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  1. Kinda felt sorry for Mulgrew looking for options when he had the ball (if he sticks around and can take care of most free kicks, it also brings the Wittingham signing into question... he was pretty anonymous). He was pretty poor in the air though. Made me miss having Duffy or Hanley back there authoritatively winning headers. Ward seems like he'll get exposed on any play, though i'm not entirely negative about him yet given he had a strong finish last season. Williams isn't as good at dribbling as he thinks he is. Caddis had some bright patches, but he's hardly a standout. Antonsson didn't seem capable of anything out there... Gladwin may be able to pull off some tricks against lesser opposition, but he was pretty badly exposed tonight. Can't win s*** in the air either. Chapman made some moves at least. Samuel, Bennett, and Conway (albeit he's just not the same player anymore) added a bit of attacking nous at least.
  2. Sharpe can now sleep at night.
  3. Who do I BELIEEEEVE?!?!
  4. Were you expecting a scientific survey...?
  5. Mowbray's been saying that himself for a few weeks now, but regardless, I will congratulate you if your prediction proves accurate.
  6. Aye, can't really speak for his actual talents, but skepticism based on him only scoring 3 in 21 last year (across all competitions) needs to take into account he only had 10 starts. He was sitting behind Chris Wood, not the easiest starter to dislodge from the starting 11... For what it's worth (and you're welcome to say very little ), he scored 10 in 12 in the Swedish league the year before, and 12 in 28 the year before that, so he has hit the net on occasion in the past! Doubt it comes across anyway, but could be an interesting one, particularly if Leeds fans are actually fond of him despite his poor goals record last year.
  7. 'Backup' was perhaps a mistype, as you would've needed a pretty dependable 1B option if you were going with Eastwood as the no. 1. The average Championship wage is over £10k/week, so I don't think £8k/week was too ridiculous a number to propose, but we're making up numbers anyway so I'm a bit confused by your seemingly aggressive tone haha Eastwood's only had 13 Championship games under his belt and this was a few years ago before his solid year at L1 with Oxford. He surely wasn't as good then as he appears to be now. So while I portrayed Eastwood + rotational option (happy?) + u23 as a scenario, it hardly looks like a sure thing to me. Hence the 'backup/rotation' option would likely need to be a slightly pricier option. Certainly a point of debate though, and you seem oddly antagonistic when I introduced an argument in favour of your own opinion haha Raya looked solid at the end of last year, but he was a bit of a deer in the headlights a few years ago. He was at Southport for 19 games in 2014/15 and I think his development was all the better for it. I'm not too keen to get into a pissing match over Steele's actual performance (given your tone I can hardly imagine a world where you'd agree that he did have a decent run of games here at one point haha), and I've already acknowledged he was pretty bad last year, so I'll leave it here.
  8. Steele's incurred wages would have to be compared to the wages of a replacement keeper, as his roster spot would have been filled one way or another. Ignoring his loan, he's been a full-time Rover for about 2.5 seasons now, so about £1.3M in wages spent. However, if we hadn't signed him, some other keeper presumably would've been signed and paid roughly a similar wage if he was also expected to be our no. 1. So the wages net out, and if we paid £100k for him and receive £500k for him now, there has been a £400k 'profit' (ignoring the actual accounting that dunnfc brings up). Steele may have also been a particularly cheap find by Bowyer as no. 1 keepers tend to go for more than £100k, so you also have to consider what the going transfer rate for a no. 1 keeper was at the time and net Steele's transfer fee against that... The 'value' Steele brought over and above a 'replacement' keeper when he played is a whole other argument itself (and I suspect many will argue he's had negative value in that regard!) Now, the argument that could be made is whether Steele was needed at all and whether an Eastwood+Raya tandem would have been sufficient, with an Academy lad serving as the no. 3. Raya did spend some time on loan during that period, but in retrospect Eastwood probably deserved a better shot. Assuming Raya was unfit/out on loan, perhaps Eastwood + backup at £8k/week + Academy lad would have been more financially prudent than Steele + Eastwood + Raya. The competence of the backup in the former scenario is obviously vital though given the importance of keeper depth. I admittedly thought Steele was quite good when he started here (I think some posters are a little too happy to forget some superb games he's had for us), but I'll also admit he was pretty dreadful for most of last year and I'd be happy to see him off for £500k if that report is true. Having said all that, I absolutely agree that the wages incurred is too often ignored in football circles (I've harped about that before...)
  9. Unless a transfer fee is publicly reported, I think Transfermarkt just guesses via a formula of age, time-left-on-contract, games played, etc.
