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  1. Transfers Part 3

    As per http://www.worldfootball.net/assists/eng-league-one-2017-2018/ League One + FA Cup + League Cup = Total Williams 4+1+0=5 Bennett 3+1+0=4 Chapman 3+0+0=3 Dack 2+1+0=3 Graham 2+1+0=3 Antonsson 2+0+0=2 Conway 2+0+0=2 Mulgrew 2+0+0=2 Ward 2+0+0=2 Nyambe 1+0+0=1 Smallwood 1+0+0=1 Downing 0+1+0=1 Samuel 0+1+0=1 Caddis 0+0+1=1
  2. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Ah, fair, forgot about the Sheffield Wednesday game and it's was awarded outside of the game so it wasn't listed when I took a look. Still don't think there's much to read into his red cards this year but I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that...
  3. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    "Nothing to do with bias, and everything to do with his conduct in recent weeks" - haha, hence my specific reference to 'recency bias'. "Probably deserved and easily avoidable" seems quite debatable to me... One was for a 'dive' where he was trying to avoid a reckless tackle, and the other for a tangling of feet where there's no clear evidence of what actually happened. Obviously he's not above criticism, but the very subject of criticism is highly debatable. I suppose I took more issue with Phil T saying "becoming an irresponsible habit of his", while I'd argue these red cards are merely unfortunate outliers. In sum, I don't think Bennett's red cards should be extrapolated, hence why I'm citing his playing history. Do you really think Bennett's suddenly become an irresponsible, reckless player based on two arguable red cards?
  4. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Seems a bit unfair to criticise Bennett for two red cards when it's at least arguable that both were undeserved. He got 4 yellow cards in 29 appearances last year, and 5 yellow cards in 24 appearances with Rovers the year before that. Hardly a player out of control and I doubt this is a new trend. edit: In fact, those are the first red cards of his entire career. Don't let recency bias cloud your judgement of his overall playing conduct.
  5. Paul Downing

    Huh, oddly enough the player we were apparently chasing before 'resorting' to Downing, Ben Heneghan, hasn't even managed an appearance with Sheffield United. Did a brief search and apparently not due to injury. Now, Championship football is a step above of course, and I'm only basing this on 3 months, but perhaps we dodged a bullet there too if Heneghan's not up to it! The word from MK Dons fans, plus apparently his last year at Walsall, wasn't encouraging, but I figured there must have been something there in a player that had been a regular CB for a decent League 1 side in Walsall for most of his career, at least providing a better option than Ward. Who would've predicted there'd be some debate on whether Lenihan should take Downing's place on the backline when he returned! (I've actually always preferred Lenihan as a MF, but that's just me)
  6. So, what signings do we need in January?

    Even though I'm skeptical of him keeping it up, you could argue Nuttall's been pretty consistent haha Bit unfair on Samuel given he'd only played 180 minutes since his last goal until his goal on Saturday, but partly his own fault due to his silly red card... By my reading, Dack pretty much acts as a second striker, which I think allows us to comfortably play with one up front, depending on the opposition. In sum, I'm not too worried about our goal scoring going forward. Graham, Samuel, Nuttall, and Antonsson give us a lot of options. Got curious what our strikers' minute/goals numbers are like as all of their playing times' have been a bit inconsistent (note I'm including cup games): Nuttall: 89.2 Antonsson: 158.1 Samuel: 184.3 Dack: 230.6 Graham 307.7 As a quick barometer, Rhodes was at 160.6 in 2013-14 and 167.1 in 2014-15. while Gestede was at 132.0 in 2013-14 and 141.3 in 2014-15. (Note I'm not arguing Antonsson > Rhodes haha, I was just curious about the numbers)
  7. Oxford away Tuesday

    I'm aware and somewhat understanding of Venky's-based boycotting, but Nyambe-based boycotting is a new one. I second this. Away fans get a fantastic view at Kassam Stadium. I'll give this RV Blue fella credit for persistence though. I doubt he's ever been defeated by constipation.
  8. Oxford away Tuesday

