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  1. Alan75

    Thursday deadline.

    correction ............…. Alan Wright from Blackpool. £500.000.00
  2. Alan75


    Cut out the sledging - Lets concentrate on the cricket please
  3. Alan75

    Music Association Game

    Baby Come Back - The Equals
  4. Alan75

    Music Association Game

    Ronettes - Walking in The Rain
  5. Alan75

    Music Association Game

    Bus Stop - The Hollies
  6. Alan75

    Music Association Game

    Doctor Who - BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  7. Alan75

    Music Association Game

    Elenore - The Turtles
  8. Alan75

    Music Association Game

    Born Free - Mat Monro
  9. Alan75

    Music Association Game

    9teen - Paul Hardcastle
  10. Alan75

    Music Association Game

    Ode to Joy - The Muppets. wanting its catching
  11. Alan75

    Music Association Game

    River Deep Mountain High - Ike and Tina Turner
  12. Alan75

    Music Association Game

    Shiny Toy Guns - You Are the One
  13. Alan75

    Music Association Game

    Bob ? Men at Work - Down Under
  14. Alan75

    Music Association Game

    Everybodys Changing - Keane
  15. Alan75


    Been on BRFCS since I dont know when and know / met one or two of its members. For quite a few years I virtually kept the news section of this site running on my own, until changing my day job restricted my access to the site. Used to be the Rovers correspondent for Soccernet until the day job resticted the time available to sit down and write articles. Started supporting Rovers in 1975 when I moved to the area, and didnt miss home games for years, even when I moved down to the Midlands. Those mid-week midnight trips back down the M6 after a defeat took hours but after a win they only seemed to take minutes. Moved back north 5 years ago but due to work commitments and current management structure didnt buy a season ticket this year for the first time since when I cant remember. Have become a walk on supporter, trouble is I havent found the need or desire to walk on at all this season. Best momemt memory as a supporter - getting a phone call one afternoon - first words I heard was. Hi Al, its Tim are you free to have a chat this afternoon - which resulted in a long and candide interview with Mr Bottle himself. Tim Flowers Interview

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