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  1. Herbie6590

    New Kits

    Misty Buff...Mint Sunrise...
  2. Herbie6590


    & of course... Paul Ince *hides behind sofa*
  3. Herbie6590

    New Kits

    Great minds etc....
  4. Herbie6590

    Swiss Ramble thread on Rovers' finances

    I was just about to post this...a terrific analysis...👍🏻
  5. I asked Alan Myers on Twitter - said he was a good lad who lost his way at Everton
  6. I suspect FFP rules in the Championship would kybosh anything other than a modest spend TBH.
  7. Herbie6590


    @PLJPB it’s a great point which I missed, so my bad...flicking from VLL to BRFC, newco to oldco, March y/e to June y/e is the only excuse I can offer for overlooking it...well that & stupidity 🤨. Having done a quick “compare & contrast” to VLL, we can definitively say they invested £128.5m in VLL to March 2017 - the BRFC a/cs to June 2017 indicate increased parent borrowing, decreased bank borrowing subsequently, so I would argue that V’s “investment” is therefore of the order of c.£130m. [You are welcome to come on a podcast when next year’s a/cs are out to keep me & PhilipL on our toes. 😉] 👍🏻
  8. Herbie6590


    It’s a fair cop...😂
  9. Herbie6590


    In summary...we took a lot of money in when we were in the Premier League...but still made a loss. V’s made some “interesting” deals which cost money; managers, agents, players...we lost a lot more money. We went down twice. V’s cut the cloth accordingly. We lost money. I would not be surprised to see a bigger loss in June 18’s a/cs given League One income levels. That said...it’s been managed relatively prudently in the last 2 years. Had a new owner bought us at the beginning of 2016/7 season and turned in those numbers on falling t/o I would have been impressed with their acumen. Of course, the massive difference here is that it is V’s that got us into this mess initially...
  10. Herbie6590


    Here’s some stuff that got posted in another thread a couple of weeks back....
  11. Herbie6590


    Corporate law doesn’t require disclosure at a level of invoice by invoice, just by categories. The June 2017 BRFC a/cs show a headline expenses figure of £27.9m. Wages & on-costs accounts for £22m of that expense in the year to June 2017.
  12. Herbie6590


    The point re VLL is spot on, but it’s still Venky’s money. The “£250m” was quoted as V’s approximate investment ie the shares plus the interest free debt that you reference above.
  13. Herbie6590


    The share capital in BRFC a/cs is £147m. They are also have lent £95m interest free as at June 2017.
  14. Herbie6590


    For absolute clarity - the debt in BRFC a/cs is c.£115m not £250m.
  15. Herbie6590


    I’ll try to clarify - all refs to the June 2017 BRFC a/cs Venky’s “investment” is £147m in shares plus £95m lent from the parent - this is the “£250m” figure often referenced. T/O to June 17 was £14.9m, wages were £19.4m. I presume your figures are from VLL ? When you say that they can sell the shares, technically you are correct, but who is buying ? Of the total debt of £115m - £95m is borrowed from Venky’s - IMO that’s better than borrowing from the bank because V’s lend interest free unlike the bank.

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