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  1. RoverCanada

    Summer transfer window

    https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/may/rovers-to-receive-fee-for-mahoney/ £425k initial fee, £100k for every 10 first-team appearances up to 50 (£500k), £250k if he makes an England appearance, and 20% of any profit on future sales. So up to about £1m if he becomes a Bournemouth regular, and a share of any future sale. Hard to really evaluate that fee right now. Seems he's been doing okay at Birmingham on loan, but he hasn't been an automatic starter there, and he didn't do much at a relegated Barnsley the year before. Would be interesting to hear the thoughts of Birmingham fans... We also sold Callum Wright to Leicester last year. Probably best to try and tie these assets down to long-term contracts (seems we've learned our lesson there with all the recent contracts), but I suppose our hands are tied in cases like Mahoney and Wright where they're keen on a Premier League move. (Taking a look, randomly Ben Williams, who we let go in 2017, has managed 14 appearances for Barnsley in League One this year... Good for him! Rare that a youngster who is outright released manages to recover like that!) I was a bit surprised at the start of the year when Mowbray seemed to cast doubt on continuing with the Academy, or at least brought up the question of whether that money could be better spent. Considering academy expenditure is largely exempt from FFP, it's somewhere our owners can still throw their financial muscle behind (and a sign of their commitment). The Academy did seem to have a pretty poorly timed dip in production a few years ago, but the emergence of the likes of Travis, Nyambe, and Lenihan, plus Fisher, Magloire, Wharton, Grayson, Buckley, Platt, Butterworth, and Rankin-Costello as promising prospects now all on the fringes, probably shifts the net value of the Academy back to positive, and Mowbray appears to be recognizing that. Picking up PL Academy castoffs is looking like a decent strategy too, as we'll have a much clearer path to first team football than the likes of Man U, Liverpool, Man City, etc. Includes Butterworth, Rankin-Costello, and Travis, Hart may be a miss there, and Davenport is still TBD (the latter of which I think has occasionally gotten some odd stick when he's been dealing with unfortunate injuries...). Nuttall sort of counts in this category too as a Man City castoff years ago...
  2. RoverCanada

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    ? Championship clubs tend to lose money because of how much they spend on players... you may be thinking of how most post profits on player sales, but that's the money they are recouping on a depreciated asset (and hence have incurred the cost of that depreciation already, so those profits can be a bit illusory). Compared to 17/18, our £7.6m net outlay is more in the bottom half of the Championship... We're probably spending a decent chunk on wages, particularly relative to our turnover, but we are certainly not financial heavy hitters by any measure this year. Even if we've returned to wages of £35m (which I highly doubt!), which is what we were at back in 13/14 when we still had significant parachute payments, that would only place us maybe 8th-9th in the Championship.
  3. RoverCanada

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    We had losses of £1.5m in 15/16, £3.8m in 16/17, and £16.8m last year. So £22.1m, which was well within the £39m limit. We can incur £19m in losses this year without breaking FFP (although that would make keeping in line in 19/20 difficult!). Add that we can exclude maybe £3m of academy/community-related expenditures from the FFP calculation, and we're probably fine for FFP in the short-run, and a Dack sale is our 'ace in the hole' if need be. (Also not sure how League One and the Championship interact with FFP as League One has different rules...?) Will be interesting to see what our financial situation is this year. No real sales recently to top up losses... My guess/hunch is Venky's have begrudgingly accepted treating Rovers as a £13m/year punt on maybe getting Premier League football again someday. Obviously questions can be asked as to how committed/competent they are at doing so, but excluding this recent poor run, Mowbray and co. have had us running fairly competently for a couple years now.
  4. RoverCanada

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Seems the lower other operating expenses charge in 16/17 was a one-off, as it was £10.7m in 15/16, £11.6m in 14/15, and £19.8m in 13/14. £8.9m last year was more 'back to normal' as part of a long-term downward trend (still rather high for a 2nd-3rd tier club, but that probably reflects the academy and the standard of our facilities). The 16-17 decline was already identified in last year's accounts as 'one-off charges to Venky's London Limited'. Seems just to be how they shuffled expenses between the two companies, for whatever reason. I suppose it would be half interesting to find out why.
  5. RoverCanada

