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  1. It’s a worry. Imagine someone buying the club out of administration, who are cobbling the money together to save the club. Option 1 is to pay a rent to the people who ruined the club, to use a training facility. Option 2 is to go back to using the playing fields, in the local park.
  2. Venky’s London Limited, trading as Blackburn Rovers, football and athletic club.
  3. I will give you that, but I’m not buying my next house for 1000% of its value.
  4. Any future administrator might have a bigger problem finding a buyer than they otherwise might have.
  5. A training ground worth £17 million, after throwing £150 million at it, is hardly anything to write home about.
  6. All it takes is a statement from someone at the club. A pre - emptive one, would have stopped the speculation, but perhaps, the owners, don’t consider the fans are worthy of that. After all, we didn’t buy enough season tickets did we?
  7. 1884 Roverite I think. He had a meeting with the club and is due to meet them again, before the end of the year.
  8. If it’s a peppercorn rent as suggested above, then they will have a problem on their hands. A long lease charges at one peppercorn per annum, will essentially bring them 10 peppercorns per decade.
  9. Looks like they also have control of the newly formed company, who now own the STC. There are three directors, all based in India, who I have never heard of, but Madame and Balaji are listed at companies house, as people with significant control.
  10. I think Derby did try that, maybe even with the ground. I don’t know what they have bought exactly, so no idea about what can and can’t be done. I guess this is the real point, why not tell the fans what’s happening, as otherwise we will jump to our own conclusions, whether or not there is something sinister happening.
  11. A bit like when Venky’s stunned the football world, with a story about signing Ronaldiniho, but switched their attentions to Myles Anderson.
  12. It’s very easy to clarify and perhaps, put a positive spin on it, after the event. The new company that have bought it was formed in June, so why the radio silence and why does it yet again, take a fine to find out, to get the message out to the supporters?
  13. That’s the key thing here. The fans forum would surely have been told, if this was a positive. Imagine when the questions were put forward about January sales and FFP etc. if there was a solution in place, why not say so. Without wanting to have a dig, was this mentioned to Roverite during the meeting, where positive changes were mentioned?
  14. It goes to show how other clubs are finding things very difficult. I can’t help but wonder, how the foreign ownership and lack of real interest by such owners, can only be bad for the future of clubs like Rovers and Cardiff. Unlike us, Cardiff have had a promotion to the premier league under their current owners, yet they appear to be in a perilous position. Rovers supporters seem to think, promotion to the premier league, solves all of our problems, but I don’t think that’s the case.
  15. I was happy to see the back of Allardyce, as I hate his style of football. Like the rest of us, I didn’t know what was coming with Kean to follow, or the debacle that is the owners, ever since. If ever anyone needs lessons in how to go from one of the best run football clubs, to one of the worst, in a decade, look no further.
  16. I honestly think there are more than that Josh. Lots love the club, but hate what is going on and would rally round, in the hour if need.
  17. This bad advice, seems to follow these humble people around. Good job these stories, are just musings in a blog!! https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/blackburn-chairwoman-anuradha-desai-faces-3314094.amp
  18. This is why we are angry Tony and in answer to your question, about how far we want to go back, about eleven years please. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1347547/amp/The-Bollywood-billionaires-Blackburn.html
  19. Don’t forget, Mowbray has described the owners, as very humble people. https://m.timesofindia.com/city/pune/venkys-director-among-4-booked-after-manager-alleges-assault/articleshow/34550989.cms
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