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  1. Herbie6590

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    I wish this poll had been set the day after the Hull City game...
  2. Herbie6590

    Ben Brereton

    Over to you Tony...
  3. Herbie6590

    Kit Manufacturer

    #BackToBasics (...or perhaps Back To Asics...😆)
  4. Herbie6590

    Kit Manufacturer

    Mmm...I dunno...🤔 Ah just seen @perthblue02 beat me to it 😉
  5. Thank you so much...👍🏻
  6. Nice work Scott...hope it's a best seller
  7. BRFCS Podcast host Ian Herbert chats with Lancashire Telegraph Rovers reporter Rich Sharpe about Rovers season so far, morale in the camp, the transfer window and the perils of dictaphones. With added personalised greetings for Bradley Dack from two-time Baseball World Series winner Jose Canseco c/o our good friends at NYC Rovers. View full record
  8. Herbie6590

    Unpopular Rovers Opinions

    Portsmouth aren’t fan-owned since 2017 when former Disney CEO Michael Eisner bought them.
  9. Herbie6590


    WBA haven’t signed any back up for the combi boiler...in this weather if he blows up then their hopes could freeze in record time leaving them catching a cold outside the top two...
  10. Herbie6590


    “Sometimes right....sometimes wrong...always certain....” 😁
  11. Herbie6590


    Can only play for two clubs in a season as well....
  12. Herbie6590

    Rovers ban Briggsyboy videos

    Interestingly Arsenal FC have stopped Arsenal Fan TV from calling themselves Arsenal Fan TV https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/arsenal-fan-tv-news-aftv-rebrand-youtube-channel-social-media-a8491596.html
  13. Herbie6590

    Current chants

  14. Herbie6590

    Swiss Ramble thread on Rovers' finances

    More detail here....
  15. Herbie6590

    Swiss Ramble thread on Rovers' finances

    Another terrific Swiss Ramble thread on Twitter today....given our & Bolton’s experience....makes for sobering reading...

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