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  1. I know not everyone makes it to the Ben Brereton thread but you are aware of "Breretonmanía" arent you? It hit Chile and parts of the UK in June. The man has 900k followers just on instagram alone [i am not one] . He has enough fans in Chile [who are not necessarily fans of the Championship or Rovers--and have probably only seen him for Chile in Copa América] who produce dozens of fan videos weekly and BB [BBD?] doesnt need anyone doing PR for him there. He has inspired people to even write songs about him. It's loco. By the by, have you seen his Pepsi commercial?
  2. Glad someone posted this here. at min 00:18 Ben orders a CHACARERO, which is a chilean sandwich made with thinly sliced steak or pork, topped with tomatoes, green beans, a few chili peppers, and optional mayonaise, served on a round bun. it's my american wife's favorite sandwhich and, it seems, was named by the american Time Magazine as one of "The 13 Most Amazing Sandwiches The World Has To Offer". (i don't care for the green beans) I like how the girl at min 00:23 yells "Pass it to him!" ("pásasela!"), underscoring what many chilean fans felt--that BB was not given enough passes by his team mates. Good for him. Enjoy your moment. Get paid.
  3. Blackburn Boss Tony Mowbray On The Benefits Of Ben Brereton's Chile Impact https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19419161.blackburn-boss-tony-mowbray-benefits-ben-breretons-chile-impact/ Some BBD fanboy from Chile put together this compilation of Brereton in action at Copa América. It has the eye-rolling title of "The Reason Ben Brereton Made The World Fall In Love With HIm" (the reason BB enamoured the world).
  4. Which real world is that? Is education or are educators not valued in England or UK? Asking as a foreigner.
  5. The unusual story of how BB ended up in South America this winter [July is winter in Chile]. How Blackburn Rovers Season Ticket Holder Helped Make Ben Brereron A Chile Star https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19418434.blackburn-rovers-season-ticket-holder-helped-make-ben-brereton-chile-star/
  6. Even in defeat, BB's stock continues to rise among Chileans. Chilean fandom liked that BB always wants to go forward while others only want to play side to side. They liked that BB never tired of waving his arms and asking for the ball and conversely they disliked the perceived selfishess of some of his team mates for seeming to "boycott" BB and not give him enough passes. Still, Chile only scored three goals and Brereton was involved in 66.7% of them. And hit the crossbar against Brazil. Not too shabby for a newbie. They also loved the "death stare" BB gave Brazil's Gabriel de Jesus after he planted his cleats firmly in the face of Chile's Eugenio Mena and was deserveldy ejected and hopefully jailed. The Twittersphere (I do not...Tweet) declared him to be the best thing about this Copa América for Chile (that doesn't mean he was the best player). An article in Spanish with some good pictures titled: "We don't deserve you": Ben Brereton Given Title As The Best Thing For Chile In This Copa América https://www.adnradio.cl/la-roja/2021/07/02/no-te-merecemos-ben-brereton-recibio-el-titulo-de-lo-mejor-de-la-roja-en-la-copa-america.html
  7. I think if BB had scored that goal aginst Brazil that went off of the crossbar he would probably have been issued his own postage stamp (for anyone who still uses them). Brereton should have been in the starting line up. Alexis Sánchez had been sidelined with [another] injury and tried hard to recover in time for the 2nd round. For as much as Alexis doesn't want to stay away from the pitch, Chile's coach Lasarte should have had the balls to keep him on the bench or even off the squad entirely. He was not in any condition to play and Brereton would have made more of an impact early on. Chile did well the 1st half (goalkeeper Claudio Bravo, widely viewed as a "flop" in England ,has been superb). They frustrated Brazil with possession but Chile didn't have enough up front. And all that went to waste just 1min into the 2nd half, after BB had come in for Malexis after halftime. Brazil played a man down the last 42mins but you wouldn't have known it. BB's team mates again came in for some heavy criticism post game for not passing him the ball enough. Chile's inablity to center a ball or successfully threaten towards the end of the game was beyond infuriating and speaks to the lack of attack on this Chile team (and part of reason BB parachuting onto this team out of nowhere has caused such a stir). As always in South America and especially when Brazil/Argentina are involved (even more so if VARzil hosts), there was some shady shit afoot, from a Chilean perspective. The ref was Argentine and logic dictates he has no reason to favor Brazil but the number of times he seemed to hand free kicks after a Brazilian flop were too many to count. Legit fouls for Chile were ignored. Brazil was in an unusually theatrical mood, even for Brazil, and was often rewarded for it. Neymar handed out a slap to the face away from the ball to a Chilean player, which could have been a red, but it was ignored (the Brazilian origin of the TV feed ensured no replays were shown). There seemed to be a possible penalty against Charles Aranguiz for Chile around minute 69:43 and both the ref and VAR ignored it and Brazilian feed once again did not even show a replay. It felt like Brazil was there for the taking and once again it did not happen for Chile, who played better than expected. The important thing is for Argentina to not win the Copa América and that Messi never lifts a trophy with his adopted country (many Argies say he's really Catalan after all this time).
  8. Good UK article on BB and his Copa América adventure: No Fairytale Ending For Ben Brereton But The Blackburn Rovers Ace Returns As Chile's Noble Hero https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/blackburn-rovers-brereton-chile-brazil-2096173
  9. Benjamín's header against Brazil. Replays are shown after the play stops.
  10. You're right, of course. I overheard a lazy journalist say they hadnt lost.
  11. Nor can Chileans. Chile have never beaten Brazil in Brazil. And i think this Brazil team has not lost a game since being eliminated by Belgium at WC 2018. In the end, it's 11 vs 11 and it is hope against overwhelming odds that makes us all love football and keep watching.
  12. I don't mean to keep overhyping Ben Brereton, it's just that in the UK you're not seeing what i'm seeing here in the US on Chilean and Spanish language media. I'm only sharing the tip of the iceburg available in English mostly. He is a legitimate celebrity in every sense of the word. And no matter what happens tonight versus Brazil, the Chilean fans (about 90% of the population of 19M) will continue to follow his every move (and have their eyes on Rovers too). And it just doesn't stop. He is the gift that keeps on giving. Even the shirt off his back. This week a boy named Cristobal went viral with a home made Brereton #22 Chile jersey. And yesterday Ben Brereton sent Cristobal a video message telling him he would be mailing him an official Brereton Díaz shirt. That gesture has further endeared him to an already adoring Chilean public. Needless to say Cristobal was over the luna.... Here is an article in Spanish about it: https://www.lacuarta.com/deportes/noticia/ben-brereton-sorprendio-pequeno-fans/648097/
  13. The daily dose of Ben Brereton....three more English language articles on BB. Ben Brereton Hoping To Outshine Neymar And Brazil To Keep Copa América Dream Alive https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/brereton-blackburn-neymar-copa-america-24446875 From Blackburn To Brazil: Ben Brereton Is Shining At The Copa América https://www.planetfootball.com/in-depth/from-blackburn-to-brazil-brereton-to-take-on-neymar-with-chile-at-the-copa-america/ The Fairytale Rise of Ben Brereton: How The Man From Stoke Became A Cultural Phenonemon In Chile https://theathletic.com/2685423/2021/07/02/the-fairytale-rise-of-ben-brereton-how-the-man-from-stoke-became-a-cultural-phenomenon-in-chile/
  14. Who can forget this Brazilian display?
  15. Yeah, pre 1980s Brazil was something else. But too much south american talent gets exported to Europe at such a young age that they end up being more european and less "south american". Messi has been a Barça boy since age 13....until his contract expired on june 30.
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