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  1. 2 nil up against Brentford, let's see how much we've changed since last season
  2. Beauuuuutiful, wouldn't expect anything less from Arma these days
  3. Tugay-is-God

    Rovers v Hull

    "if you weren't at the game, you can't have an opinion" 🙄
  4. Tugay-is-God

    January transfer window 2020

    Boy, overreactions galore on here. We got a decent team, we got a decent manager, and we've got a decent chance of getting the playoffs this year. What's there so much to cry about?
  5. Tugay-is-God

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    Yeah, that's Joey boy playing out on the left. And I'd say he's been doing more than usual pulling his weight going back.
  6. And now for the last ten minutes of the half, it's been back to no commentary. And the camera has been fixed behind the goal?? For the money we pay, this service is a joke.
  7. Tugay-is-God

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    For all the waffle talked, I'd say that Gallagher and Nyambe look to have the beginnings of a good partnership down that right hand side.
  8. Tugay-is-God

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

  9. Tugay-is-God

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    Come on, let's get a second now. Looking very good so far.
  10. Tugay-is-God

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    Don't know if I'm saying too much. But I'd say have a look at the QPR forum "loft for words".
  11. Tugay-is-God

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    Armaaaaaaaaaa He can do no wrong right now
  12. 7 mins in and the commentary kicks in. 🙄 Technical problems on this service are just constant.
  13. Tugay-is-God

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    It's working here in Belgium.

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