One at least going back to 04-05, which is as far as I bothered to look...), and we end up at 91 points, is it fair to think Mowbray should resign/be fired when 91 points would have resulted in a top-2 finish in 7 of the past 10 League One seasons? I'd agree that automatic promotion was the goal to start the year, particularly given our spending relative to the rest of the league, but achieving that goal doesn't happen in a vacuum... It may be a matter of one's perspective on "luck". Some hate to attribute anything to luck - it's a vague and easy scapegoat to pass the buck onto rather than engage in critical analysis. That's entirely fair. However, if the top-3 does at end up as Wigan 104, Shrewsbury 97, Blackburn 91... personally, I may just have to 'doff my cap' to their incredible seasons and hope for the best in the playoffs...
  6. The January 2018 transfer thread

    It's interesting you say his form for the u23s has dipped this year (understandably so given he's had injury issues), as it seems this is just ignored by some. I think it's even been suggested that Platt might have surpassed him on the depth chart (not sure if you've said that yourself...) He did look solid in a couple appearances during the Coyle circus, though it's easy to look like a world beater compared to the likes of Greer and Brown back there... He was briefly benched during his loan with Cambridge, and then returned to their lineup with praise - I'm not saying this to knock the lad, and good on him for recovering well at Cambridge, I'm just suggesting he's still a work in progress, and he's had some injury issues to overcome, and there's nothing wrong with that. (I'll admit I might be subconsciously biased against Wharton as I remember seeing a highlights video from an u23 game where he looked awful in a couple snippets, but that's hardly fair to him!) I imagine the calculation is the risk of having to rely on some combination of Williams, Nyambe, or Platt at CB if two of Mulgrew, Downing, and Lenihan get injured (not sure what recall agreements on Ward and Wharton's loan deals are allowed) has been judged as lower than the benefit of Wharton getting some consistent 1st-team action rather than waiting on the bench for injuries to happen. Seems sensible to me.
  7. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Haha, I'm not at all defending the use of Brown, which was a ridiculous signing. I just thought it was funny he omitted that Brown actually got the 2-2 goal that game.
  8. The January 2018 transfer thread

    But who would've scored the goal to make it 2-2 in the first place
  9. A new era?

    Ehh, if we get promoted, I'll likely treat with more of a 'nod of the head' than an outright cheer (metaphorically... I'll obviously cheer in real life haha). Venky's have sanctioned a significant amount of spending by League 1 standards (which I'm... appreciative of? happy with? relieved by? Hard to find the right word for a group that's done so much wrong) but what happens in the Championship will be a more interesting statement of intent, as that's where the money being spent gets silly again if you want to compete for promotion (with occasional exceptions).
  10. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    I'm not sure I entirely buy the widely held view that Mowbray was tinkering about too much to start the year. Correct me if I'm misremembering, but he was deploying a 3-5-2 at the end of last year, and it was fairly successful, particularly defensively. I think he had in mind that he should try to continue what was working at the end of last year, but then had to 'tinker away' from that after Lenihan got hurt and it became clear that Ward was no longer up to it... Also, Dack, who has been our MVP so far, was struggling for fitness to start the year, which was in retrospect a huge blow. Remember when some people were moaning about that signing to start the year when Dack couldn't manage 90mins yet? Injuries can too often be an excuse, but player fitness was an issue to start the year.
  11. Fleetwood

    Raya's long pass at the 5min mark almost rivals Steele's bomb to Emnes last year! (Steele's was definitely better, but enjoyed that too!)
  12. The January 2018 transfer thread

    I'm well aware. There's a difference between total debt (most of which we don't really know the terms of) and ongoing operating losses. The latter is much lower now, and I'm suggesting Venky's is well-able to handle losses of £3-7m/year going forward. I obviously don't know that...
  13. The January 2018 transfer thread

    We have Dack under contract until 2020, plus an option, so that limits any need to sell him in terms of a depreciating financial asset (which is how we got him from Gillingham relatively cheap). I could see a scenario where we sell Dack in the summer if we don't get promoted and are seeing £2m+ offers. Then some of that could be reinvested in a couple Dack-like signings. That'd be a pretty reasonable financially and football-wise. Dack's obviously shown he deserves a shot at Championship football, but we can potentially offer him that ourselves fairly soon, so I can't see him kicking up too much of a fuss about missing out on 5 months of Championship football this year, and he's probably already on a decent wage (with promotion clauses). I suspect the sales of Cairney, Hanley, etc. were due to serious cashflow issues at the time. Cairney's sale even seemed to surprise Bowyer, while Hanley's sale probably coincided with Coyle talking shit about managing fine without Duffy+Hanley with the likes of Greer, Brown, Ward ... (and I'd quibble with saying that money wasn't "reinvested" when it was clearly needed to stem long ongoing losses. It was a long coming reckoning after our financially disastrous first few years in the Championship), but I doubt we're as financially destitute these days at single-digit millions losses versus the £20m+ losses of yesteryear. Obviously, if Dack is sold and there's no corresponding investment this window, yeah, yeah, then such concerns are valid, but the urgency of our financial predicament has certainly changed.
  14. Tony's Transfer Record

    Hard to quibble with any of those ratings too much. A fine summary! You're missing Nuttall, but I think it was reported that was a Damian Johnson signing more than anything (and Nuttall's been a mixed bag) I'd suggest Mowbray should also be given some credit for who we managed to hang on to during the transfer window too (how much of that was due to Mowbray's influence, lack of interest from other clubs, us getting "lucky" that Lenihan was injured... hard to say). Also a touch of credit for shipping Steele out for £500k (who appears to have shit the bed even further at Sunderland) Also need to weight the signings in some respect. Whittingham's been a bit of a disappointment, if not a disaster, but he was also signed with the expectation of being a heavily-relied on starter, so him being a 3/10 signing (I'd argue he's been more like a 5, but that's quibbling), is more consequential than Harper or Hart being 3s. Samuel's been decent, but also perhaps a bit under expectations given his reported transfer fee. In contrast, Dack and Smallwood have been excellent signings and have been eating key minutes throughout as expected (remember when people were complaining about Dack not being fully fit at the start of the year, and having the audacity to go to a nightclub - how things change!) As a quick go at it where I put the signings into expectation/cost 'tiers' (and assign my own ratings - not much different than yours) First tier: Dack 9, Samuel 6, Whittingham 4.5, Smallwood 9.5 Second tier: Gladwin 1, Caddis 5, Chapman 8, Antonsson 7, Downing 8 Third tier: Harper 2, Hart 2, Nuttall 6.5, Leutwiler 5.5 Weighting the first tiers as 5/5, second tiers as 3/5, and third tiers as 1/5, gives 3.82/5 = 7.6/10
  15. Hull City Fa Cup game 6.1.17

    They also just referred to Caddis as the 'chunky fullback' haha