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  1. starscascade

    Danny Graham

    Also, Sunderland nab him on a free and they'll be getting a shed load of goals. Watch it in a few months we'll be wishing we hadnt sent him off!
  2. starscascade

    Danny Graham

    Sad about DG, not because of the great season and all the goals he gave us in league 1(and last year) but because I generally don't think what we have up front now is better
  3. starscascade

    Reading at Home

    Brereton is like a series of The Walking Dead, does nothing all season then the final couple of episodes ramps up!
  4. So, I've been playing FIFA for about 20 years off and on and one thing came to my mind recently and I'm desperate to find out the answer... One of the FIFA games (I've no idea which console or which year!) you could play an exhibition with the 1995 Premier League winning Rovers. Does anyone know which FIFA this was and I'm keen to get hold of it!! Also one more recent (xbox one Gen) you could use the 1995 kit! Any help appreciated!! Rob
  5. starscascade

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Exactly. In his weird mind, he made us play Liverpool and try the 433. Errr no!
  6. starscascade

    Barnsley v Rovers

    I dunno if it was a bad omen but... I saw the video of brereton and dack pissing about Before kick off in the video Johnson posted! Don’t mean to be a killjoy but That just sums up the mood right now. They think the club is a piss about
  7. starscascade

    Barnsley v Rovers

    I'm not in anyway saying we'll go for the playoffs. But reality check: This is the bottom team, we should win them. Prediction: The usual suspects make the team 2-1 to us.
  8. I think I we’ll end up winning this. Just. It’s a Barnsley type of game. Brereton has had a kick to his step but not much he can do with that pace yet. It’ll come though
  9. Finally got it working now starts buffering!
  10. Still getting it Sorry, but there has been a problem signing you in. Please try again later. Well I'm not paying £10 for a bit of a stream. Like a cake with a bite out of it? nah thanks
  11. Thank god I didnt pay for this crap. Is anyone near the ground? Can you kick that Tin Pot server under someone desk in the Blackburn end?
  12. Still not working Sorry, but there has been a problem signing you in. Please try again later.
  13. Was gonna watch it. Then ifollow fudged up! Forget it! Been spamming me all week now when I try and watch it its fudged
  14. Garbage. What is the win ratio when we start with Brereton? Just wondering
  15. How long until a turn on our own fans for boo-ing. You’re not allowed to boo sometime for being poor?

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