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  1. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    We needed to go on a run to get back in the hunt and that seems to be materialising. I wasn’t able to watch but it sounds like Kaminski is proving to be the signing we’ve needed for years. We needed to nick a win without playing well and today is exactly the type of game we’ve been waiting for. Cant underestimate the value of Gallagher and Brereton consistently contributing. To have so many goal threats is vital and although I’ve not been as impressed with Gallagher compared to Brereton, he keeps finding a way to score. Our squad depth will really start to count going into December. I don’t think any side in this division can point to such a strong squad when fully fit.
  2. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Holtby is at the centre of everything good we do. We are no where near the same team when he’s not playing. Massive asset to have him at the club.
  3. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    To be fair, against 10 men, we’ve gone for it recently. Wycombe and Sheffield Weds come to mind.
  4. magicalmortensleftpeg

    US Election 2020

    The collusion hoax that resulted in charges being brought against 8 members of the Trump election team. The USA have had the highest Covid infection rates in the last 3 days. Trump is currently playing golf. He is, in every way, a loser.
  5. magicalmortensleftpeg

    US Election 2020

    Georgia won’t matter if Biden takes Pennsylvania. It’s academic. Arizona and Georgia are just bonuses. Not that they shouldn’t be fought for.
  6. magicalmortensleftpeg

    US Election 2020

    Crazy to think that Republicans will hold the Senate and possibly gain seats in the Senate, yet there’s supposedly a deep state conspiracy to elect Democrats. Truly pathetic. He’s going down and taking everyone with him.
  7. magicalmortensleftpeg

    US Election 2020

    Fox News have called Arizona. Are they manipulating it for Biden? The republicans have made it HARDER to count mail in votes before Election Day. This was always how it was going to go. Trump was going to have a surge of in-person votes but Biden would catch up with mail-in votes. None of this is surprising. Trump knows that he’s behind so is finding any excuse to taint the outcome. And you’ve consumed every word of it.
  8. magicalmortensleftpeg

    US Election 2020

    You’re defending the President demanding States to stop counting votes in an election he is projected to lose. Can you take one second to step outside your echo chamber and consider how ludicrous that position is.
  9. magicalmortensleftpeg

    US Election 2020

    Rigging an election by counting all the votes. Chilling.
  10. magicalmortensleftpeg

    US Election 2020

    It’s shameful that you promote this nonsense.
  11. magicalmortensleftpeg

    US Election 2020

    Another? Biden is still on course but it’s frighteningly close. Arizona could be a big win.
  12. magicalmortensleftpeg


    It’s frightening how close this is going to get. For a developed nation to elect Trump in the first place is insane but to re-elect him would be the most damning reflection on the state of that country. Voting for Trump is not a protest against the establishment, it’s embracing conspiracy theories, bigotry, division and anti-intellectualism. But I guess owning the liberals on twitter is more important.
  13. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Pathetic. Defensively, one of the worst performances I’ve seen at home. Shocking. Final third we look dangerous and when our high press works, it’s effective. But we’re so easily bullied. We’re going to have to rely on another 5-6 match winning run to get near the play offs before Christmas.
  14. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    With Rothwell out it’s a toss up between Evans and Buckley. Buckley is still very raw. We need squad players like Evans to step up in evenings like these. Time to deliver.
  15. magicalmortensleftpeg

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Tough game tonight. Looking forward to it. To be taken seriously we’ve got to beat an in form team. On paper, Reading have no one particularly special in their ranks but you can’t argue with their start to the season. Holtby and Elliott should be able to do the damage. Win this, get back into the top 6 and then we can settle in for a big season.

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