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  1. blackburn bhoy

    New Kits

    I really like Both shirts this season just as I liked last season’s aswell
  2. blackburn bhoy

    New Kits

    It’s definitely tomorrow they go on sale,this is the email I got from Umbro last Wednesday Hi Lloyd Thanks for your email The Blackburn Rovers shirts will be going on sale on the 18th of July
  3. blackburn bhoy

    New Kits

    The shirt is out tomorrow,I sent Umbro a email last week & they told me the official date,but would have expected rovers to at least reveal it before now
  4. blackburn bhoy

    New Kits

    Probably not number one off the production line but should still know when the home shirt is coming out at least,I would happily take a sponserless shirt
  5. blackburn bhoy

    New Kits

    Rovers have said to me they don’t know the release date & also Umbro have said the same,been emailing them for the past two weeks,thought Steve Waggott said in the fans forum tho that the home shirt should have been out by end of June
  6. blackburn bhoy

    New Shirts - Still Umbro But What Colour?

    haha that is why i hate that date but i just let it slide over my head haha
  7. blackburn bhoy

    New Shirts - Still Umbro But What Colour?

    new rovers away shirt is out the 12th of july just to let everyone know i hate that date aswell

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