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  1. I guess singing Oasis songs didn't seem to faze those naughty Muslims. Whatever next?
  2. Islam needs reform. This isn't just the white man saying this, there's a small number of outspoken Muslims who feel exactly the same, but even they find their efforts disregarded by the religious authorities. We're not just talking about terrorism here, either, we're talking about honour killings, genital mutilation, misogyny and all the barbaric practices that Islam has to answer for. The problem, however, with an Islamic reformation is that the Quran is deemed the infallible final word of God. Apparently it isn't up for argument.
  3. That's simply false, DE, and a transparent attempt to "de-Islamify" the actions committed by this group.
  4. I never said that all Muslims were jihadists. I never even averred that the majority were. You obviously missed the point or you're just twisting the argument as usual. My point is that the extremists are the ones following Muhammad's example. They're the ones waging war on the "infidels" and subjugating women. By the letter of the law, that would make them more Muslim than most. It's only through self-criticism that Islam has any hopes of reform. Burying our heads in the sand and making out this religion is innocent of this bloodshed is disingenuous and an insult to the dead.
  5. And yet ISIS murder more Muslims than anyone else.
  6. Who died and made you an imam, Biz? Do you even know what Islam espouses? It could be argued that these jihadists are more 'Muslim' than the moderates.
  7. That's the scary thing, the worst is still yet to come! As for Senior, good riddance.
  8. Pissing in the wind there, brotherman.
  9. It wasn't the prediction itself so much as the supercilious, almost Kean-esque manner in which he made it. Taxi for Mercer.
  10. Thanks Venky's. You utter, utter @#/?.
  11. Jeeeezus, Rev! You used to be a half-decent poster. What the hell happened to you? Venkys are the ones who drove the fans away in their thousands. So even if these layoffs are to offset the loss in revenue that's still on them. You can only treat your audience with contempt for so long and not expect a backlash.
  12. And soon disappeared after Keef was sold.
  13. Do you ever not see Rovers winning one?
  14. JAL is Jason Lowe using reverse psychology techniques.
  15. The official forum's death knell has been a long time coming. Shutting down the IMDB boards was a bigger travesty...