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  1. matt83

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    In fact during this isolation I’ve been rereading the Mike Jackman Blackburn Rovers the complete record. It ends season 2008/09. If there’s another one from then to the present day it may as well be sold in the horror section.
  2. matt83

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Yeah. That’s why I feel sorry for the young fans of the last decade. Genuinely trying to think of highlights during the Venkys reign. For me: - Kean leaving. (But they still never actually sacked the lying prick.)Celebrated that like a trophy win - Promotion from league one. (In a fighting over the crumbs kind of way). - Someone hitting one of the Venkys entourage with a snowball. I think some might include beating Utd away or staying up at moleneux but on both occasions I personally felt a bit sick as knew the porcine toad would continue to fuck us over long term (as ultimately happened). Cant even think of a great cup win. Did we beat Arsenal maybe. I know we “upset” the likes of stoke and Swansea but meh.
  3. matt83

    Opinions on Mike Newell

    One with his left, one with his right and a header. 9 mins.
  4. matt83

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Where was that from? Really annoyed me that. He’s no idea what went on before he arrived. But any idiot can see mid table premier league team before owners arrived to mid table championship (as an improvement) isn’t great. He probably couldn’t even point to where Blackburn was on a map before he got on board the gravy train
  5. matt83

    Opinions on Mike Newell

    I thought newell was decent enough for us. Sure let’s saux has his reasons. But in my opinion for all we quickly signed better players I think his signing showed the fans and the footballing world that Jack meant business. Most expensive player to go to the 2nd tier at the time I think. In his subsequent years as a manager he showed himself to be a man of integrity by shining a light on what we all know about football that it’s a dirty corrupt business run by criminals in suits. As a result he became a football pariah.
  6. As a teenager I thought Phil Jones would go on to captain England for a decade. Arguably a career that hit its peak at 17-19 years old
  7. Patrick Andersson. Ordinary player for us briefly who went on to play for Bayern and Barcelona.
  8. matt83

    BBC Prem top 10 goalkeepers

    If taking David James as the benchmark of top 10 all time prem keepers. I think keepers that were better than him omitted from the list are brad, jasskelinen, southall, Schwartzer, Howard, martyn, flowers. Literally off the top of my head. Rovers, Bolton, Boro, even Leeds and Everton aren’t really the clubs they’re interested in considering Allison and Ederson might ultimately be judged as top all time keepers but I could keep goal for Liverpool and Citeh in a deckchair such is their dominance currently.
  9. matt83

    BBC Prem top 10 goalkeepers

    All time best premier league keepers. What a load of bollocks that list is. Classic sports media unless you played predominantly for a big club you’re not even considered. Jaaskelainen better than most of those. Allison has only played a season or two! How's he included. And ederson for that matter.
  10. matt83

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    Friedel berg nelsen hendry le saux ripley tugay dunn duff shearer bellamy Subs: flowers samba salgado sherwood Pedersen jansen mccarthy
  11. matt83


    Very true. Sadly nothing will change.
  12. matt83


    Well there needs to be another surprise candidate in the leadership race to make that happen as none of the current lot will make any waves. Since the war labour have had 16 leaders and only 3 have actually won elections (Attlee, Wilson and Blair). The Torys have had 13 leaders and only 3 have failed to win elections. The 3 that didn’t win were Hague, Smith and Howard were all in opposition to Tony the Tory. So like it or not other than a blip in the mid 60s-mid 70s which was a proper labour govt a we are a conservative nation by any large.
  13. matt83


    Or when it’s through and the country potentially teetering on bankruptcy austerity will be back with a vengeance and anyone struggling as it was will really feel the sting
  14. matt83


    The govt will struggle to get the genie back in the bottle. Being paid to do nothing will be like an addictive drug to some as it already is for some of the benefits class. They’ll get hooked. The economic policies could be worse than anything Coronavirus could do itself.
  15. matt83


    This debt will last 2-3 generations.

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