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  1. matt83

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Crap offer. Crap football. Crap manager. No thanks.
  2. matt83

    Academy & U21s

    That’s no doubt the official party line. I wouldn’t be too fussed about watching the academy vs anyone other than our main rivals or a perhaps a final. Can barely be arsed watching the first team. But the thing that bugs me is they’ve taken the effort to move the game from 7pm to 1pm. Had it always been 1pm I’d have just dismissed it as a fixture wouldn’t bother with. So school kids can’t go. People who work can’t go without taking an afternoon off. Basically they’re looking to tap the niche market of retired folk who can be bothered watching academy football. That’s probably down to 10s of people.
  3. matt83


    Initially it was tongue and cheek but the more I think about it Scotland fully deserved their lowly reputation. They’re below the mighty Cyprus in their group and only got 9 pts in a group which also contains San Marino and Kazakhstan. Haven’t really threatened qualification in 20 years even when let every sod in.
  4. matt83


    It’s an absolute waste of time playing teams like that. Barely a professional standard. Appalling defending for most goals particularly those last two. The whole qualification process needs a total overhaul. San Marino, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Malta, Andorra, Estonia, faro Islands, Scotland, etc, etc, should be playing qualifiers when the main tournament is on in order to qualify for the qualifiers. So only the best of the dregs get through. Ps. Slightly disappointed there were boos for Gomez coming on. From what I understand of the situation if anyone should get booed its the perennial idiot Sterling.
  5. matt83


    Hameed has joined Notts. I genuinely hope he does well (not against Lancs). But for whatever reason under the guidance of the brothers grim he didn’t know what end of the bat to hold by the end.
  6. matt83

    Academy & U21s

    I can’t believe the dingles game has been moved from 7pm to 1pm. With stuff like that and pricing for the first team it’s almost like the club doesn’t want fans to watch Rovers.
  7. matt83

    Gareth Ainsworth

    From a mate of mine in that area: “There are a few lads on our football team who are wycombe fans and they love ainsworth obviously but there is no science to his management. They smack it long to the beast. Nothing wrong with that but if fans are expecting a young, Eddie Howe-type tracksuit manager they’ll be very disappointed” Personally I’d take the punt on him.
  8. matt83

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    The denial of our situation reminds me of this.
  9. I have that sinking feeling. The thought of Tonebola in the dugout vs Barnsley is depressing yet sadly inevitable.
  10. The main reason I think folk will have is fear of the Venkys incompetence. Or he’s a nice guy who likes choccy biscuits. Neither are good enough.
  11. Free hit today as no one expected anything but 5 points from 24 is relegation form by anyone’s definition. International break... DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ONCE.
  12. Yes that could prove costly over the season. Much like a certain managers win at old Trafford.
  13. In a food analogy we have a lot of decent ingredients to work with just a chef that’s only capable of beans on toast.

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