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  1. Grez

    Bradley Dack

    I’m confused on this. The article in LT from last year said he had completed his community service. Is this for a new offence not reported? http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/16166462.Rovers_ace_Dack__quot_learnt_his_lesson_quot__after_Manchester_police_assault/
  2. Grez

    Loan Window

    No idea, but really impressed that whoever took the photo can get 2 bars of 4G. I’m going to have to swap provider
  3. Grez

    Thursday deadline.

    Better than paying his wages if not playing
  4. Grez

    Thursday deadline.

    I also find it interesting that his twitter background still shows him in a rovers kit and it says “Harry Chapman Blackburn Rovers”. I think he will be coming. Preferably a season long loan for me. He can then sign with us from 1st Jan as free agent ( not sure if tribunal fee would be due).
  5. Grez

    Thursday deadline.

    Who is this Twitter you talk of - he seems very popular 😂
  6. Grez

    Thursday deadline.

    Still struggle to see past the mistake against Preston. No thanks
  7. Grez

    Goin' up Goin' up Goin' up?

    2 games to go... how accurate was everyone? I said we’d finish 1st... still a chance.
  8. 46 games to save our club
  9. Grez

    [Archived] Flares

    They must let Live Animals in as I’ve definitely seen some “Show Ponies” at Ewood over the last few
  10. Grez

    [Archived] Flares

    If they can’t stop a live chicken wrapped in a rovers flag getting in, I doubt they’d have much success with stopping someone getting in with a flare.
  11. Best home game in last 5 years for me. It had everything: crap ref and linesman at blackburn end. disallowed goal. 3 great goals for us. energy. Shouted myself hoarse. Much needed win. coyb
  12. Grez

    [Archived] New CEO at Ewood

    “Strong and Stable”... did we appoint Theresa May?
  13. Grez

    [Archived] New CEO at Ewood

    Well, I’m having a Chaddy on Steve Kean being the next CEO. Has a connection to Coventry and good links with owners. Sweet dreams everyone!
  14. I may be in the minority here, but I think Gladwin has the potential to be a great signing if he gets the game time. i saw him come on in the second half at Coventry and thought him and Chapman changed the game. Personally, I would play him instead of Antonsson behind Samuel. I think he is a big direct player.

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