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  1. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Transfer Window - Rumours, Stories and Discussion

    Barthez 4ft 7...? I’m sure he was closer to 6ft??
  2. magicalmortensleftpeg

    World Cup 2018

    I can’t. But it doesn’t mean Wilshere should go. Livermore has played games at least. The others are all risks. Always rated Lallana but he’s barely had a kick this season. Wilshere has had chances in an England shirt and underwhelmed. That plus his injury record is enough for me. I’d take a gamble on Loftus Cheek over him.
  3. magicalmortensleftpeg

    World Cup 2018

    Wanted a manager who picked on form and not reputation. Leaving out Wilshere goes along with that. Hasn’t done much all year and didn’t make the recent friendlies because of injury. I think it’s time to move on. If we don’t make it out of the group, not picking Wilshere won’t be the reason.
  4. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Oxford Utd at home

    It was embarrassing and to see parents with kids going on was the real low point. It didn’t ruin the day though and to be there for the lap of honour and presentation was great. 26k home fans on. Never thought we’d see those days again. Got to say, very impressed with the club yesterday. Hadn’t been to Ewood in well over a year but to see the atmosphere I’m the fanzone before kick off was amazing. Girlfriend said that it reminded her of the Olympics! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Rovers shirts being worn in centre of town. Safe to say I’ll be making the trip up more regularly next season. Mowbray, well done.
  5. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Oxford Utd at home

    Great day, glorious weather and decent game. Couldn’t believe how busy the fanzone was several hours before the match. Morons at the end took the shine off it. As mentioned, cheap tickets and a late KO definitely didn’t help in that regard. Glad the players were able to celebrate with the fans at the end.
  6. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Oxford Utd at home

    When was the last league game that we had 20k plus home fans on the gate? Even in the prem we didn’t get that too often. Even the Darwen End lower tier is starting to fill up.
  7. magicalmortensleftpeg


    They were out through injury. Or would you have played them anyway..? If Dack had played and torn his hamstring over a game which means very little in the scheme of things (I spent the money to be there before you ask) surely you’d be criticising Mowbray for that instead? We’re promoted. I’d like us to win a trophy but lets face it, no one really remembers the L1 title winners. We played pretty well yesterday and were unlucky. After the season we’ve had, I can accept that.
  8. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Charlton away April 28th

    Don’t get carried away. Second half we were decent today. We tried, it just didn’t happen for us. If you want to find reasons to moan then you can find them but the goal was promotion and that has been achieved. If you can’t rest a few players now then when can you? Travis made a big difference when he came on. Really looked promising. Bell was also tidy. Starting to lose faith with Armstrong. Anonymous today.
  9. magicalmortensleftpeg


    Surprised that we opened that part but not the upper tier of the Blackburn End. Be good to see that whole end full of Rovers fans again.
  10. magicalmortensleftpeg


    Did we need to sign Downing..? May have had something to do with Lenihan not being available until February. Armstrong has scored 9 goals since Jan. Thats a better goals to game ratio than probably any other player in the team. The biggest moves last summer were the ones that WERENT made. To keep hold of Mulgrew, Bennett and Graham was huge.
  11. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Rovers v Peterborough

    Cutting your nose off to spite your face comes to mind. Yes it’s a nice concept to put two fingers up to the owners but it’s not made any difference over the last 8 years and all you’re doing now is missing out on arguably our most enjoyable season in over a decade. At least the players and staff deserve the support after this season.
  12. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    Can’t keep sneaking 1-0 wins. Hard to take but the game should have been won before then. We just don’t look like scoring from open play.
  13. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    We didn’t deserve to win that. Another very average performance.
  14. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Thought Samuel did alright when he came on. Dire game all in all. Never looked like scoring. Didn’t have a clear chance all night. Says a lot that a point away from home in a midweek game is seen as a disappointment. We need to be more at it on the weekend.
  15. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    Comfortably the worst away experience I’ve ever had. Dreadful. Didn’t see a thing all game. Joke of a ground. Waste of time.

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