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  1. Most teachers won't get time off. They are going to be teaching from home using online systems. Some have already been primed to create home-learning packs and make sure the children have passwords etc. It wouldn't surprise me if the schools shut this week.
  2. Made me laugh when I noticed there was no pasta - apart from full boxes of organic pasta. The end of the world has a price - approx 99p.
  3. I was there yesterday too. Not many people wearing masks, a few with gloves on - strangely or coincidentally, the only people I saw wearing masks were seperate couples of Chinese/East Asian origin but to be honest, due to smog/pollution etc. it isn't anything shocking to see someone in a city centre wear a mask.
  4. There has been a lot of massively inaccurate fortune tellings over the years. Some people choose to buy into it until it doesn't happen and then can simply brush it off and ignore it...until the next round of fear. I can't just brush things off without delving into motives and researching etc. I've always been like that and I would recommend anyone to that. So regarding this latest situation. Facts are, 500,000 Brits die every year. Sadly, my uncle died recently and for some reason unknown to me there is already a longer waiting list for burials/cremations - much longer than the usual 1 - 2 week turnaround. I mention this as I expect very soon that stories about bodies stacking up will hit the news - as it suits the fear agenda. Anyway, of all these deaths, two thirds are always the older generation and as mentioned by many - people always die from flu etc. and to my knowledge, nobody lives in absolute fear of tonsillitis - although even that kills hundreds a year. So far, the increasing cynic in me questions how many deaths are truly DUE to this virus? How many confirmed deaths say, "This death of person X, who had a series of underlying health issues..." ? I would ask the question, is it fair to even pin the blame on this virus for their deaths - when they have a multitude of other issues that there is zero evidence and no autopsy report to suggest one element being more culpable than the other? Of course it is only my opinion but I honestly expect death rates to stay around the national average of approximately 498 - 500k but I also wholly expect as many of those expected natural deaths will be linked to this in any way they can be - because I firmly believe this situation serves a purpose/agenda that we will only see down the line. If it is even a real threat, which it might well be, maybe hundreds and thousands carry this already and only those who are in hospital and who have blood tests can confirm it. To be honest, nobody I know has been tested for it, nobody is really being asked to even be tested for it - only people are to ring 111 and almost self diagnose and then self-isolate. I'd be very surprised if there is anything other than (at best) a small handful of people connected to this site who genuinely knows anyone who has even been physically tested. Even fewer to know anyone seriously ill directly from it. So I choose to be very cynical and calm about it. So, what is it all about? In my opinion fear and panic is an unbelievably powerful tool of control. It always has been and always will be. Fear of the unknown or invisible - is an even more potent weapon. Quite a number of people are currently living in heightened fear of something that we all do relatively frequently (cough, get fevers aches and shivers) . My opinion, there is definitely a bigger reason and picture to this - there has to be because are we honestly expecting this to just blow over and things will be fine and dandy after this peak period people seem to be holding out for? It won't. In the coming months, swathes of people will ultimately welcome and even lobby for change/restrictions...and they will be passed. On the surface, it does sound far-fetched but I have no doubt we will lose more of our freedoms or choices over this situation. I personally think we will be forced to be vaccinated (which many will welcome I'm sure) with some shite we have no idea what the long-term effects are. These vaccinations will be a 'necessity' especially if you want to travel abroad (which coincidentally ? seems to be something that the powers that be seem to be drastically trying to reduce and what I predict will be something that only the very rich will be able to do in our relatively near future). So anyway, that's my opinion and I've put it out here to be chastised with until all BRFCS eternity. Maybe we will laugh at it in years to come and this is a much ado about nothing - hopefully so. To save some the energy, I honestly respect and understand your points of view - what can possibly be wrong about caring for people? Nothing. Even if I don't agree with viewpoints, I haven't mocked anyone else - so please don't be predictable and just scoff at mine or suggest I wear a tinfoil hat etc. I don't. Regardless of who is wrong or right, there will be a VERY negative and lasting outcome for society out of this. Things will change - no doubt about it. I would certainly suggest people question what you see and hear though, don't bombard yourselves with the news. Try to not live in fear and panic and certainly give a lot of thought about long term decisions.
  5. Why is he self-centred idiot? I sympathise with him tbh because he wouldn't have had insurance cover unless those bans were in place before he travelled. I myself have a five and a half grand holiday booked to Thailand in three weeks. As it stands, I either buy into the fear, refuse to go and lose that money or I go to Thailand until I am told that I am not allowed in. Personally, I don't have an ounce of fear about this 'virus'. But other than forums like this, I don't use social media and haven't for years. I also don't bombard myself with news - which since the dawn of the millennium, appears to put fear mongering at the top of its agenda. As someone who has worked in that industry, it is impossible to see past a lot of the bollocks on the box. Brass Eye was made as an OTT parody in the 90s...now it looks understated.
  6. Just wait for the new migrating laws and forced vaccinations in order to travel. Only a matter of time.
  7. That's the one! Played 5 times in 95 and finished his career at Fleetwood in 2011
  8. To be honest, I think he's the last to play league football but one other played for a conference side (now a league team).
  9. No, retired from playing seven/eight years after him.
  10. When there is nothing to play for, we will become world beaters. The players don't appear to have the belief in themselves or the bottle to see matches out. I'm still massively disappointed with that showing yesterday. It was incompetent on and off the field.
  11. Back to back January transfer windows - perfectly placed, didn't improve the obvious frailties and failed to capitalise. Seriously, that bench today - not a single defender on it! The starting 11 had a right winger or cm at right back, a right back at centre back, a striker (apparently) on the right and a left sided midfielder in the cemtre. It's incompetent and it's a fucking sick joke. Yet, people like me are the ungrateful idiots for not worshipping the manager.
  12. Do you think we have a valid point regarding the daft tactics and selections or that Bennett shouldn't be played at right back?
  13. There we have it. The Bennett giveaway. Shit player. Absolutely shockingly shit right back. Whoever thinks he is capable there is, well, the clueless Tony Mowbray.
  14. Far from the first time this season too. He'll never learn and that's one of the main reasons I know we can do better than him.
  15. Did Mowbray ever mention why he dropped Samuel like a tonne of bricks after doing so well in that right-sided role?
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