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  1. Herbie, on the first point, Venkeys have been converting loans into capital. These are not IOU’s they are in fact investments that are not reclaimed. Rather what ever Venkeys sell the club for they would be written off as part of a take over. On your second point I work for an Indian multinational and they are past masters of maximising their tax position. Do you think that Waggott or Cheston would have any say in the finances of the company? I don’t think so. The Swiss banks have untold riches of Indian families that have been hidden from tax authorities, so cash is never an issue, it’s how it’s recorded in the companies accounts.
  2. There was a time when I could be called juvenile but never delinquent. I’m nearing OAP, but still are young at heart.
  3. So it’s okay to slag off employees of the Rovers like wanker Waggott, or to call Mowbray fucking delusional but the poor sensitive souls that are our HR colleagues can’t have a real experience told.
  4. Sparks, a man after my own heart. I agree that posts that are disrespectful to posters should be pulled, but generalised comments about are OWN experiences are another matter. That’s why it’s like 1984.
  5. Why? Tell all of us why you pull posts. I’ve had two taken down by you this evening. Nothing too contentious in the posts. Let us all know why you’re pulling them.
  6. Short term covered by group guarantees, they tend to be at marginal rates above commercial borrowings. Plus the additional interest can be “lost” in group finance charges.
  7. Anybody who is experienced in International finance is well aware that interest rates are determined by the groups ability to service the debt, and yes I work in finance for an Indian multinational company.
  8. As Sparks says different times and different outcome. I’m not saying they’ll pump millions in, but I’m sure they’ll not be liquidating their assets.
  9. How do you know it’s not all coincidence, this happens in all industries. Poor performance by the “company’ results in some of the employees moving on. They obviously don’t believe the three stooges can turn it around. Why wouldn’t you move to avoid being trained as a failure.
  10. Just got back from a sunny Yorkshire, didn’t see any of our 6 fingered cousins in their backyard. I’ve just read the last 6 or 7 pages. I’m not too worried about the backroom departures as this is a normal occurrence. I’d be more worried if Johnson packed his bags as I see him as the future when the three stooges have gone. I think there’s a lot of you who make 2+2=5 or 6.
  11. Didn’t see it today, travelling back from playing golf in theWest Midlands yesterday. I went to Ewood on Wednesday and was impressed with Carter and Magoloire. I think the three stooges need to preserver with them. It’s only a friendly and they will improve the more game time they get. Much better than Manuel the brittle Spanish wanker.
  12. You nearly had me, must be the Aussie way. I know her as her mag, or just mag!
  13. It was reported he was ill, probably drinking iffy Chorley water!
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