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  1. Derby centre half given a yellow but should have been a red.
  2. Received an e-mail from Rovers today offering reduced price tickets (£14.60 & £10 for seniors) to attract a "bumper crowd" for SUFC. It will be clubs 146 birthday hence the £14.60. Hope it works because SUFC will fill the Darwen End.
  3. David Raya will be out for 4 - 5 months with left knee ligament damage following a knock towards the end of the game v Leicester.
  4. As shown above and through interview(s) he does not want to be here. Have players picked this up?? We could find out today.
  5. Hope this is TM's final game at Ewood. We want Mowbray out.
  6. Quote TM on question do you want to stay ".......I think those conversations are to be had when time's more appropriate...." We are sliding down the league Tony so the players need to respect you as a demanding football manager.
  7. Hope they do sack TM and don't hang about. He's no favourite with many on this message board and they same must go with many down at the club. Gareth Ainsworth will do for me.
  8. They are drawing with Blackpool 2 2 with 15 mins to go but have only had 4 shots. It Reading do turn us over I can see Ewood voicing an opinion on Mowbray.
  9. I'm lost for words why a club like Rovers will continue to employ a man who is well past his sell by date. Surely even Venkys can see the chap has no idea. The performance was beyond bad tonight yet he'll still be manager on Saturday. There needs to be a reply from the fans against Reading. What the hell did he expect from Clarkson?
  10. I want to hear our fans "...we want Mowbray out..."
  11. Good shot from Rothwell on the night we do nothing up front.
  12. To say we are playing crap is an understatement. QPR are poor and a decent side against them would have done more than the one shoot on goal. Need to exploit their right back whose been booked. Come on Mowbray earn your money.
  13. Medical emergency in the crowd has suspended the game. Think it was the fans that got the refs attention and now medical staff from both sides attending someone. Sad to see but credit to all there and hope whoever it is is ok.
  14. I made the point at the game that losing a two goal lead was entirely down to Mowbray's decision to go defensive at half time. No one disagreed. He probably blames the team, the way he walked up & down shaking his head. Please resign Tony.
  15. Not a bad line up from what we've been hearing. Unsure about Van Hecke because haven't seen him and about Gally because he doesn't hit the net like Diaz. But Diaz on bench is excellent. David Speedie at today's game.
  16. Fully agree with what Chaddy says about our passionate support yesterday. It was outstanding. Yet the Blackburn Rovers Manager could not publicly acknowledge Rovers fans yet he did for Blackpool fans. Imo this is a disgrace and he should be told. Another for the fans forum ( @only2garnersand @K-Hod).
  17. And yet TM will cover himself with the "....lessons to be learnt...." which is true but as you say these faults were already there in a previous match. Mental preparation and player confidence are vital but it took 45 minutes to open the eyes of some of our players.
  18. The second half was better and if we'd started with that intensity it could have been different. There was no commitment in first half with most of our players sleep walking.
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