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Ah, picking up on PriceOfFootball's tweet here: https://twitter.com/KieranMaguire/status/1108621602051289089?s=20, we've "entered transfer agreements amounting to net transfer fees payable of £7.6m" since these accounts. Hard to say whether that includes performance-based add-ons (apparently we potentially owe another £2.1m on purchases based on performance add-ons, but that may be for 17-18, so for the likes of Dack, Samuel, Bell, etc. but not including this years' additions) Let's say Armstrong was £1.75m, Rothwell and Davenport £400k. Maybe another £200k on Chapman, Lyons, Annesley, and Durrant (maybe the former three are too recent to be included), plus loan fees...? Doubt we've received much for outgoing loans. That suggests Brereton's initial cost was about £5.25m. edit: PriceOfFootball also highlights director pay went up from £166k to £282k, but worth keeping in mind that's largely from adding a director... Per director compensation rose from £83k/year to £94k/year.
  6. RoverCanada

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Ah, good recall. His quote was we're probably about "10th to 16th". Based on 17/18 wages, that would be a range of £19m-£31m. May be slightly higher this year with more parachute payments floating around. I'd be surprised if we're spending £30m, which we haven't seen since we were a parachute payment-receiving club. We were at £22m in 16/17, good for 14th in the Championship. So, comfortably 'bottom of mid-table', like the on-field product
  7. RoverCanada

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Haha, so my estimates from awhile back were only about £10m off in terms of our losses... Wages didn't drop as much as I thought (although there appears to be an odd £450k jump in pension costs in 17/18, which may be a one-off?) and matchday fell further than I thought, even though average attendance actually went up (I think the latter may be due to not having a lucrative FA Cup game with Man U). A couple other kinks are our operating expenses were quite suppressed in 16/17 due to 'one-off charges to Venkys London'. So they rose from £5.9m to £8.9m, but this is still a decline from £10.7m two years ago, so trending downward. Also, we stopped selling players. We made £9.8m in player trading profits last year. Only £300k last year. Ignoring 'intangible fixed asset (player) trading' and adjusting other expenses, our operating losses were more like £16.9m in 16/17 versus £16.7m last year. £17.5m in 16/17 vs £17.1m in 17/18 if you include interest payments. So, Venky's essentially 'sanctioned' the same level of operating losses last year to secure promotion. We were the heavy hitters of League One obviously... but now we're back to being relatively small minnows. Probably back up to ~£16m turnover this year. Wages maybe up to £20m? Both of which would put us in the bottom third of the Championship... Fair points, but something to keep in mind is I think Venky's have been pumping about £4m of turnover into the club themselves via commercial sponsorship. Commercial turnover dropped from £4.9m to £4.3m last year, not surprising, but ~£5m in commercial revenue actually had us hitting above our weight at 'mid table' in the Championship. Perhaps knowing we had an 'automatic' decent commercial revenue stream bred complacency, but also need to consider Venky's' sponsorship crowds out a lot of other potential sponsorship. As you say, seems to be some improvement in that regard this year...
  8. RoverCanada

    Summer transfer window

    There have been some rumblings from the club about youngsters pushing for loan moves rather than the club shunting them out, relative to Travis, Nyambe, Nuttall, Magloire, etc. sticking around and eventually getting appearances. Probably more in reference to Platt and Hardcastle who went out and hardly played, but Wharton may be pushing for these loans himself too. He's at least played a decent amount with Cambridge, Lincoln, and Bury these past few years, although it was odd he didn't move up to League One this year. I vaguely recall Mowbray saying a L1 loan deal fell through, so he returned to Lincoln as he was well-liked there, but then Lincoln added Shackell a few weeks after Wharton re-signed, who pushed Wharton out of their regular lineup. I also recall he had a poorly timed injury, accompanied by a poor run of form with the u23s (it was suggested Platt and Grayson had moved ahead of him...), when a spot may have opened up for him at the start of our horrid 16-17 year. (There were also rumours about preventing him from earning an appearance-based raise, but he did sign a new contract last September...) Probably would be nice to have him around as depth right now, but I don't think his development has necessarily been stunted this year. Still one for the future. Let him compete for a spot in camp next year and then re-evaluate.
  9. RoverCanada

