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    Stoke City home

    All too predictable. As will be TM's post-season analysis that he only promised more points and a higher final position in the table than last season. Which he'll probably deliver.
  2. And for many of us, it was our route down from The Manxman down to the ground. I recall reading about plans for building an Ewood Halt - my name for the station, not what was in the paper - in the Lancashire Telegraph on the train going up to the EUFA Cup game at Celtic. And still it's being talked about.
  3. I have a number of friends who are season ticket-holders at St. James' Park whom I asked about AA when we signed him. The consensus was that Rafa Benitez didn't think he could make it at the absolute top level. They made it sound like we'd got an absolute bargain at the price we paid for him; I'd be staggered if their beloved owner 🀣 doesn't habe a good sell-on clause written into deals like the one on which we acquired him.
  4. Well, if he is, I hope he can explain today's second penalty to his evaluators' satisfaction.
  5. A bit of selective editing from someone who wasn't there and who won't pay Murdoch! I haven't heard ANYone neutral - BBC Radio 5, Quest TV - commentating on the game who thought that that Brentford's second 'goal' was a penalty. Obviously, I'm sad at the outcome, but it was a point I'd have taken at 12.29 this lunchtime. I'm a bit worried that Michael O'Neill's improved Stoke to the extent that I fear that 5 will be our maximum haul of points from today's and next week's two games. Let's hope I'm wrong.
  6. Shouldn't that read, "the 2 points the Ref chucked away for us with the softest penalty decision ever"?
  7. Mark Chapman on R5 says again that Brentford got a soft penalty. Nobody in the R5 studio saying that about ours. Mind; in the great scheme of things, what people in the R5 studio - or on here - think about Brentford's pen don't matter, do they?😟
  8. FWIW Radio 5's commentator & their people in the studio agree. Interestingly, they didn't say that about ours. Mind you, even if they had, it wouldn't have affected the award, would it?
  9. m1st

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I've come late to this debate and am 'bingeing' on the last 10 pages or so of this thread at the moment. And, although I've gone a couple of pages beyond Mark's post above, I keep coming back to it. And that's because I'm perplexed by the last phrase in it. I'm not sure what it means. Are you saying, Mark, that if we can't get a better manager than TM: then the club should fold; that; if he's eventually replaced but by another name from the client-group of our least favourite agents, we should stop supporting the club; or what? Have to say that sounds like a real counsel of despair to me.
  10. m1st

    Academy & U21s

    Thanks a bunch for that, Colt! I can't now get the image of Mulgrew as 'Captain Mainwaring' out of my head!πŸ˜‚
  11. m1st


    Of course the downside of 'Football For a Fiver' is when the full house of home fans boo their team off at ht. [as mentioned by the Radio 5 reporter at the game!]πŸ˜‚
  12. m1st


    And the lovely thing is how our goal difference is gradually increasing. Now up to +10; could make all the difference between 6th & 7th place at the end of the season.
  13. m1st


    Can't remember how long ago it was now - the years fly by - but when Everton suffered an 'epidemic' of, I think, knee injuries, David Moyes blamed the club's physiotherapist - one "Baz" Rathbone - and sacked him. Do similar questions need to be asked of our trainers?
  14. m1st


    Yes, it'll be a bit of a bear-pit dahn there on Saturday. I've just been talking to a pal in East London whose son lives near the ground and it's already a sell-out @ £5.00 a ticket. [Random question: Will Waggott have the nous to talk to his opposite number at The Valley about how to fill a ground with lots of fans for the day who might be tempted by a good result for their lads to return again and again?🀣🀣🀣Or will he try to sell them the idea of a Waggott Tax?!] Back on topic: So how will we cope with a newly-resurgent Charlton - and their presumably fired-up crowd? I wasn't at last night's game [Please don't have a pop at me like you did at my pal, Russ, last night, inglorious basturk: I'm 73; mobility-impaired and no longer drive; live 20-odd miles from the ground and wouldn't have got home by public transport till around midnight.] but it was quite funny listening to the occasional reports from Ewood on Radio 5. The reporter was someone I'd not heard before, but he was quite enjoying the game and I remember thinking, "I'll bet what I read on the Message Board after the match won't be quite like that!" Nor would I have expected it to be; we're all - hopefully - "Rovers till I die." After we'd got the 3rd goal, the R5 reporter said that the introduction of Samuel and Brereton had made a difference and implied that the latter had been a bit of a hulk intimidating Hill's defence. So do we go with an ultra-cautious - we'll keep hold of the point we started the game with - approach or do we go a bit gung-ho and try to get some revenge for that 1-2 shock they gave us back in August? I'm not going to pick a team this far away from the game - there's plenty of time for another one or two of the squad to go down with injuries between now and Saturday - I just hope we keep the back door closed better than we did against Fulham and, perhaps a bit like it sounded on R5 last night, keep plugging away till Charlton crack.
  15. m1st


