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  1. matt83

    Craig Conway - New contract

    Good servant for rovers but right time for him to move on. Oddly dignified exit for a footballer usually they cling on to their last pay day for all their might. Perhaps a rare man of honour in football realising its time and not cashing in one last time.
  2. matt83

    Happy Tugay Day

    Great memories. Very fortunate to have seen players like that. But more than a tinge of sadness about where we are both as a club and the personnel now. Never say never I suppose but I can’t help thinking the young uns will almost certainly never see players of that calibre for a very very very long time if ever.
  3. matt83


    South Africa tour dates out. I can definitely hear New Years in Cape Town calling my name. Centurion would also be good particularly as it’s the closest to Kruger national park but too close to Xmas.
  4. matt83

    FA CUP

    Yeah he was indeed. Subsequently got a few more Peter Reid at citeh, Southgate at Boro, Hoddle at Chelsea, Attilo Lombardo at Palace, Stuart Pearce at Forest, Strachan at Coventry.
  5. matt83

    FA CUP

    Vialli or Gullit only ones can think of off the top of my head. Still get the odd lower league one like Ainsworth
  6. matt83

    FA CUP

    Had a hell of a chance in 2013 with millwall at home but we decided to stick the ball on shitus head. Then Kean forfeiting a game to Cardiff. 🙄 ps. One of only 9 league teams not to play at the new Wembley on the basis notts county have been relegated and both Luton/Salford have. Another race to the bottom.
  7. matt83

    FA CUP

    After charlton 10
  8. matt83

    Craig Conway - New contract

    I don’t think he should have been offered a new contract as much as anything you need places free in the squad for new players or kids to come through. Look to the future now and it isn’t Craig Conway.
  9. matt83

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I’m not a massive fan of Raya as has clangers in him but given his age and his potential to improve id want very good money because as much as anything it’s such a fag having to go out and replenish as well as strengthen
  10. matt83

    Englands summer tournaments

    I’ll definitely be watching the nations league. Was half tempted to go but need to pick my battles for sporting trips plus it’s in coimbra (euro 2004 place) and maybe Porto for the final. So not too fussed about the former again. I reckon that nations league will be taken increasingly seriously as the years go by. Qualifiers are now a joke for the top sides (hesitantly consider England to be one currently) so a format where the dregs play the dregs and best teams play the best teams is all good for me. As for women’s football don’t want to go all Andy gray and Richard Keys but I’m not interested whatsoever. Every game I’ve watched the standard has been appalling. They could win a clean sweep or lose every game 10-0 I couldn’t care less.
  11. matt83

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Could do with Charlton going out at some stage so Tony can go for Bauer
  12. matt83


    That was a lot more exiting than I thought. Assumed would be a 350 Pakistan score then a routine chase on this pitch. England are a very good side. Pakistan couldn’t do any better really we’ve been off colour today and chased down 340. Junaid Khan is a shadow of the player that initially trapped up and 2nd spell at Lancs
  13. matt83


    With the 50 overs final moving to Trent Bridge next season a victory today is possibly the last chance to watch Lancashire in a Lords final for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, I can only see one winner but in a week of sporting shocks what’s one more mini one.
  14. matt83


    I fear so.
  15. matt83

    Lancashire Clubs - Round Up

    That’s pathetic. When Clitheroe played brigg town in the fa vase which is a cup for teams not even in the football pyramid the attendance was 8-9,000. Today was to get in the football league and by the sounds of it there was less on today.

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