    Academy & U'21's

    Thing to remember with Chapman is he's never even played a minute of Championship football. Still young and hardly proven. If the medical team determines it's too big of a risk with his hamstring, definitely no need to rush him. I'd guess he'll be given a 20-minute cameo at some point (it'll be fun to see him skipping past tired fullbacks again!) Actually, just checking now, Chapman never actually started a league game with Sheffield United in the season before his loan with us. Had a few starts with Barnsley the year before that, but a reminder of how raw he still is. --- https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/rovers/news/17502502.how-graham-helped-tyler-magloire-prepare-for-rovers-debut/ Just a little tidbit, but I thought this was a nice insight into how a player like Graham can help the youngsters. They've got to be ready for blistering speed and players like Graham who will bully them physically if they're not ready for it. I was wondering about Hardcastle... sounds like he wasn't really given a proper chance at Port Vale, but if he has any prospect of Championship football in him, you'd think at 20 (turning 21 in the summer) he'd be able to bully his way into a League 2 squad. And then seemingly couldn't secure a better loan than the National League after that. Sounds like he's doing well with Barrow anyway, (and I'll admit I've barely seen him play!), but wouldn't be surprised if he leaves given I think he's out of contract in the summer.
  10. RoverCanada

    The Relegation Thread

    Current odds on getting relegated are being given at about 350-500 to 1. Guess you should put a fiver down?
  11. RoverCanada

    Academy & U'21's

    Is Hardcastle still looking like a prospect? Or is he more being loaned out to help him find a club after his contract expires (which I think it does in May)? Had a quick gander at a Port Vale forum and sounds like he was never really given a chance there and may have been brought in more as injury cover than being near the first team. Now off to the National League, which isn't too promising... His name comes up occasionally, yet he's never actually made our bench.
  12. RoverCanada

    Brentford v Rovers

    Not sure I can bear to read through the thread, so apologies if I'm repeating or going over trodden ground. Well... it was at least an interesting game. I'd say the first 15 minutes was more Brentford playing awful than us being particularly good and everything from about 40min on was more Brentford playing some incredible football than us being particularly crap... Have to tip your cap to that Mapauy-Benrahma combination. They were immense. I noticed beforehand Brentford's oddly low in the table for having a positive goal difference. Forget the exact numbers, but it was something like 8 of their 10 wins (9 of 11 now?) are by 2+ goals, while pretty much all of their losses have been by 1 goal. Perhaps they've been having moments of madness like the first 15mins too often. Nevertheless, obviously a disheartening game. Bennett's showing he can handle RB against less technically skilled squads, but he got lit up today. His enthusiastic tackles looked amateurish rather than brave/aggressive. Hope Nyambe's fully fit soon. Evans had his first poor game in awhile. Travis showed his usual enthusiasm and was alright overall, but (in a soft voice not upset anyone too much) he's starting to show that he's not the most technically gifted of footballers... Armstrong had a few bright spots, but seemed to tire by the end. Shame about the forced subs. It was hard to see clearly from the away end, but I thought Brereton was our only real bright light when he came on. Promising, I thought. Conway was a pretty poor sub given the game was obviously starting to pass us by at the time. He may add veteran 'nous', but we needed someone who could run... I'm guessing many were calling for Rothwell instead, but dare I suggest Smallwood would've been a better bet at holding the fort? Nuttall... threw himself about a bit, but his play with the ball at his feet can be downright pathetic...
  13. RoverCanada


    Ehh, I'd guess it's simply BA's unhappy at Middlesbrough (and Pulis doesn't like him much), so his agent tried to make the rounds. Rovers showed some interest (as you would with BA's name bandied about). Let's say we've got a spare £10k/wk lying around with Palmer gone and we indicated we were willing to go up to £15k/wk to bring BA in on loan. Then when the agent relays this to Middlesbrough, they went 'what?! **** that, they need to pay his full £40k/wk!' (or whatever he's one). End of story. Probably similar with Austin, if he was ever in the cards. Meh, it happens. Could probably only happen if Middlesbrough is desperate to get any portion of his wages off the books, but I doubt they're in dire financial straits... And looks like Gallagher's back in contention at Southampton and his wages/asking fee was always going to be a stumbling block for a player who's not necessarily a sure thing (or at least a player that's not worth the wage he's currently on and has no incentive to drop his wage down now). Oh well. (Oliver Byrne... *sniff*... we hardly knew ya Surely that frees up enough wages to bring in BA?!)
  14. RoverCanada

    BRFC Loanee Watch

    From the BBC Live Reporting feed: "First blood to St Mirren, on their first real attack. Brad Lyons is too quick for Darren McGregor on the left and thumps and inviting cross in for Simeon Jackson to ram in from the edge of the six yard box." Encouraging that he's apparently faster than Darren McGregor.
  15. Smallwood had a hell of a game. Maybe shouldn't be an automatic starter, but he's certainly a good body to have around.

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