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  1. longsiders1882

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    I imagine he's stayed because the right better offer hasn't yet arrived. In this country there are a handful of jobs currently "better" than Burnley for him. Here he has a largely free hand to do as he wishes, he earns (I hear) very good money and he's largely unsackable. So of course he's ambitious but change for the sake of it? Maybe he sees the Europa as shop window for European teams so he can go abroad a few seasons, earn a reputation and maybe would then be considered for a "top 6" job? Twas ever thus - Ask big Sam.
  2. longsiders1882

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    The rest of the fans in Istanbul (be they Galatasaray, Besiktas or Fenerbache) hate Basaksehir. They are owned by their ministry of sport and most locals feel Erdogan is financing them with government money. They honestly could not have been more welcoming. Now its on to Athens. I can't make this one as it clashes with GCSE results day and so have to be here for my son in the event things don't go well. It's hard to see how our journey doesn't end here. Olympiakos have a real pedigree and I would expect them to have too much for us - shame as I'd have loved to get to the group stages and do at least one more trip.
  3. longsiders1882

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    Nah - was just having a laugh about the attendance stuff - he’s a dick but provided a bit of mild ammunition for fun - we’ve got plenty of them of our own. yeah I went - I’m still here, fly back tomorrow. It was I thought a respectable turnout considering cost and distance - plus the Turkish reputation. They were technically pretty decent to be honest but couldn’t score - certainly not convinced we will win next Thursday.
  4. longsiders1882

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    More tongue in cheek
  5. longsiders1882

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    Tomphil mentioned it a post or 2 before mine. As for moral high ground - I would hope most Rovers fans don’t share his sentiment- hence the quotes around fan - animosity is one thing but wishing people stabbed? I wasn’t suggesting he represented most Rovers fans and if you thought I were my apologies.
  6. longsiders1882

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    This obsession with our attendances really isn’t healthy lads. For the record no one got stabbed (I know a ‘fan’ of yours was wishing for that on social media the tool) as far as I know and a great time was had by all - but the game was poor. Still 0-0 away, mustn’t grumble.
  7. longsiders1882

    Championship 2017/18

    I've heard a rumour that our wage bill for the season just gone will be a staggering (IMO) 60 Million. So when people were touting Benitez as a challenger to Guardiola and Dyche for manager of the season what planet were they on exactly? 112 million in the championship? That is mental.
  8. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    Yeah - well at least they are all on long contracts except Mee - who rumours suggest is off to Spurs. Can't say I've seen much of him as a manager, only his results. I'd hope he had some modesty if he was to become our manager. Tosh - we didn't win a game for over 2 months after he went to Everton - indeed our run of not winning was ended against Everton, in a game that Sam will have marked as one to win! He had plenty of chance to overtake us and failed - with a squad that cost 10 times what ours did.
  9. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    It's a strange one but these teams suddenly think they should be playing like Barcelona/Man City, winning everything etc. On Dyche's "style" - it's called doing the best with the available resources. Anyway I'll take substance over style thanks, and I'm glad we remain unfashionable. As long as Southgate sticks to picking from the "glamour" clubs and leaves Pope, Heaton and Tarkowski at home this summer so they don't get ruined by England, the English press, the English Fans and Dyche stays it will be a great summer for us Clarets. You'd imagine he'd be number 1 target.
  10. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    It is his shoulder - supposed from all the hod carrying. He's popped it a few times when he played for us. All kinds of stories put out when his move from Burnley to, was it maybe Hull? - anyway it broke down and the stories was a knee probelm they weren't happy with. The rumour is that was the agreed line but that Charlie really liked Charlie and this was what caused the failed medical. No idea if this is true
  11. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    Haha - yeah I believe so. was looking at it yesterday and we’ll have to get through 3 x 2 legged ties just to get to the group, first match being 26/07. Could be an expensive August - or we bomb out in the first qualifying tie most likely
  12. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    Does it really still pain you that we played in Europe before you did?
  13. longsiders1882

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    Any bitters are on this board lads This started as a bit of a joke on a sandwich board outside the Prinny Royal - a notorious haunt locally. Their actions this season have got them on Sky Sports and the BBC a few times so they are loving it. That said we haven't made the Europa League yet so it may not happen.
  14. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    Home game against us on Sunday - I'm sure Lambert will be seeing that as 3 points, and you have to feel to have even the slightest chance of staying up they need 6 points from the home games against us and Palace.
  15. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    7th looking likely for early Europa rounds as Southampton must be the longest odds to win the FA Cup of the 4 teams remaining - and based on run ins and current positions it's looking like us or Leicester for 7th - though arguably Everton have the "easiest" run in with every game left against teams below them in the league. . It's nice to be thinking this as the end of the season approaches rather than worrying about relegation etc. Same with us at Watford by all accounts - we were poor but found a way to win.

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