    Didn't the poster being outright negative about the result admit a few pages back that he missed the first 3 goals? Even if some criticism is valid (and perhaps it is, and debate shouldn't be shut down...), what a bizarre, key caveat... "Okay, okay, I didn't see the opening 25 minutes where we absolutely dominated....BUT HAVING SAID THAT..." I'd guess running speed, distance covered, perhaps heart rate and recovery if they've got monitors on during training, etc. Doesn't surprise me as while his ability to hold up the ball is questionable, definitely appears to be one of the squad's fittest. Nice to see Antonsson seems to have found his role. Despite his lack of goals with Leeds, I recall Leeds fans generally liked him but he was stuck behind Chris Wood. His Swedish League goal record suggested he could find the net at this level at least... We're becoming spoiled for choice up front (which Mowbray's described as a welcome headache) as Dack has hit his stride, Antonsson's getting comfortable, Nuttall's been a nice revelation (though I'm still skeptical), and don't forget Samuel was looking like our main threat not too long ago. All this and we're still waiting on Graham, potentially the best striker in the division barring health, to get into gear. Keeping in mind the recency bias of having scored 7 goals in the last 2, it's hard not to feel positive about our attacking options going forward after sputtering at times to start the year.
  9. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    Maybe I just wince at the casual use of the word 'disaster', and I won't quibble about who's a hit or isn't (still early days to assess some of those players imo, but that's just me), but also keep in mind this was a transfer window where it was widely accepted/expected that Mulgrew, Lenihan, Evans, and Graham would all be off (and we managed to sell Steele for £500k). As I've said before, the goal sticks on the transfer window have moved dramatically since the summer.
  10. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    ...am I alone in not understanding the offence some seem to take at the 'cupping of the ears' celebration? I grew up associating that with wrestlers saying 'let me hear it' to encourage fans to be loud (I'm not saying I'm a fan of the celebration haha). I vaguely recall some anger at Chris Taylor and Rhodes doing the same a couple years ago and I was miffed. Or can it only be taken as sarcastic/taunting when gates are so low...?
  11. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    Curious thing about Gladwin is he apparently did quite well for Swindon Town in League One three years ago before heading to QPR, so calling him a non-league player who got lucky is inaccurate. Seems something went wrong after that move. Either the money got to his head, injury, general lack of fitness caught up to him... who knows. He has performed at this level before... (perhaps the 11 goals in 41 in 14-15 flatters him, but he was a regular for a 4th place team) I think I read that Mowbray said during a supporters meeting that he was a free transfer with clauses attached, so hope he's not too costly for us in the end. Certainly has wasted enough chances in the squad, and Mowbray has already commented he's been disappointed with him so far.
  12. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    That signing was never in doubt
  13. Mowbray stays as manager

    If I could oh so briefly defend Ward (otherwise, at this point it's obvious he's just not up to it anymore), I don't recall too many complaints about him when he stepped in for a few games at the end of the Lambert year, and I remember him being quite good when he finally returned from injury at the end of last year under Mowbray. Hence I'll admit I didn't have much concern about him going into this year. He was Paul Lambert's 1st-choice CB back in his promotion season with Norwich 7 years ago in the Championship, so that connection seems pretty clear and it'd be quite a coincidence if his agent was also in cahoots with Rovers brass. Perhaps its just been one injury too many for Ward... Funny that we're now all begging for Downing's return after writing him off on his arrival He's been a pleasant surprise over 3 clean sheets, albeit a small sample. While it makes sense to see if Wharton's up to it, and I certainly hope he breaks through, I'm skeptical. He's had some injuries and apparently didn't exactly stand out on loan with Cambridge... Nevertheless, If he's fit he should definitely be given a look over Ward in this upcoming run of games, particularly if an opponent has pacey threats. Ward just looks awkward as hell when he tries to sprint... Wharton hasn't managed a Cup game yet though, so perhaps Platt would be next in line instead? Can't speak for how he performed in the two EFL Trophy games nor his u23 performances.
  14. You're not going to get any argument from me that the contract was incredibly suspicious in it's lucrativeness, timing, and being entirely undeserved. My point (and forgive me for even making it as it's tired ground) is that, at least going by the terms of the contract, Kean was not monetarily incentivised to get the club relegated. By 2015/16, if he had kept us in the PL that entire time, he'd have been making £2M + various potential bonuses (top half finish, CL or Europa qualification, cup performance etc.). If we were in L1 by 2015/16, his base salary was £250k. The contract sets out that his base salary was roughly halved for every relegation. The looming part is the £1.6m 'loyalty bonus' that starts in year 3. Such loyalty bonuses are pretty common to reward a manager or player for sticking with a club (imagine a bizarro world where Kean becomes a sought after manager haha...), but I suspect these would also be void if Kean were fired (as he, uh, presumably would be if we were relegated again...). It does make you wonder about his resignation, as he potentially was going to make another £1.6m had he stuck it out into 2013/14. Now, was Kean for some reason given a contract normally reserved for proven PL managers? Yes. The contract does set out a salary for League 1, but to look at it from a different angle, by doing so it reduces the liability to Kean if he were fired after a relegation. Perhaps it's just odd wording, as it may be that other contracts just say "salary cut by 50% in case of any relegation", rather than the pyramid of salary scenarios laid out in Kean's contract. Suppose Hughes is making £2m, gets relegated, his contract says his salary drops to £1m in the Championship, Stoke sticks with him, but they get relegated again, and his contract only stipulates a salary for the Championship. Stoke wants to fire him but he's got £1m left on his contract rather than, say, £500k if his contract set out a L1 salary.
  15. I think you're referring to the 'loyalty bonus' component. Not sure of the terms of such clauses, but they're pretty typical if a manager has stuck around for 3 years+, or whatever it was. I presume (slash hope) that bonus would've been null if Kean had been dismissed with cause (i.e. terrible performance) should we have again been relegated (when that POS should've been fired after the first relegation, or before that... or never hired at all... gah) I went through that purported contract a while back (I can dig up the post if you'd like), and Kean was always set to be paid more if he kept us in the Premier League. He certainly would've been a well compensated had he stuck it through the whole contract, but he was not actually incentivised to get relegated, at least going by what was in the contract relative to if he had kept us up. (Not that I'm at all defending giving Kean a new contract in the first place, nor making him manager at all, but there was a willful misreading of that contract's alleged terms. It's not the smoking gun some hope it is. For that we'd need, say, tangible proof of his SEM links... which I'm not holding out hope for... Unless there's some document out there I haven't seen) And my apologies for dragging up bad memories of that tosser...