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  1. Tony Parks gave Duff his debut against Leicester . He played as a winger.
  2. Shhhhhhhhhh Nixon will pick that up and report that we are after an American Native
  3. I remember it well, it was the first year that I'd got interested in football, I was 15 and my 10 year old brother got banned from the Living Room during the final as everytime he came in to the room, Germany scored.
  4. Don't get to excited by the clean sheets. Bury and Morecambe had no punch up front, and cant exactly say Rovers had much up front as well. There again both Rovers teams were a mixed bag of youth and first teamers.
  5. Interesting - testing status
  6. Thanks Glenn, Steb and Ricky, although it's been a roller coaster ride it's been a good 10 years. The site has been a catalist in meeting members from here at games that I wouldnt have normally had contact with. I'm not in the BBE these days but more than likely we will meet up at some game. (even to change seats with your mrs Glenn) Good luck to Wen as he takes over
  7. Information required by Ronnie
  8. Dont take it personal. You might get a better reaction if you asked about best " Cheap as Chips Beer to Go" package holidays in Benidorm, Corfu etc ps Dont mention that I suggested Strid Wood (Bolton Abbey) near Skipton
  9. The problem today is that we are saturated with instant information - internet, facebook, twitter, sky tv and messageboards. There is no mistery today- we had to rely on Peter White and the Telegraph for any snippets of news - if Rovers were mentioned on the news then it was a big event and everyone had to be quiet. heck I can remember the excitment of bumping into Glenn Keeley is Asda. Footballers in the past were part of local life and the topic of conversations were restricted to the school playground or in later years the pub tap room. You worked all week and the game on Saturday was in the main your highlight of the week when you could release you frustration - now people just log on line and abuse the first person who has a different view point.
  10. January 2014 Rovers Transfers Please discuss on OUT D.J.Campbell – Millwall - Loan Ruben Rochina - Rayo Vallecano - Loan Alex Marrow - Fleetwood - Loan Alan Judge - Brentford - Loan Bruno Ribeiro - Clube Atletico Linense - Transferred Free Jordan Slew - Ross County - Loan Yann Songo’o - Ross County - Loan Kellen Daly – Southport – Loan 1 month John O’Sullivan – Southport – Loan 1 month David Goodwilie - Blackpool - Loan. Fabio Nunes - Latina - Transferred Free Edinho Junior - Harrisburg Town Islanders - Transferred Bradley Orr - Toronto - Loan Raheem Henley - Released Scott Dann - Crystal Palace - transfered IN Tom Cairney - Hull – undisclosed fee Rudy Gestede - Cardiff – undisclosed fee Bryan Dabo - Montpellier - Loan Craig Conway - Cardiff - undisclosed fee
  11. Rovers v Burnley at Ewood is to be shown live on Sky
  12. I'm taking this game as a mid season friendly (remember when we used to go to Dubai) and hope for some entertainment before we start to grind out results for a play off position.
  13. Rhodes isnt English
  14. No neeed for a duplicate topic