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  1. After 18 consecutive seasons as a season ticket holder, I will not be renewing, things have to change and I know I won’t be the only one. It’s all very sad and until he’s gone there’s no light at all. We’d be extremely lucky if we have 5000 in the ground next season.. wouldn’t be surprised if one or two teams end up with more fans in our own ground than us. Embarrassing from top to bottom. He has to go or I for one will not give a penny more.
  2. Not sure if it means anything but no Cedric Kipre in the West Brom Squad tonight 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Not commented on here for a while, still rather new to it all, like most I’ve been frustrated with how the last few weeks of the season have gone.. On the Samuel debate, no chance I’d keep him here beyond the last two games, Hopefully we’ll do all we can to keep Dack and Armstrong, Graham if there’s not much of a budget, maybe worth one more year.. If we could by some miracle shift Brereton and Gallagher then I’m all for that, Obviously not going to get anything near what we paid but moving them on would be beneficial.. then from there hopefully we’ll be able to rebuild the front lin
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