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  1. Also shows the level of knowledge - if (as happened) we leave the EU the FA will still be part of FIFA and UEFA and will still have to follow their rules - though maybe not "bosman"? Not only that but, as he has just found out, football players from EU nations will be subject to the same rules as those from all over the world.
  2. I’m sure it has but also the Directors have generally seemed unwilling to offer contracts. That said I’m not sure the list is accurate as I’m fairly sure Westwood signed a new 3 year deal about 2 or 3 months ago and we triggered a year extension to Vydra’s contract (much to his annoyance). Whilst I get it I do think the board became to risk averse as a result of the pandemic. With the takeover now done hopefully we will see things sorted and maybe even a new signing or two in summer.
  3. Also means we can get McNeil, Rodriguez, Gudmunson, Cork and Vydra fit. I’d have rather played them as I’m sure we’d have had a good chance of beating them. February now before we have a run of ‘winnable’ games.
  4. Don’t think they care about style of play - in the main they don’t even like ‘soccer’. If they aren’t just looking to strip out what they can then it will more about the money ball idea - buy low and sell high. So Dyche and his approach may well suit them. All they will care about is staying in the PL and turning a profit. So Rovers pre Venkys. The alternative is they look to make cash on Pope, Tarkowski and a few others, lump the debt into the club, drain the TV money and then disappear with the club drowning in the debt.
  5. Well we climbed back up under our own steam - that will never be taken away. Can’t say I’m delighted. This won’t be money coming in but will be money going out. They will be looking to cover the interest and their fees as a minimum. This isn’t a billionaire coming in looking to splash the cash. Ah well, Happy New Year:
  6. Need to correct myself on this - it seems I was hasty on the summer thing. His contract still has 18 months to run so probably sell him then.
  7. We can but pray - US one still on apparently.
  8. Pickford isn’t in the top 3 for me (Pope - yeah accept I may be biased -, Henderson and Ramsdale all better based on what I’ve seen. Well deserved 3 points tonight.
  9. Yeah he’s been clear, he is not signing a new deal. We are definitely in the mix but our managers means we have a real fighting chance. Yep, that’s his game but he’s normally more effective as well. Been injured a bit recently and not sure if at his age (31) if it’s been a spell out to far. That’s Pope week in and out really, rarely makes mistakes. His only weakness is seen as his distribution and sadly it seems managers these days are more concerned with how a keeper passes than saves/collects crosses etc.
  10. Rode our luck at times but defence is part of the game and we do it exceptionally well. Tarkowski will be gone in January - or he leaves for free in summer. Barnes looking a busted flush at the minute to me. McNeill is a fantastic player, not sure he's quite the Grealish level (and I hope he never learns how to fall over that much)but time will tell. If this takeover goes through expect them to cash in on him pretty sharpish.
  11. Apology accepted and Yep - and more Northern than Blackburn 😉
  12. It's a long season but the next 4 or 5 games should say whether we survive or not. On the sale - looking like the Americans but both deals look bad for us to me - I'd suggest 3-5 years time we will be lucky to be above league 2. Neither of the buyers has any money and you won't make money from Burnley so I suspect this will be about draining the TV money, selling Pope, Tarkowski (if he doesn't leave on a free), Wood, Mee and anyone else. Obviously I hope to be proved wrong but that's my honest view. I thought he might fancy Celtic, maybe try and build a reputation by competing in Europ
  13. I think the football universe is currently in perfect balance personally.
  14. I wonder if I can get a big order of Fez's in - go down a treat in Blackburn if this goes through
  15. I can imagine all the fans doing the dance ? Sadly money has turned the beautiful game into an ugly spectacle of pigs with their snouts in the trough.
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