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  1. Premier League Stuff

    Bit previous - we've still got Southampton, Everton, Leicester and Brighton to come at home plus West Ham, Watford, West Brom and Stoke away so the idea we can't win another is ridiculous at this stage. We have some players coming back from injury - though losing defour is a big blow - but thats 7 eminently winnable games - win 2 and thats us on 42 points. I think Chelsea at home is the only game left against teams currently above us. For us to go down would be somewhat miraculous form from teams below us - bearing in mind they all have to play each other etc.
  2. Premier League Stuff

    Keep dreaming lads - next win is just around the corner ...
  3. Rovers v Burnley

    I don’t think the gulf is near the one you opened up - your facilities and ground still had over 2 decades of Jack and Premier League investment whilst we wallowed in the lower leagues. Get promoted this year and you are back on our coat tails - another good season next and a bad one for us and you are above us in the league again. I lived that gap, trust me you’ve a way to go before it’s comparable.
  4. Coyle's new job

    This is true - at least he didn’t get a payout from us - small crumbs I know.
  5. Coyle's new job

    The Laws appointment was a near disaster. Howe was right man wrong club but he signed some very good players. Dyche was an a brilliant appointment and has allowed us to move forward. Coyle is football managements equivalent to Joe Dolce (or maybe Men Without Hats?) one very fortunate season with Burnley followed by a series of foolish owners hoping he’d repeat the success. Despite all our differences we are at least united by a hatred for wee coyley.
  6. Coyle's new job

    I still find it hard to understand why I was so angry when he left - what an idiot I was! The work he's done at Bolton, Wigan and especially Blackburn was just beyond imagining for a Burnley fan - who'd have thought at the time he left not only was he doing us a huge favour but he'd contribute so heavily to a relegation for our dear rivals. We often joke that when he left he said Bolton were 10 years ahead of us - yet after a couple of season of him they were 10 behind and it looks like we can add another "scalp" to his list.
  7. Premier League Stuff

    It's the biggest league in the world - best? Never has been, always been awash with a few decent sides and 12-14 mediocre ones. What sets it apart from the rest is the fact though that those mediocre sides do upset the big boys on occasion.
  8. VAR

    I thought the ref got all the decisions right - even the willian one, looked like he was already on his way to me. Trouble is we are used to referee's giving all these decisions where the pundits say 'he'd every right to go down'.
  9. Premier League Stuff

    If you say it enough times even you might believe and so be able to dismiss our very modest of achievement in the first half of the season - average yet all our Chamipons league teams have progressed and we (Burnley) have taken points away from home from a few of those teams. Still lets not let facts get in the way of a good line ... of course the next half is looking a whole lot less likely to be as 'successful' and our injury list is such that survival will once again be the best we can hope for. As for Stoke - I've never been sure about Lambert and even more so after his recent stints. If this was my club I wouldn't instinctively see this as an improvement on where we were at with Hughes.
  10. Premier League Stuff

    The trouble is you do become like Sam or Curbishley if you stay too long - Sam should have jumped earlier from Bolton and I suspect Dyche will be looking for a new challenge soon before becoming labelled in the same way. Its that obsession again with a foreign manager - in the face of his teams league performances on a definite downward spiral. Should have just appointed Sam to start with.
  11. Premier League Stuff

    I’m sure he would have loved the Everton job - there was a lot of media talk about Palace but I’m not sure he’d want that as much as Everton
  12. Premier League Stuff

    And you make it sound like he's done it as a one off. He got us promoted, in second, with a budget of 2 elastoplast and some sticky back plastic, he made a stab at the prem and spent close to nothing, we went down. Spent a couple of quid on a striker and took us back up as Champions - and at a canter. Kept us up comfortably with a small spend and now looks to have kept us up again with half the season to go. He was? I must have missed those interviews where he was begging for the job - you are just making stuff up and stating it as fact. Now would he have gone? Of course had he got an offer and that was the right offer. Would he go to Stoke? Of course but the offer would need to be right and would need to be made. This is just a job to him and he will always be looking for a 'better' opportunity. That said Stoke looks a mess at the minute and he may feel he's better waiting until summer to see what offers come
  13. Premier League Stuff

    We couldn’t cope with Kane at all - we were never really in the game to be honest. Mind you Alli loves a tumble
  14. Premier League Stuff

    Nope, simple reality. Step 1, survival. Step 2, try to stay top half. I’ve been around long enough not to be seduced by a half of a decent season, I’ll enjoy it whilst it lasts, occasionally dream if we continue to hover around the top 6/7. Agree we should get survival now - but injuries are mounting and we are threadbare and still aren’t half way through the season. He’s just point out what Murray did - Tarkowski should not have bitten and now we are without him - Dyche is just planting seeds for the future, using the situation as best he can.
  15. Premier League Stuff

    I think most issues revolve around the disparity between the way we as smaller club are treated compared with when Lukaku kicks out twice but Tarkowski let himself down and fell for Murray’s wind up. Well firstly we’ve not had our first choice keeper since the beginning of September and in last 5 games we’ve variously been without our first choice right back (still out) a first choice centre half (Mee missed 2 games) first choice left back for last game and a half (that’s Ward so he’s already out) and now no Tarkowski for 3 games. He’s gonna be a big miss for us. So the defensive problems aren’t incoming, they are ongoing - but if I’m honest I never expected more than 3 points from the next 3 games - a win at Huddersfield was always the best chance we had and that remains so. Still need around 8 points for survival.