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  1. Blackpool away

    Harper got 10 minutes for whoever asked. I agree he looked really decent though, much more composed than at Oxford when he came on, held the ball up, drove forward well and put some good tackles in. Calm and composed just at the right time. I tend to agree to an extent with Schoey on Nyambe but I wouldn't say he was exposed as such, I'd say most full backs when targeted with a big striker doubling up would lose most headers and he did, but as you say he stuck to his guns and second half he was much better and worked well with Bennett. I do think he lacks confidence and composure at times but I can see him improving. I'd just said to my Dad on Saturday he'd done pretty much nothing compare to Williams and then he did some fantastic skill to turn into Cafu for a sec. Hopefully just a matter of time and the good thing is we've good cover in Caddis. Whittingham is strange one, I can fully understand him not being popular he doesn't charge around, doesn't really put many tackles in etc but he does offer good balance when alongside Smallwood in my view. he's deffo not a winger and shouldn't play there like Saturday, but 2nd half he showed plenty of evidence of what he brings. I would agree he's not playing to my expectation, let alone some of the folk who think we should have world beaters in every position so no issues with criticism but he should be judged when played in a role that suits in my opinion. Overall a great trip, awful first half really was we'd have had no complaints about being behind but clearly got a roasting off Mowbray at half time and came out and battered them Rounds off a great run of games.
  2. Oxford away Tuesday

    I can only keep repeating that I've no issue with people finding fault with some elements, what I have an issue with are the phrases used such as the last 60 minutes shows why we won't go up. It's daft, it's taking things out of context and in no way reflective of the game as a whole.
  3. Oxford away Tuesday

    How on earth can you read what I said and get that I agree with his entire point? I've got no issue with people complaining but I find it pretty bizarre and nit picking after a 4-2 win away to a decent side in this league. Fully accept we didn't play great for most of the last 60 minutes but given we had a 2 goal cushion for the majority of that period it's not hugely surprising and tbh didn't take even an ounce of gloss of a great away trip for me. Delighted to hear the players come out and say they were annoyed at letting standards slip though it's a good sign. My point on it being laughable is you can't ignore the context of why we sat back and the overall picture. Anybody suggesting as he did that Tuesday showed why we won't go up is just utterly wrong and/or on the wind up so I'm not sure why you struggle to see that.
  4. Oxford away Tuesday

    Sorry It's almost laughable. It's the old Life of Brian jokes. If you ignore, the plumbing, sanitation, roads etc what did the romans actually do for us? You can't say if you ignore our 3 goals we lost 2-1, the whole context as to why we sat back and were a little disjointed was because we were 3 up. I fully agree and accept everything after the first 20 minutes wasn't perfect but funnily enough I support Rovers not Barcelona or City so I accept that it's rare we put in a perfect 90. That doesn't mean I agree with everything, or even half of what Mowbray does, but if he can't get credit in some peoples eyes for Tuesday then that is ridiculous.
  5. Oxford away Tuesday

    It's a garbage comment in my view. It implies that you can't be objective because you've spent money going down there. From the people around me there was the usual mix of people some were quite happy, some were nervy, some were a little over critical. Certainly didn't feel like one group of happy clappers as you seem to be implying that were just feeble mindedly anjoying anything as they were too simple to know better. If you think that was even close to our worst performance of the season then I'm not sure how you can even be taken seriously.
  6. Season Ticket Spot Checks

    That from LATD just sums up some stewards and the problems with the policy. It relies on common sense as the club state. However a good number of the stewards simply lack the necessary common sense. I might be wrong but I hope I'm not. It feels like from the LET story the club are climbing down to an extent ie the night games being relaxed and the common sense etc. Hope this is the case as I and I think everyone else accepts people jibbing is in out of order. However it's weird the focus on the free under 8's. I had 2 free last year both cost this year though and won't be coming night games still, simply out I was ready for jacking it if they started insisting we move and my Dad said the same so let's hope this is just a crackdown on those it was needed and a few stewards being OTT.
  7. Season Ticket Spot Checks

    I can understand the principle of what they're doing and why but it's being handled badly and is flawed. You gain nothing from a cost perspective from buying an adult one with a child one so no incentive I can see to anyone doing it other than to bring a kid along. As others have said you get to know the people around you as well and as time goes on if the kid misses a game you want to go along and sit in the same seat. What on earth sense does it make to move someone? Rovers are quite simply going to lose fans doing this and that;s they last thing they can afford.
  8. Season Ticket Spot Checks

    I'd appreciate the clarity too thanks. Absolutely full understand the need to deal with any misuse of the tickets. However I don't bring the kids to many midweek games and they sometimes will miss the odd game too. It's never been suggested before you always have to have then in attendance. Seems a strange one.
  9. Wigan Tickets

    The calendar on their site suggests tickets are on sale from tomorrow for them. So presume they'll provide us with details and they'll go on sale next week for us.
  10. Wigan Tickets

    There's no spare slots for it to move and still be on TV, so the only other reason to move would be police. It's never been an issue in other years and it's not late on enough for it to be that high profile. I'd be surprised if the reason was anything other than Wigan being a bit of a noddy outfit.
  11. Wimbledon

    They will certainly be no pushovers, look like a team largely made up of athletes and battlers so will have to be careful not to get caught out for sure. Does worry me a little when i read people complaining that Mowbray shouldn't be saying he expects a tough contest etc and we should set up to hammer them. Clearly we'd all love that but the reality is we just need to win first and foremost. It;'s inevitable there are going to be slip-ups at certain points this season, hopefully with the momentum we've got tomorrow won't be the day.
  12. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    Anyone just saying I could explain it but it's beyond you is just being a bit sad tbh, however it's way off topic and as others have said living in the past is pretty pointless state in my opinion. In terms of Whittingham, was thinking about this the other day and I think it's fair to say the system Mowbray wants to play by and large it's tough to see Whittingham starting. However we're going to get injuries and also whilst on Tuesday I'd not have played him, on Saturday against a team packing men behind the ball more he could well be invaluable. He is the kind of player who isn't going to run all day and make tonnes of tackles. but he will make the killer pass to unlock a defence.
  13. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    Looking forward to this one, new ground for me and most so I'd expect a decent following despite the midweek and number of games coming thick and fast. A really tough test as well, don't think Scunthorpe are as strong in the middle as they were last year, I remember watching them in the play offs against MIllwall and despite losing over two legs Dawson in the middle was totally dominant. Lost him to Bury in the summer and the lad they've brought in from Rangers is injured. They are clearly solid defensively and Madden and Morris will be a handful for sure. Still feel if we can have the same mentality and attitude as we had on Saturday we can turn them over. Despite being a new ground for us, and as mentioned a relatively new ground overall they are supposed to moving to a new ground, been delayed for years but they did get planning permission, although did fall through but still in the pipeline.
  14. Rochdale Away

    Yeah there was a Canada based poster who confirmed they were lining up or had already done so a friendly but hadn't announced so you'd expect given how key Mulgrew & Evans are to their respective countries it's likely to be rearranged.
  15. Wharton

    Ok so I'll try and make it my final response as appreciate we're in danger of just repeating ourselves but absolutely agree with the first line. Yes we've seen it, yes most contracts have it and yes. Second point there is very often smoke without fire, I think all clubs suffer from it but I'd say 9/10 there is a logical explanation for why a player isn't playing especially now we have a real manager. Doesn't mean we have to agree with everything he says and does mind.