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  1. This is not good enough. This is not acceptable. We will not go forward with this manager, he has reached his limits. There's only one solution.
  2. You could actually smell the fear in this forum at the moment... Hold!
  3. Congratulations and happy new year!
  4. Same old shit year after year. Well, at least we have memories of good times...
  5. Great chance to Bell, the soil is moist and nutritious. Hoping for an objective view from someone who sees the match. COYB!
  6. Merry Christmas and congrulations on gaining back your independency! Truly. Hope we will get a chance to vote too here in Finland. COYB 2021!
  7. It feels always great to be rover. Tonight is definately not an exception to that. ?
  8. First half 0-0. So my math says there's two equal teams fighting for the points tonight. Could go either way.
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