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  1. matt83


    How does it all work now? In the highly unlikely event that England don’t top the group am I right in thinking still make the playoffs by virtue of this nations league stuff. Must admit lost track on how it all works. Also seem to recall they’ve increased the number of teams qualifying so pretty much every man and his dog qualifies now anyway.
  2. matt83

    Boxing Megathread

    I enjoyed that fight. I really did and still want to hate the guy but over the years I find myself warming to him. I will bow down to the knowledge of folk on here that seem to know their boxing on another level. But from my only interested in watching the big fights vantage point it seemed to me wilder got outboxed. Wilder has that wild over head flail but didn’t have much else. Fair dos he put fury on his arse twice and had he not in the 12th surely fury would have won. But fighting a yank in the USA and wanting a favourable decision is like playing at old Trafford in the 90s and wanting a penalty. Watching that I don’t think Joshua will be too bothered about wilder, fury on the other hand...
  3. matt83

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    After qpr I was eyeing up the top of the league and thought 7-9 pts vs Rotherham, pne and Wigan. 1 point later and that team I was worried. What do I know. First time won by more than a goal in the league I think. ps. Who hit our last hat trick?
  4. To me this is little more than a geographically close game and to be fair I can’t speak for all Prestonians but the ones I know also see it that way. We have Burnley they have Blackpool. But I would say, like all the local Lancastrian clubs, they all seem have that mid 90s envy of us. Also living in Clitheroe and places over this way you tend to come across dingles but you rarely see Preston fans but for the rovers fans living/working in places like Chorley, Leyland, etc they will probably never see dingles but see plenty of Preston fans. So for them perhaps it’s a big game. Either way all the local clubs will forever live in our shadow and they know it.
  5. matt83


    Seeing England win even a match away is always a treat and a series win, being as rare as hen’s teeth, is even better. We’ve been very fortunate to have seen our fair share of wins on foreign soil now in fact never seen England lose. Didn’t hear about any hotel debacle. We stayed somewhere called the grand Kandyan which purported to be a 5 star and there can’t have been many other decent hotels in Kandy so maybe they were there or moved there. The sun and heat was pretty brutal there. Maybe because in other places like the West Indies and oz there’s a breeze defo not in Kandy. That said it’s a bit of a tradition for the buffoons section of England fans to park ourselves in the full force of the sun. Perhaps something in Noel cowards quote that only mad dogs and Englishmen stay out in the midday sun. You definitely question the logic when you see the locals sensibly hiding away in the shade...
  6. matt83


    Easy enough in the end. Series win. Time for home. Looking forward to the cold.
  7. matt83


    3 wickets or 75 runs. Everyone seems confident here I’m not so sure. Then again I’m a pessimist. Either way not sure I agree with sky bets odds of 1/6 which puts this as a done deal.
  8. matt83


    Well that fella nearly made it to safety. Good win for England. Away wins seem as rare as hens teeth so take them where you can.
  9. matt83


  10. matt83


    Watched today from the fort. Frankly prefer it to being in the ground. Wasn’t as diligent with suncream so paying for it now though.
  11. matt83


    Since the start of the summer Nos 7-11 have averaged 29 and Nos 1-6 28.06. After foakes’ performance I’m not sure Bairstow gets back in for the next test. He is averaging 30 for the last two years and has only averaged more than 35 in one year of his test career, 2016.
  12. matt83


    Under the circumstances good draw. I was worried going into the 8th minute of the 5
  13. matt83


    I don't think smallwood realises he can use his hands
  14. matt83


    Chorley beat wolves in the fa cup one year at burnden. Think played Preston at ewood in the next round.
  15. Dirty Leeds playing some good stuff here to be honest

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