    That afternoon in South London was probably the first time since 7th May 1960 that my heart was broken. Life seemed so unfair!
  16. m1st

    Tony Parkes

    Totally agree. It really will show Waggott up as utterly insensitive - especially after the verbal kicking the club's management got in FTH recently over their lack of respect to our deceased heroes of yesteryear - if the idea of naming a pitch at Brockhall after TP goes through, and the Riverside Stand isn't re-named.
  17. m1st

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Corrected for you, OJR!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ I've a soft spot for Fulham - the first match I remember my Dad bringing me to at Ewood in 1953 - and, at the start of the season, I thought they'd be pushing the top two harder than they are. I think that, despite the Teesside Tinkerman, we can win this one by either the only goal, or the odd one in three. Our back four will have to keep a very close watch on Mitrovic, though.
  18. m1st

    Tony Parkes

    I can only agree with every word that everybody's put in this thread. Especially with the need to get the Tony Parkes Riverside Stand named a.s.a.p. Tony wasn't "one of our own" in that we bought him, but he certainly became one. Has anybody answered the call to manage a club more often? I'm half-watching the Oxford - Newcastle replay while catching up with the Board. Given the Board's recent record with recognising those of our former heroes who've recently died, I was particularly interested to catch sight of a big photograph of Jim Smith, who of course managed both clubs, with his dates at the Kassam.
  19. m1st

    January transfer window 2020

    Isn't 'if' a very big word?!πŸ˜‰
  20. m1st

    January transfer window 2020

    The question that keeps recurring to me in catching up on this thread is, "How much actual interest do the Venky's owners have in us?" Obviously they can't love This Great Club Of Ours as much as we do; it's in our blood. But is there someone based in Pune whose job is to keep them up-to-date with what's going on in the Championship? And, who knows, keeping an eye on this Message Board?! Or do they rely on TM telling the them the truth on his occasional flights out there? If the latter, then, sadly, I fear your optimism is misplaced, stinny1. If they're relying on cautious old Tony with his slowly-slowly approach, then they wouldn't see the need for pushing the boat out.
  21. m1st

    January transfer window 2020

    One of the snags about coming on here the day after the curtains were drawn on the the transfer window is that you - I! - quickly use up your daily quota of ❀️ to say you 'like' a post. So I just want to say I like this post of Tyrone's; imo it brilliantly captures the pre-Uncle Jack era.
  22. m1st

    January transfer window 2020

    Suggested amendment for you, Paul.
  23. m1st

    January transfer window 2020

    Apologies; I'm coming late to this thread. Yesterday evening was a very emotional time, what with Rovers not buying anybody and Brexit celebrations. Totally agree with stinny's opinion here. As I get older, the public transport journey from Heywood - Ewood gets more arduous and getting home at 7.15 after watching a Mowbray selection of misfits - no disrespect to the individuals; it's the manager's bizarre positioning of them - is getting wearying. On the assumption that we remain in the Championship, I could cope with next season if I thought we had a new, young progressive manager who put round pegs in round holes and didn't mislead the fans. For me, once a Mowbray aficionado, "Defenders are coming" will forever be his epitaph.
  24. m1st

    FFP Trouble

    I never thought I'd type the following words, and I'll bet you never expected to read them, but "there was an interesting article in the Metro yesterday".πŸ˜‰ 😁 It was on the subject of FFP and made the point that we are not alone. We weren't mentioned specifically, but the article pointed out that even the teams at the top of the table - West Brom were cited- haven't looked that brilliant this season. At the time the article was published yesterday morning, the author said that Championship "teams have so far made a grand total of eight permanent signings between them in this transfer window, and there is one major reason for that - FFP." "... so many clubs are struggling to comply with Financial Fair Play Rules that significant signings are nigh-on impossible - and it is showing on the pitch. "A rule designed to improve competition and stop clubs going bust is instead a cap on ambition and also creates a huge gulf to the Premier League for those who do go up. "Do they splurge the cash like Aston Villa - with all the problems bedding in north of Β£100 million worth of players in one fell swoop brings - or not, like Norwich, and ensure relegation would not be a financial catastrophe? "The intentions of FFP may be honourable but, right now, fans of Championship clubs are being short-changed." I've quoted so much of the article, not to point any fingers at anyone in authority at Ewood, but to point out that we're in good[?] company in struggling with the shackles of FFP. Who knows: Brentford's approach - buy them cheap; sell them at a significant profit - may be the most effective way to get us back to the halcyon days of the 1990s. But that would surely require a good, reliable scouting network across Europe. And that seems as likely to appear at Ewood any time soon as those defenders we were apparently promised were "coming".
  25. m1st

    FFP Trouble

    I was listening to the commentary on Brentford v. Leicester on BBC1 and mention's been made about the profits Brentford make by selling players they've bought cheaply. Anybody know if there's a 'sell-on clause' in the Raya transfer??

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