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  1. matt83


    Re stokes there is definitely a type of person our legal system seems to protect and fortunately for Stokes he fits the bill. Regardless of any mitigating circumstances and what constitutes reasonable force most ordinary joes would not have been so lucky. That’s just my opinion but with my cricket hat on good to have him back albeit very harsh on Curran. Might have been tempted to drop Buttler myself but if he ever turns up in a test match he’s a match winner. Plus Buttler seems to be Ed Smith’s pick so was always playing.
  2. matt83


    Kent vs Lancs in the t20 quarters. On a bloody Thursday though the one day we unanimously said we couldn’t do. Bank holiday weekend so could have been Monday or heaven forbid all the games Saturday afternoon but don’t want to upset the paymasters at Sky. I’d love just once fans to be considered in sport.
  3. matt83


    This is off a supporters group twitter from yesterday’s members forum meeting: “A member asked Chapple at previous forum whether there was a batting coach at which he allegedly responded there isn't a specific one. Same member at ydays forum asked Allott why there is no specific batting coach. An agitated Allott said - I'm sure Chapple didn't say that. Yes he did member replied. Well we have specialist coaches in all areas. Players are different, some need guidance some think they don't. It doesn't look like any of the batsmen are getting coached, she replied! Allott, looking increasingly angry, hit back - Look, I'll tell you what, we'll just sack all the coaches shall we. That make you happy? Our reporter piped up, "be sensible lad", and he was shot a glare of pure evil from Mr Allott. Allott's whole attitude during meeting was one of condescension. For instance just asking for an update on injuries had him sarcastically saying oh and so and so banged his elbow yday, do you want a rundown on everyone? (Thank God the meeting took place before last night!)” All sounds about right for rovers, sorry Lancashire. Force of habit.
  4. matt83


    I was properly angry leaving old Trafford last night. I thought they had slumped to the lowest depth in throwing away the game against Leicestershire. Last night surpassed that by some distance. It was embarrassing. They’re dreadful. They are so mentally weak and crumble under any sort pressure. Faulkner calls himself the finisher. Hopefully his time here is finished he’s not the same guy had in 2015. It’s just about the worst Lancashire side I’ve ever seen. Not many teams go into a match with 4 batsmen. Two of whom are in their twilight years Croft/brown , Vilas who has been hopeless and Davies the only one who looks decent. The rest are all rounders that neither bat nor bowl that well. There’s also some illogical thinking behind the scenes. Batting has been an issue for years now, across all formats. So we sign 2 spinners for rest of the season. A Scottish club player and an Afghan who’s played 17 professional games in all formats (he looked alright to be fair). Now have Parkinson, Parry, Livi, Croft, Lilley, Scotsman and the Afghan. So just the 7 spinners. Even Kerrigan still hanging around. Haven’t got many who can hold a bat but clearly need more spinners. Even more galling when poorer counties in every way like Worcestershire replace a top player in Guptil with another overseas player who hits 39 and 102*. Plus replaced Head with Parnell who so far has figures of 2/22 and 3/20. Whilst we plunder Bonny Scotland and Afghanistan. Yorkshire tomorrow without livi, jos and Jennings could be a massacre.
  5. matt83

    Ipswich away match thread

    Cheers. A mate of mine said he heard one today but couldn’t make head nor tail of what was being sung so I was mildly curious as to what it was
  6. matt83

    Ipswich away match thread

    What’s the chant to the tune of only fools and horses?
  7. matt83

    Ipswich away match thread

    I must admit for some reason I’m not looking forward to this season a fraction of the amount I was last season (even though feared a mid table bottle job). Maybe it was being a big fish for once. I don’t know. But I must remind myself of where we are now vs where we were on my only trip to Portman Road opening day fixture in 2012. I remember it was sweltering hot inside the ground and I’d driven down purely to boo Steve Kean. The porcine toad walked to the dugout after the match had started. As a side note don’t usually drive to games and after that don’t think I ever have or will again. After left the m62 it was pretty much 3 solid hours of a-roads. I thought at the time pretty much every single away day for an Ipswich fan must be an absolute bloody mission. So all in all a 9 hours round trip to boo a bald drunken delusional lying buffoon for 10 seconds.
  8. matt83

    Ipswich away match thread

    Blimey. Was that the 3-2 vs Everton? Seems a lifetime ago.
  9. matt83

    Ipswich away match thread

    Pretty grim record at Ipswich. Had a little look and the last time rovers won at Portman road was 1994 (Sutton, sherwood and Shearer). Since that win drawn 5 and lost 3. In fact only 2 wins since 1954 the other being in 1988 (sellars and ainscow). And I say 1954 because site looking at only goes back to then. I fear a rude awakening on Saturday. Looking at the teams in the division and ones which may be winnable, we have quite a few at the start so must hit the ground running.
  10. matt83

    New Kits

    Yellow reminds me of the kean era. I’ll pass
  11. matt83

    Pre Season Matches

    As a side note really don’t like the kit. In my opinion the blue is too weak, odd dots in the numbers and that logo does indeed look like the top profile of a toilet.
  12. matt83

    Pre Season Matches

    Who did dack put on his backside?
  13. matt83


    When he bowled kholi in the ODI at headingley I jokingly said he’ll be picked in the test team now. And here we are. It seems every decision the ECB make undermines first class cricket. From bizarre scheduling of cc games in April to make was for t20 in peak months, capping players who retire from domestic red ball cricket, railroading teams to play unfit players, the unfathomable 100 balls 10 ball overs city tournament (as if 40 balls less than t20 will have folk stampeding into grounds), rinsing counties for hosting test cricket, etc. When it comes to cricket and football I think the governing bodies are singing off the same hymn sheet

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