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  1. Hi Phil, I've read your comments a couple of times. I agree with your observations, but they miss the point of my post. I was highlighting that lowest common denominator reporting, and cheap American (look who's the ultimate holding company) business practices. By boycotting this rubbish, advertisers will move away, and even if the "Lancashire Telegraph" is lost it's won't be missed. How much does this paper put into the local economy? It's not printed locally, I'm sure most of the reporting/admin staff are not based at the Boulevard. Good ridence!
  2. I don't normally comment on this site, but the Telegraph does get my blood boiling. It's changed from being a good evening local paper, to one that's not worth using as chip wrapping. I stopped buying the rag when it went to a morning edition, and started using the internet version. That piece of rubbish is now completely full of pop-up adverts! I've now been diverted to gambling app sites. Surely this is very dangerous when young children use the site. I e-mailed their "web" manager telling them so, and telling them I have now stopped using their site. Response - NONE! The only way is to completely boycott this garbage.
  3. Drama queen, with inaccurate facts!

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