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  1. Checked in on the Noblers forum to see what they thought of Dolan. Seem to think he wouldn’t make the bench in their side. The delusion of fans never seems to amaze.
  2. yankfan

    Summer Transfer Window

    Too many players not out of position for TM to pick that side. Not much hold up play in that front 3 though.
  3. yankfan

    Summer Transfer Window

    Didn’t we sign the former man city keeper Fran something or other? Good to have our #2 sorted
  4. yankfan

    West Brom at home

    Both seemed to need a boot up their arse and motivation to compete for their place. Gally in particular might have been too comfortable seeing his name on the sheet every day.
  5. It's hard to second guess the line up as we have no idea who is fit, who trained hard during the lock down and who sat on their ass eating bon bons
  6. Didnt Kun start on the bench for city mid week?
  7. I think you need to reread the comment
  8. Any chance this means matches extend further into summer? Could allow Holtby to recover and be available, no?
  9. A decent manager wouldnt have pissed away 12 million quid on two worthless strikers, rather investing in the areas of need. So yeah a decent manager and the squad, not this squad, would be 3rd
  10. It was all so poor today. Both of the first 2 goals we were defending with only travis behind the ball. Do much space and time for both players 20 yards out. One a screamer, the other good enough to cause a rebound which we were 2nd best like the rest of the pitch. I understand the manager trying to go for it, but playing 3 center strikers, 2 free players with a makeshift back 4 is fucking mental. That white should be reserved for the last 20 min when you need to nick one in. Fucking pathetic
  11. Right! It should be 5 or 6 nil.
  12. Only if you consider "on top" as winning. But without a doubt they were the better side.
  13. yankfan


    TM's investment in attacking players the cause, no doubt.
  14. yankfan

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    He was injured for 2 years. Couldn't get a sniff at boro, came here to get a chance to prove himself. Doesnt seem like hes up for it. Theres always darts if he doesn't want to push on.
  15. yankfan

    Middlesbrough (A) - Match Thread

    Should shift to more of a 442, with Bennett on, no?

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