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  1. What proof do you need, a video, written affidavit. It would be interesting to know the burden of proof you accept for your points of view, as I don’t believe one word you write.
  2. You only accept a post when it suits you point of view. Everyone else is exaggerating/lying. Accept what people have seen, heard rather than dismiss their views.
  3. How many first team games have your boys played. You were saying they are better than a first team goalkeeper playing in the premier team that’s 7th in the league. Oh by the way transfer talk today has Raya linked with both Arsenal and Everton. I’m certainly not tied in knots.
  4. I don’t believe you, are you just a windup merchant? Did you rate Armstrong? He was slow to start and look at his return. He’s got 10 goals and the seasons not at the half way stage. As for Chile they may not be a strong as seasons past, but all South American teams are some of the strongest on the planet.
  5. Need need to shout, not very nice. WTF He’s the top scorer in the division, he’s an international who’s scoring for a South American country. What does he after do, score 30 in the Premiership to have arrived!!!
  6. Sorry bigdog, I’ve not said something different. I’ve just expanded on the reasons he was a very good goalkeeper, and he’s getting better with each passing season. I can’t be bothered to go back over the previous postings. Are you disagreeing that he’s that good that Arsenal would have wanted to buy him?
  7. What are you on about. There are a considerable amount of ‘supporters’ who didn’t rate him, saying he would never make it. You lot know who you are. Your second point is again incorrect. If Ben doesn’t sign then he’s NOT on a free. It will go to the tribunal to determine his worth, and as his age, recent goal scoring, and full international he won’t be cheap. I would expect AT LEAST the same as Armstrong’s fee, if not more.
  8. I still don’t see the point of the post. We all know that, so why state it.
  9. Sorry rigger for being pedantic, Jim was making a direct quote from an Italian journalist. He was not making the statement. Therefore to point out and imply Jim was incorrect was being frivolous.
  10. I still don’t understand what point Roverandout was making. Do you?
  11. Are you being frivolous? Jim never mentioned country. Read his post again pal.
  12. I disagree rigger, I think Burns would do the business whether he started or came on as a super sub. The lad never stops, and at last nights game he showed he has a nasty streak when after their goalkeeper took him down at the next chance he took the lad out ala Speedie. Plus he gave as good as he got from their two centrehalfs.
  13. I suspect she’s the face that was needed for the fit and proper tests. They’ll claim she’s in charge and their just investors. The PL and EFL fit and proper tests are a sham.
  14. Are you excluding him getting promoted, and Brentford being 7th. I suppose those achievements count for nothing also. Please tell me what will make him a good keeper.
  15. Me also, really looking forward to tonight’s game. He reminds me of Simon Garner. Hope he doesn’t take up smoking and drinking pints. Used to live near him in Fenny, lovely fella.
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