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  1. matt83


    Clear as mud. Diagrammatically it appears only the winners of group one and two go to the final. But it does say the winners of div one are county champions and the top 2 compete for bob Willis trophy but mentions nothing about how that bit happens. Having gone into division one does everyone play each other again. If so is it once or twice, home or away.
  2. matt83

    Final League Position 2020-2021 - Poll

    9th. I’m very happy with the transfer window. We now have a lot of the pieces of the jigsaw but I have no faith over a season Mowbray will be able put them all together.
  3. matt83

    Nottingham Forest Home

    No idea what Johnson was doing there. Cost the game. If ever a goal sums up a day it’s that.
  4. matt83

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Needed to come off. Not his day.
  5. matt83

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Slightly random but Chris Hughton reminds me of Gus Fring off breaking bad.
  6. matt83

    Academy & U21s

    U18s beat the dingles 2-1. Take what we can get
  7. matt83

    Summer Transfer Window

    I’m not sure about plenty. Ultimately saying that venkys haven’t done anything wrong in the last few years is like pardoning a serial killer who hasn’t killed recently. Theyve taken a mid table premier league club £20 million ish in debt to a mid table championship club £200 million in debt. That in my opinion will eventually lead to us being the next Bury. Yes we expected crumbs from this transfer window we got a slice of bread but let’s not get carried away.
  8. matt83

    Best Team

    You’re absolutely correct can’t pick a team until see them. But the options look good. The back 5 takes care of itself really but the other 6 there’s exiting options. Travis and Trybull probably deeper then a choice of Johnson, holtby, Dack, dolan, Elliott, Rothwell, Armstrong even Brereton. But this is my fear - Tonebola picking Sam bloody Gallagher on the wing (wide striker 😂) to win the occasional isolated header vs the oppo’s left back. If that happens I’ll give up.
  9. matt83

    Summer Transfer Window

    Surreal stuff today. No idea what’s going on. The manager must head the squad he wants now. Over to Tonebola
  10. matt83

    The State of Ewood Park!

    That one reads slightly better than the other ones which were slightly pathetic. Divert blame and dither. Even in this one I don’t doubt for one second they are “preserving ewood park at the standards THEY have been accustomed to.” That’s the problem. Zero standards. Plus they don’t seem to grasp furlough wasn’t and isn’t mandatory. Could have easily had a skeleton crew in doing basic maintenance. Unfortunately they’ve effectively had to be shamed again into delivering basic standards but they do seem to be lumbering into action.
  11. matt83


    Maguire really is a lummox. What are United doing to promising centre halves.
  12. matt83


    There’s a few positions I could go any way on. But in terms of 4-3-3 I’d like to see it again. If we took the shackles off and took an almost Kegan at Newcastle from the 90s approach I think we could beat any side home or away. The trade off of course is could lose to anyone. But as a spectacle I reckon more would rekindle their interest in the national team
  13. matt83


    Credit where it’s due much better 2nd half. That was only the 2nd time beaten a top ranked side with Spain the other. Still think that 4-3-3 used to play pre World Cup looked loads better. Personally I’d go something like Pope T a-a Coady Gomez saka Henderson winks Foden Sancho Sterling Kane Pickford McGuire Chilwell Trippier Rice Grealish Rashford Calvert-lewin Depending who’s fit.
  14. matt83


    More than a hint of truth here: Whitehall’s three tier traffic light system for lockdowns: Green: relax, you live in the South East Amber: careful now, this is the Midlands Red: get back in the house you plague infested Northerner
  15. matt83


    That 4-3-3 has a much better look about it. Would defo play Henderson. Saka maybe. The wolves centre half. But this currently is just like rovers. Square pegs round holes.

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