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  1. I don't know, but hopefully not guilty, as the employee had made it up. They have form for stuff like this the LT i guess.
  2. I think bad luck follows them around. Fancy an employee making up horrible stories like this, about such humble people. No wonder they sacked him. Blackburn Rovers' boss in assault probe | Lancashire Telegraph
  3. O2.pdf Here is the text from Michel Salgado, that I have mentioned before. This along with an E Mail to Lancashire police is amongst many exhibits that show what was happening back on 2012 and are available in the Rovers Revisited blog for anyone, who cares to take a look. Is it any different now, who knows?
  4. O2.pdfO2.pdfThis could be fabricated, but I believe this is genuine.
  5. The price of the tickets on Saturday, tells you all you need to know. Drop them for everyone, including season tickets and the stadium will be fuller. Plenty have said that we might as well make the same money on ticket sales, by attracting more at cheaper prices and have a better atmosphere, most weeks.
  6. It’s good to know that Buckley is being recognized as a talent. It Rovers have any current player on the books good enough for the prem, he is one.
  7. It’s posted on this thread, on Twitter and on Facebook. It has also been on the side of the Fox and Grapes pub, near Ewood. It was made and paid fr bu a group of guys, who are trying their level best to get the best sort of ownership back for the club. It’s a picture of Uncle Jack, with a quote from madame, in 2010 which suggested her and her family would respect the legacy of Jack Walker.
  8. Wharton is Rovers through and through. His brother is at the club too and will hopefully make it into the first team. Local lad, who still lives local too.
  9. Agreed, great today and it’s cheered me up no end. Jeckyll and Hyde Rovers this week
  10. That’s a hell of a week of football. Six points from nine, our biggest home reverse in the clubs history, in our birthday week. Mowbray giving strange interviews and we are in the top six for two hours. I need a beer. 🍺
  11. I love Buckley to bits. Superb vision and a great football brain. My MOM today, he oozes class.
  12. I am pretty sure that Salgado offered to waive the clause being triggered, to pitch in and help with the relegation battle. He was still frozen out though.
  13. I did say and for clarity, I am not defending Mowbray saying that. I agree fully that he has form elsewhere making a mess and can't abide by what he says and what he does anymore. Yes I am convinced that someone else is calling the shots, as in I firmly believe there is still someone in the background, doing things like the earlier Ryan Nelsen video describes. As for Mowbray, I think he has fully lost the plot and probably the dressing room too. Irrespective on any interference, he is not up to the job.
  14. I wonder if the call was made by the agent, who was working for nothing at the time, who got the place rocking? After all his son came in, who played in the same position as Ryan and was surely an upgrade, just a late developer. He is developing very well at Braintree right now I believe. This is almost certainly still going on, under the guise, of the players have been offered a good contract, but won't sign.
  15. You have have miss interpreted my post, I am not defending Mowbray, quite the opposite.
  16. Like you, I had also forgotten some of the details, but we owe it to ourselves to keep on remembering. I am convinced someone else is calling the shots and maybe there was a cryptic message in Mowbray's press conference, when he pretty much said, if I go, all you will get, is more of the same.
  17. That would make sense. I wasn't sure, so thanks for clarifying, which i guess adds even more weight to my post.
  18. Kean was questioned about Nelson's absence from the starting line up and he claimed he was badly injured. I think he even said he was in traction, his condition was so bad. A few days later, he made his debut for Spurs.
  19. On my weekly Saturday morning jog, this morning, I was trying to make some sense of the Mowbray interview from yesterday. After 5 years, at the club, he must have seen from the inside, some of the things buried beneath the surface. Given the stable he came from, he may well have known quite a bit from the very start, but ,like any other industry, when you work at a place for as long as he has, things will have come to light that he was not are of. His comment about Pep not coming is as the next manager and eluding to us, getting more of the same, may well make some sense, as the pot of mangers, under the agency Venky's insist on using, almost certainly mean, we won't be appointing anyone, with any real pedigree. I am not too sure if Lambert was the only manager we have appointed, who was not under the HSH agency or their connections, but that's how it appears and Lambert was out of the door, in no time at all.
  20. I had forgotten that, but yes you are correct.
  21. http://roversrevisited.blogspot.com/2011/08/puppet-or-puppeteer.html?spref=tw&m=1
  22. Looking for the Salgado text messages, meant me revisiting certain bits of the blog. I thoughts this was pretty interesting. http://roversrevisited.blogspot.com/2011/08/fans-united-in-campaign-to-preserve.html?m=1
  23. I think Salgado himself confirmed this. He was one of the few players, who went on record to back what some of the fans were exposing, when they were doing level best to get the powers that be involved. I would have to search to find it, but there are several text messages from him, used in the blog that Glen Mullan did. Despite certain people rubbishing the blog, as personal opinion, there are things like that, which prove some of the shady goings on.
  24. Perhaps he should have been asked about the FA cup, given that the first round is played this weekend. No point in us entering that really, as we won’t win it.
  25. I think other people are now thinking that way, which is exactly why Mowbray should have fallen on his sword. To be mentioned in the same breath as that cretin from days gone by, would have been unthinkable, but the longer he stays and the more shite he talks, the closer this is becoming.
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