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  1. Post match comments from TM are laughable. Blaming the pitch, sure it’s bad but Stoke seemed to adapt. We had trained there all week so the condition shouldn’t have come as a surprise...Then to talk about the players not being up to it, which is also true, but whose job is it for them to be prepared? Both comments point right at TM. He says he’s like to have 4 million quid to sign players, but has 14 million of strikers on the bench or playing on the wing.
  2. We don’t have any to sit there...they’re either sitting with the physios or utter shit
  3. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Braithwaite Douglas Travis Davenport Dack Elliott Brereton Armstrong Rothwell and Johnson ready to come in at half if the center of the park needs changing.
  4. I guess your right...just tell the lad to try and tuck it away and surely it will get cleared out of danger
  5. Douglas with a hospital ball to Davenport to earn the yellow
  6. He wouldn’t be a finished product...my concern is he’s not that good in the air. How many times has he misjudged crosses in the box. That’s a pretty critical quality for a center half.
  7. I’d expect Pool to recall Elliot when TM is sacked, which I’m fine with. Elliot was here to help us try an win promotion, that ship has sailed. I rather now see us develop our own lads.
  8. The man has to get sacked. He himself set the expectations at the kick off to the campaign that we would be in or around a playoff position. 14th is just as close to 6th as it is to 22nd. By his own standards the squad is not performing to expectations.
  9. Because he can’t outperform the AA. No business playing out wide but also no business playing at all if you can’t beat out the competition for the place in the squad
  10. He’s also much to soft the play center and hold the ball up. Doesn’t have the pace to threaten the back 2 center half’s nor the airial ability.
  11. Don’t worry The Gaffer will bring Dolan on with 1 min left in regulation. Daft tactics and all
  12. With 5 substitutes, we run SG out there for 5 min the pull him off
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