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  1. They will certainly be no pushovers, look like a team largely made up of athletes and battlers so will have to be careful not to get caught out for sure. Does worry me a little when i read people complaining that Mowbray shouldn't be saying he expects a tough contest etc and we should set up to hammer them. Clearly we'd all love that but the reality is we just need to win first and foremost. It;'s inevitable there are going to be slip-ups at certain points this season, hopefully with the momentum we've got tomorrow won't be the day.
  2. Anyone just saying I could explain it but it's beyond you is just being a bit sad tbh, however it's way off topic and as others have said living in the past is pretty pointless state in my opinion. In terms of Whittingham, was thinking about this the other day and I think it's fair to say the system Mowbray wants to play by and large it's tough to see Whittingham starting. However we're going to get injuries and also whilst on Tuesday I'd not have played him, on Saturday against a team packing men behind the ball more he could well be invaluable. He is the kind of player who isn't going to run all day and make tonnes of tackles. but he will make the killer pass to unlock a defence.
  3. Looking forward to this one, new ground for me and most so I'd expect a decent following despite the midweek and number of games coming thick and fast. A really tough test as well, don't think Scunthorpe are as strong in the middle as they were last year, I remember watching them in the play offs against MIllwall and despite losing over two legs Dawson in the middle was totally dominant. Lost him to Bury in the summer and the lad they've brought in from Rangers is injured. They are clearly solid defensively and Madden and Morris will be a handful for sure. Still feel if we can have the same mentality and attitude as we had on Saturday we can turn them over. Despite being a new ground for us, and as mentioned a relatively new ground overall they are supposed to moving to a new ground, been delayed for years but they did get planning permission, although did fall through but still in the pipeline.
  4. Yeah there was a Canada based poster who confirmed they were lining up or had already done so a friendly but hadn't announced so you'd expect given how key Mulgrew & Evans are to their respective countries it's likely to be rearranged.
  5. Ok so I'll try and make it my final response as appreciate we're in danger of just repeating ourselves but absolutely agree with the first line. Yes we've seen it, yes most contracts have it and yes. Second point there is very often smoke without fire, I think all clubs suffer from it but I'd say 9/10 there is a logical explanation for why a player isn't playing especially now we have a real manager. Doesn't mean we have to agree with everything he says and does mind.
  6. I think that's the point tomphil though. I'd honestly say the majority would agree with your point that he could have done a better job than the two you mention. I think the frustration for me is people continually putting two and two and making five, and there are at least a few mischief makers only too happy to spread stuff. We told cast iron that Wharton wasn't playing due to the club ensuring subsequent managers kept him out to save a bob or too. Last season I could have half believed that given the situation. However under Mowbray it was illogical especially when he was clearly spending a reasonable budget at this level. At the end of the day i'm sure we all want the youngsters to come through and lead this club on, when they are ready, hopefully this puts to bed any of this rumour mill stuff.
  7. Crikey that sounds bizarre in the least. Hadn't realised it was supposed to meningitis with Camps and sounds like a few others though not seen that confirmed anywhere. Shame for them but the bottom line is with the amount of players out we need to be beating these without a shadow of doubt.
  8. Pretty sure Andy Holt on twitter confirmed in the league at least that the away team received no share of the ticket revenue.
  9. Oh don't get me wrong, I don't in anyway believe he'd do it deliberately and/or any conspiracy reasons. Just some managers over the years are big on pushing kids through and some are more reluctant to trust them. For me he has so far seemed a little more in the latter category. However as you say no way would he do it for anything other than correct reasons in his view of what is best for the team.
  10. I'll happily give Mowbray benefit of the doubt and hope over the next few months if form continues some of these lads are given a chance. It is a concern though given how they're playing that we're bringing external people in ahead of them, or seemingly at least.
  11. Ah right makes sense then. They do seem to have gone away from how they were playing last season which was quite flowing from the clips I'd seen on 5. They've brought a few in on loan maybe to compensate, hopefully we are playing them at a good time before they can bed in.
  12. Looking forward to this one with a decent away following should make for a decent atmosphere. Rochdale will be up for it of course but clearly will be under pressure due to ropey start so an early goal would make a huge difference, feel like say that every week!! Henderson being out is a bonus for us, that Callum Camps seems to have disappeared too not sure if he's injured. They seem to have struggled with not being able to replace a couple of decent players who left in the summer so far but have got a few in on loan. Would be surprised to see Mowbray make too many changes unless forced to and hopefully stick with the 4-4-2 which worked well last time out.
  13. Don't start trying to bring sense and logic into this for goodness sake. It's clearly a cover up and a con. It's simply the only possible explanation why he wasn't sold.
  14. It's obviously logical and fits in with some other players that have left the club. However I struggle to see the sense in it given the club have given contracts to other players, paid out fee's and salary for a whole host of players this window as well. Therefore if he was really as good as suggested why wouldn't the club want to tie him to a contract and play him? I presume the clause wouldn't put him on silly money and he clearly will have to be replaced? I do sometimes think people have a tendency to let the theory fit the facts at times. I should add I'm fully aware little of what our owners do makes sense, but there has been a fair bit of money spent this summer so on this occasion I'm bemused.
  15. Ah right did wonder if Blackburn/local schools had the week after, makes a bit more sense then. Cheers