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  1. matt83

    Luton Town home

    Kean out day. Will take a specific set of results but would be nice to end the 7th anniversary of that joyous day in the play offs to mark the porcine, delusional, lying, lip licking, snakes departure.
  2. matt83

    Premier League Stuff

    Fortunately I’ve no idea what he’s saying.
  3. matt83

    Premier League Stuff

    Whether it’s teams I want to win, teams I want to lose, teams got money on I don’t think VAR has ever worked in my favour yet.
  4. matt83

    Premier League Stuff

    Ole still on course for the sack before the Christmas tree comes down. Or goes up at this rate.
  5. matt83

    Premier League Stuff

    That silva seems to be doing his best to be first manager sacked. Him and koeman have spent £480m between them apparently. To think Everton have spent all that money on shite yet bury went out of business for what £4.6 million.
  6. matt83


    Personally I think Jason Gillespie would be a good appointment won things at Yorkshire now rebuilding Sussex. Alec Stewart little uninspiring in a jobs for the boys kind of way but think he’d be ok to be fair. Same goes for Chris Silverwood. Mickey Arthur/Gary Kirsten would be steady away from the international circuit. Mike Hesson formerly of New Zealand would be a rogue choice. I don’t see anyone other than someone like silverwood already in the fold as bowling coach or Stewart one of the lads.
  7. matt83


    I watched Stewart on that cricket debate programme with Charles Colvile and Bob Wilis and I thought he was the most unbelievable dull mundane pundit ever. He offered no opinion of any kind and I though he’s either just dull or he’s angling for the job and doesn’t want to ruffle establishment feathers.
  8. matt83


    Speaking of the ECB Ashley Giles isn’t inspiring me with much confidence. He is acting like it’s a total surprise to him he needs a new coach. He should have had one lined up ready to go. He definitely has a chip on his shoulder about one coach for all formats after he bombed as the ODI coach blaming Andy flower for not allowing best players to play limited overs under him. Might not be the worst idea to have continuity across the board but this really should have been sorted.
  9. matt83


    He hasn’t got a test contract. Rightly so. But at least he’s been playing red ball cricket. They’ve given him a white ball contract a format he’s not been playing. Makes no sense to me but sure they know what they’re doing 😐
  10. matt83

    Reading (A)

    Yeah. We could easily beat a Leeds away and then lose at home to Luton.
  11. matt83

    Rugby World Cup Japan 2019

    This is true. Today alone Australia had Naisarani, kerrvi and koroibete. New Zealand had Reece all eligible to play for Fiji. Plus we have cokanasiga
  12. matt83


    Some peculiar decisions from the ECB vis a vis central contracts. Firstly Plunkett lost his central contract for white ball. Odd decision. Very good in the middle overs and kept us in that World Cup long before Stokes and Archer to a lesser extent took all the headlines. Then more bizarrely Denly gets a white ball contract. Him and Morgan are the same age so hardly one for the future. Currently Roy, bairstow, Root, Morgan, Stokes, buttler as the batsmen. Where do they see him fitting it. I’d be surprised if he plays white ball at all unless we have a tin pot match when others are rested and even then I’d prefer to see whether the next generation can hack it.
  13. matt83

    Reading (A)

    Important win that. With Luton at home coming up this is the first chance we have of threatening the play offs pretty much since we came down.
  14. matt83

    Thomas Cook

    I reckon there’ll be some good deals to be had out of Thomas cooks impending demise. Holidays will be going at rock bottom prices. So if not particularly fussed whether go away the best case scenario is have a cheap holiday or a holiday couldn’t otherwise afford and on the worst case scenario is it’s cancelled or get stranded for a few days but you’re financially covered under the ATOL scheme. Unfortunately I have shares in them think bought them at 29p now at 3p. 🙄. Seems that after fosun bought them rbs said needed another £200,000,000 pronto which has goosed them.

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