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  1. Time to go. Far too much farting about with the ball without penetrating. And plan b is throw every attacker on with no tactics and hope one of them bails him out. I'm one of the few who actually likes buckley . But he is not a right back . So just play pike there . Davenport ..... start him The false 9 .... didn't work in league one 3 years ago and hasn't worked since. The guy has zero passion on the touch line. 89th minute sat there legs crossed in the corner. Its pathetic .
  2. Pears Pike Carter new cb/Johnson downing Travis buckley davenport Dolan dack butterworth
  3. He should be ok according to Tony https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2020/december/boss-hopeful-of-having-quartet-in-contention/
  4. Douglas and trybull look so far off the pace its unbelievable. Wharton's passing is Sunday league level Rothwell the best of a very bad bunch
  5. Hi everyone My daughter will be appearing on britains got talent tonight in the final . She is part of the group sign along with us, which is a group for people with both disabilities and abilities . They also are promoting the use of sign language to communicate with people who are unable to communicate vocally. I'm fully aware BGT won't be everybody's Cup of tea but would really appreciate it if you could vote for the group she is in to win as what they are trying to do is for a very good cause. If You download the app and you get 5 free votes. Many thanks
  6. Rothwell was really good until he gets near the penalty box . Then its a back pass to the keeper.
  7. Everytime he gets the ball, he gets us off our feet. I just can get enough, I just can't get enough Step overs like ronaldo , were in for a treat I just can't get get enough , I just can't get enough He scores a goal and the crowd goes wild, I just can't seem to get enough of De de de de de de de De de de de de de de De de de de de de de thrhys dolan
  8. He may eventually get forward but has to run 60 yards to gain around 10 as he runs across the field. Also for the amount of minutes he plays his impact in games , with key passes goals or assists is minimal to say the least. This also isn't a rothwell bashing . Actually quite like him even though I find him frustrating. Just think that buckley offers something different in the speed of though to get attacks moving
  9. Rothwell runs sideways and leaves it far to late constantly . With buckley he's already seen the pass before he gets the ball . Its either first time or 1 or 2 touches and the ball is released . Rothwell is head down
  10. No way should buckley be sent out on loan. This lad has something the rest of the team lacks. In 5 minutes he makes more defence splitting passes than rothwell in 5 games
  11. Walton Nyambe tosin mulgrew Bennett downing Johnson rothwell Holtby Samuel armstrong
  12. Absolute terrible . I can't believe I am typing this but for me bell was our best player which sums it all up. Rothwell was awful again I'd honestly get shut of in the summer. No end product at all. Gallagher brereton armstrong all shite Even with the red Buckley did more in 20 mins than rothwell for last 3 months. Elliot bennett the less said the better . Honestly I'd play with 10 and nyambe back at rb. Pissed off fed up and annoyed . Good job I have a beer machine plugged in
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