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  1. No idea...the guy who used to sit next to me on the Riverside always trotted it out at least twice a year...and I laughed every time
  2. Time to churn out the old gag (again): Radio Blackburn commentator: โ€œGlenn Keeley leaves the field with a badly bruised and cut leg...no idea who it belongs to...โ€
  3. Ep 91 - The Road to Being Wigan's Peers

    *BUMP* Some seem to have missed this... ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  4. Ep 92 - You're the Conway lady aren't you ?

  5. In this special edition pod, the team is joined by Warren Lucy & Ryan Grant of the BRFC digital team to discuss all things inter web and social media. Questions posed by Mike Delap & Linz Lewis, interrupted occasionally by host Ian Herbert. We find out how the guys ended up at Rovers, what their roles involve and what they hope to achieve in coming seasons. We also find out that the Rovers club staff have heard about Linz's Craig Conway fetish and they sound a little afraid... A big thank you to the chaps for giving up their time and giving us a real insight into the workings of this new team behind the team at Ewood. http://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/?name=2018-03-15_episode_92_v1_2_1.mp3 Also available on iTunes of course.
  6. Ep 91 - The Road to Being Wigan's Peers

    Agreed, both Rich & Paul have been great guests and were very willing to talk Rovers....even after weโ€™d stopped recording ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your feedback ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  7. Ep 91 - The Road to Being Wigan's Peers

    MP3 version of the pod can be found here.... http://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/?name=2018-03-05_episode_91_-_the_road_to_being_wigans_peers_1.mp3
  8. Ep 91 - The Road to Being Wigan's Peers

    IMG_3905.m4v THIS IS THE NYC ROVERS STING...Fabulous work (think it can can only be viewed on a PC )
  9. *New Podcast out now* The pod squad dissects the Wigan match and reflects upon where this leaves the club in the promotion race. Host Ian Herbert is joined by Michael Taylor & 4000 Holes Magazine editor Scott Sumner in Part 1. In Part 2, the special guest is Paul Wheelock, former Rovers reporter on the Lancashire Telegraph who shares some anecdotes from his time covering Rovers. Available on iTunes now. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/brfcs-blackburn-rovers-fan-community-podcast-from-brfcs/id1282664472?mt=2 Also available for download here:- http://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/?name=2018-03-04_episode_91_-_the_road_to_being_wigans_peers-aac.m4a SPECIAL THANKS TO @NYCROVERS FOR PROVIDING THE "STING" BETWEEN PARTS
  10. Billy Wilson RIP

    Possibly my first Rovers Hero - the no.2 on the shorts was for him. RIP Billy.
  11. The pod squad reconvenes to digest Dryanuary, an FA Cup exit, Dean Henderson, Harry Chapman's contract and much much more. One of the panelists was in the pub - no names, no pack drill ! Your host Ian Herbert tries to corral the regulars of Mike Delap & Michael Taylor whilst the true insight is provided by our special guest, the Lancashire Telegraph Rovers reporter, Rich Sharpe & many thanks to him for so willingly giving up his time. http://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/?name=2018-02-07_ep_90_-_yes_one_of_us_was_in_the_pub.mp3
  12. Walsall at home 30.1.18

    Me neither... visible now....
  13. Songs at Ewood

    Volare ? ๐ŸŽถAaaaa-maaarrri....woah oh...๐ŸŽถ ๐Ÿค”
  14. The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    His injury record was appalling, that might have had something to do with it. At the time I thought 3 years for him with that record was ridiculous....I was wrong. Again ๐Ÿคจ...thankfully.
  15. Adam Armstrong

    Graham Fenton Danny Graham Howard Kendall Martin Taylor Billy Wilson