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  1. longsiders1882

    Championship 2017/18

    I've heard a rumour that our wage bill for the season just gone will be a staggering (IMO) 60 Million. So when people were touting Benitez as a challenger to Guardiola and Dyche for manager of the season what planet were they on exactly? 112 million in the championship? That is mental.
  2. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    Yeah - well at least they are all on long contracts except Mee - who rumours suggest is off to Spurs. Can't say I've seen much of him as a manager, only his results. I'd hope he had some modesty if he was to become our manager. Tosh - we didn't win a game for over 2 months after he went to Everton - indeed our run of not winning was ended against Everton, in a game that Sam will have marked as one to win! He had plenty of chance to overtake us and failed - with a squad that cost 10 times what ours did.
  3. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    It's a strange one but these teams suddenly think they should be playing like Barcelona/Man City, winning everything etc. On Dyche's "style" - it's called doing the best with the available resources. Anyway I'll take substance over style thanks, and I'm glad we remain unfashionable. As long as Southgate sticks to picking from the "glamour" clubs and leaves Pope, Heaton and Tarkowski at home this summer so they don't get ruined by England, the English press, the English Fans and Dyche stays it will be a great summer for us Clarets. You'd imagine he'd be number 1 target.
  4. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    It is his shoulder - supposed from all the hod carrying. He's popped it a few times when he played for us. All kinds of stories put out when his move from Burnley to, was it maybe Hull? - anyway it broke down and the stories was a knee probelm they weren't happy with. The rumour is that was the agreed line but that Charlie really liked Charlie and this was what caused the failed medical. No idea if this is true
  5. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    Haha - yeah I believe so. was looking at it yesterday and we’ll have to get through 3 x 2 legged ties just to get to the group, first match being 26/07. Could be an expensive August - or we bomb out in the first qualifying tie most likely
  6. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    Does it really still pain you that we played in Europe before you did?
  7. longsiders1882

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    Any bitters are on this board lads This started as a bit of a joke on a sandwich board outside the Prinny Royal - a notorious haunt locally. Their actions this season have got them on Sky Sports and the BBC a few times so they are loving it. That said we haven't made the Europa League yet so it may not happen.
  8. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    Home game against us on Sunday - I'm sure Lambert will be seeing that as 3 points, and you have to feel to have even the slightest chance of staying up they need 6 points from the home games against us and Palace.
  9. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    7th looking likely for early Europa rounds as Southampton must be the longest odds to win the FA Cup of the 4 teams remaining - and based on run ins and current positions it's looking like us or Leicester for 7th - though arguably Everton have the "easiest" run in with every game left against teams below them in the league. . It's nice to be thinking this as the end of the season approaches rather than worrying about relegation etc. Same with us at Watford by all accounts - we were poor but found a way to win.
  10. longsiders1882


    Afraid I can't claim I was - like many I was busy "doing other things" and in common with many it was only the near extinction of the club that woke me up - and we've been trying to rebuild since that nadir. The decline was slow but steady and relentless, the rise has been similar. A good friend of mine had joined the forces so when he was home on leave he used to always go any home games and joked you had to shout to have a conversation, not because of the noise but because of the distance between each fan attending That said its those tough times (like regularly losing to stockport with Kevin Francis scoring!) that make enjoying our current times so relaxed because when it ends, it ends, I've been down there before and if it happens again c'est la vie. My youngest son, who's now 16, has only seen us at level 2 football and generally doing reasonably well so not sure he'd feel the same.
  11. longsiders1882


    Its as easy to go to Rovers as it is Burnley though and when you were top flight no doubt many did - I didn't include Darwen for yours which would make your population around 150K I think as it seemed fairer to look only at the towns directly. The point I was trying to make is, like it or not, the two town and clubs are not as dissimilar as many would chose to believe or portray - maybe it is similarity not familiarity that breeds contempt.
  12. longsiders1882


    Fair enough on point 2 - and it is now a point lost on some Rovers fans. On your first point - prior to 2000 and ternent delivering a promotion that season we were at about 10.5K in Division 3 (old money) and it did drop below 12 in the 2007 season. Otherwise it varied between about 12.5 and 13.5. At Divison 2 level (old money) we will get near 14K if we are doing well and near 13 if we aren't.
  13. longsiders1882


    Utter tosh and can't believe you are clinging onto the whole attendance debate, the very thing you used to mock Burnley fans for. If we must do it though, lets stick to facts: 1. In the full season prior to Dyche coming in average attendance was 14048, not approaching 4 figures at all - we've added about 6500 as a result of doing well in the Championship/Playing in the P/L - In Dyche's first full season it was 13719 2. The population of Burnley is 87500, the population of Blackburn is 105,000 (excluding Darwen). At championship level our average attendance as a percentage of the population was about 15.5% - yours was about 14.25% so very similar. At P/L level yours was about 24.5% (21.5 the relegation season), ours is about 22.5%. 3. Your season tickets cost around £279 - ours are upto £450. Fair play to your club as there is little doubt in towns where a lot of people are struggling financially making the tickets more affordable helps. So lets be honest, both sides have bandwagon jumpers and all sides will get more on when they are being more successful - look at your attendances this season since you started seriously competing for the top 2.
  14. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    He's getting a lot of good press at the moment - the trouble is the bigger clubs are blinded by shiny things, they perceive Dyche in a certain way, as a dinosaur almost. Truth is he is as upto date on sports science as any manager in world football and has top drawer man management skills. At Burnley he has pretty much complete control of all aspects of the club which is not something he would get at other clubs like (for example) Southampton - and I can't see why he would chose to give up that level of influence other than for the "big" job. In this country, the big jobs outside the current top 6 would be (IMO) Everton and perhaps West Ham. IF (and this is less likely than likely with Everton and especially Leicester chasing) we got 7th and Europe (assuming Southampton don't win the FA cup) then you'd imagine it would take a really good offer to move in summer - though a bad world cup and England one imagines will either call for him or Howe - and I've seen both up close and I'd chose Dyche every time over Howe. It's a poison chalice however if he could make a decent fist of it that may open up opportunities abroad or at bigger clubs here, For now I'm hoping we get one more season but you have to feel with every game that passes his stock rises and at some point a decent club (or national side) will decide to take the chance on him.
  15. longsiders1882

    Premier League Stuff

    I would not claim to speak for all or even the majority of fans however from what I have heard and seen I think most are sensible enough to know there isn't really much further to go and we just want to keep Dyche as long as we can. The only thing I'd change is to have a real go at one of the cups, would be great to get a piece of silverware from this (brief as it will clearly be) halcyon period.

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