  10. RE: Evans, I'd argue he's been our best midfielder for a couple years now. Granted, the best of an overall bad lot, but if fit (the big if obviously...) he's a tidy and effective defensive midfielder. He definitely needs to be paired with a more offensively-minded midfielder though (he may work nicely with Wittingham?). The few times we had him and Guthrie in the midfield last year were some of our best (if I remember right) just a shame they're both quite injury prone. Groin injuries can be a bitch. Having said all that, I wouldn't be too gutted if he ends up leaving given he's probably on £10k+/wk and that's a luxury we can't afford for an oft-injured, 60-75min midfielder. Not seeing much of an issue with Caddis getting a two-year deal. He was a regular Championship player a couple years ago, so presumably he can at least be a squad player at the Championship level if we get promoted, and probably at a reasonable wage. Joao and Emnes - could be quite fun to watch, but hardly what's needed in League 1. Both probably too pricey for League 1 anyway (and I suspect their egos would keep them looking for something at the Championship level too) Taking a step back from speculation of whether Lenihan, Mulgrew, Evans, Graham, etc. leave, would it really be a surprise if a relegated team loses a key player or two? We'd be quite an exceptional case if we do manage to hold on to everyone (excluding Mahoney given he was out-of-contract). It's been nice to see Mowbray's posturing about holding on to everyone, but if a player's truly kicking up a fuss and a decent offer is on the table... I know there's the question of whether the money will be reinvested, but we're still very much a money-losing club. Personally, I came into this offseason expecting Lenihan and Mulgrew to be off and I'll be pretty pleased if one of them ends up sticking around. Stokes... obviously a @#/? and a nice parting gift from Coyle... I admittedly had mild optimism that Coyle could motivate him to get his head down at the Championship (obviously foolish in retrospect, but given Coyle managed to get him such a generous contract...) There's been enough rumours around him that Mowbray's probably right to figure he's a lost cause. Cut what losses we can (hoping we didn't pay him off too much) and move on. Now let's hope for a couple nice loans. I'm guessing a striker, and maybe a CB if one of Lenihan or Mulgrew leaves.
  11. I fully agree that relying on u23s as first teamers would be suicide, but I'm a little perplexed at people seemingly being aghast at the possibility of the likes of Tomlinson, Hardcastle, Doyle, Rankin-Costello, Mansell, and/or Travis potentially appearing on the bench on occasion. 1) What exactly has our Academy been doing with all its excellent facilities and Category 1 funding if it's top prospects aren't even capable of making a League 1 bench if needed? Surely one of our advantages in this division is we should have youth depth like no other. 2) Haven't we all been moaning about the Academy lads not getting a chance at all while our first team flailed about these past couple years? Granted a lot of that was about Mahoney, and Nyambe had his rocky moments, but are the players mentioned above suddenly not up to scratch? (That's not entirely a rhetorical question as I'd fully welcome some reviews from those who've watched the u23s more. I recall tepid reviews of Mansell, but are the rest all that bad? Why the sudden negativity?) (Having said that, I absolutely do hope Mowbray will be bringing in the 2 signings + 2 loans he is talking about. The current squad is unquestionably bare at the moment.)
  12. Sure am glad we're not in for Lambert. Too old, probably will cost too much, and we already have what he brings in Grah... WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE WENT TO PLYMOUTH?!?!
  13. While I fully agree Venky's spending £750k on Dack, a free+add-ons for Gladwin, and signing a couple frees on decent League 1 wages isn't all that much to really cheer about (the losses are still likely there, just at a much smaller scale - losing £3-5M in League 1 stands out by League 1 standards but it's pretty much the absolute minimum for Championship clubs), but you can't ignore our turnover has also taken a dramatic hit of late due to the end of parachute payments and the revenue drop from relegation again. Two years ago Championship clubs without parachute payments get roughly £5m in broadcast revenue. I think it's slightly higher now. For a League 1 club, it looks like that'll total just over £1m. Commercial and gate revenue are bound to drop as well. Net cuts were bound to happen after another relegation (hence why relegation clauses exist...), no matter who the owners are. (And I also wouldn't be surprised if we see an outgoing before the end of the window, but again, pretty typical for a relegated club to lose one of its better players...) I don't quite get how they are 'better off' considering our turnover is hitting a new low. I'd be quite surprised if we turn anything close to a profit...
  14. Cheers. I'm skeptical but who knows. If anything, something that should have been done years ago...
  15. Anybody...? (I'll admit my skepticism given we spent £200k on auditors (for both auditing and non-auditing activities, as the books define it) in the past two years combined. It would take some heroic fee and man-day assumptions to come up with £800k of consulting fees)