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    43 minutes ago, RevidgeBlue said:

    The abysmal Gallagher £5m and £20k p.w.

    You're making yourself look very silly indeed now Gav.

    I asked you this morning which players Mowbray has paid a transfer fee for, that are 'duffers' as you put it?

    So far you've come up with Gallagher, who is far from abysmal, Chris Brown was abysmal.

    As for looking silly, your continued support of Venkys speaks louder than anything I could ever post to make you look silly Rev, wake up for goodness sake.

  2. 54 minutes ago, Wheelton Blue said:

    You're just caveating it to suit your narative.


    2 hours ago, Gav said:

    I started off earlier today by saying Mowbrays business when a transfer fee is involved is excellent, referring to Kaminski on Saturday and I have no reason to change that opinion. 


    1 hour ago, Gav said:

    I described his business when paying a transfer fee as excellent, if you want to provide evidence to the contrary, the floor is yours. 

    Quite simply not true Wheelton.

    Bit of advice, read the context before wading in.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Wheelton Blue said:

    ...and the millions he's had over his whole tenure to fund wages, loans etc.

    I'm not saying that Mowbray hasn't pulled off some good deals. But to describe his transfer dealings as 'excellent' is - to steal another poster's noun - 'hyperbole' 

    I described his business when paying a transfer fee as excellent, if you want to provide evidence to the contrary, the floor is yours. 

  4. 29 minutes ago, Wheelton Blue said:

    By definition then, we should also applaud the owners for backing Mowbray financially to fund these deals, especially as Mowbray has not been forced to sell.

    All Hail Venkys, eh?

    Yes that £400k he spent on transfer this season will definitely make us promotion candidates, coupled with the £1m he spent last season........

    Going up going up going up........come on Wheelton, you're better than that.


  5. 1 hour ago, Blue blood said:

    Sorry Gav I strongly disagree on a number of points. Whether measured by goals or any other metric Gally isn't very good and hasn't been for us. I don't think anyone thinks that the right wing expertiment for Gally has worked, and putting in a shift isn't really enough for a forward. He doesn't score loads, doesn't create much, doesn't hold the ball up well. For a significantly large fee (for us) that's a very poor return. He's been a bit better this season, but again, nowhere near £5 millions worth. 

    Nor do I think it's fair to say loans are a lottery. That's not true, it's not a lucky dip! Perhaps if the player hasn't played professional/competitive football there is an element of uncertainty - beyond that of a normal transfer - but even that in itself hints at what is going to happen; their inexperience will cost us. Most loans however don't have that degree of uncertainty Tosin had just done a full session at West Brom, Douglas had played Championship before and so on. In most cases there was evidence of how they would shape up, and for the others we didn't really get anything other than expected from a novice. So it's not pot luck, and I feel that exonerates TM of his responsibility in these transfers. 

    Bereton is an exceptionally interesting case. Does one good season and a profit negate two terrible years and one ok one at a huge cost for us? I can't think of another player like it. Perhaps McCarthy was the only one, with the difference being he didn't cost the earth and his good season came at the start. It's very hard to quantify the opportunity costs of that 7 mill and two dreadful seasons, but then they came when we had others scoring. I'll be honest I don't know how to quantify him as a success or failure, but will caveat it with I am enjoying his form. 

    Would agree it's not all rubbish with TM but I do think his transfer record is very sketchy. 

    Thats why we have a message board Blue Blood and I respect your views, even though I don't agree with them all.

    I think both Brereton and Gallagher suffered due to Armstrong being in the side, Mowbray quite rightly played to Armstrong throughout his time here and tried to fit the other 2 in where possible. Brereton has flourished this season being the number one striker, but Gallagher has chipped in with a few goals and created goals for his team mates, Derby away and Sheff Utd? more recently if memory serves me correctly. 

    In terms of loans, that market has changed significantly in the time I've been watching football. Once upon a time if you needed a player you went and got one, maybe 2, mostly to fill a gap for an injured player. Nowadays its the lower leagues version of transfer market with no transfer fees, you mostly get players other clubs don't want and you usually have up to 5 in your squad? Its a lottery, you probably wouldn't have some of them anywhere near the first team if you had the choice, but with no money for permanent transfers and depleted squads, thats the market you're playing in.

    How many teams get promoted to Premiership with a side full of loan players? I can only think of Wolves and they had multi million pound players as part of a deal with the super agent. Its not a successful model for 99% of teams.

    I started off earlier today by saying Mowbrays business when a transfer fee is involved is excellent, referring to Kaminski on Saturday and I have no reason to change that opinion. 

  6. 1 hour ago, RevidgeBlue said:

    You're clearly on the wind up Gav, Gallagher has been an absolutely abysmal signing.

    Sam Gallagher is probably the first name on the team sheet when fit, he does far more than score goals Rev, his work ethic with an without the ball is undeniable, he creates, and weights in with one or two also, a managers dream.

    If he could add a few more goals to his tally he'd be off for another significant profit, he can spot a player can Mowbray. 

  7. 25 minutes ago, Blue blood said:

    Think this is an unfair criteria as just because a transfer fee may or may not be involved doesn't necessarily influence their importance to the team. 

    Walton is a case in point. "Just" a loan but played most games and cost us countless goals and points. Not sure well we didn't pay a fee for him is a valid excuse for how damaging he was to the team. Whittingham would be another - no transfer fee involved but one of our higher earners making it a costly mistake. 

    Gallagher would be the first name to meet your criteria btw. 

    I'll be honest Gav. Whilst I agree Venkys are the bigger problem TM is far from a good manager and I find it a tad strange that he's absolved of blame even as a symptom not the cause. 

    Rev has run a mile because Mowbrays buys have been on the whole excellent, his return on investment must delight the owners, no getting away from that.

    The loan market is a lottery, especially when we have no money to compete on wages. Harvey Elliot was a gem, Tosin was a gem, but its a lottery in the main with more failures than successes. 

    On Sam Gallagher, he's a mangers dream, if you go to games thinking "Gallagher = striker = goals" and nothing else matters, you'll probably be disappointed. But the work that lad puts in during a game is phenomenal with or without the ball, how many chances has he setup this season for his team mates?

    Brereton up until this season was poor, he not only failed to score he also didn't work hard enough, but he's put that right this season and all credit to him.

    I never absolved Mowbray of any blame for not being good enough, I'd have sacked him a while ago, but clearly its not all bad, for the reasons I've already stated. 


  8. 8 minutes ago, RevidgeBlue said:

    Aye, like Christian Walton.

    Edit: If you make enough duff signings I suppose you're bound to get the odd one right eventually on the law of averages.

    He was a loan signing wasn't he?

    Can you tell me how many 'duff signings' he's made when a transfer fee has been involved? 

  9. 8 hours ago, RevidgeBlue said:

    Taking the thread back to the original topic of Mowbray, Ssturday's game at Bristol City was a microcosm of us under him imo.

    In recent seasons we'd have lost that game on Saturday imo, we didn't lose, we gained a point in my book.

    We also saw another Mowbray signing standing up to be counted, the excellent Thomas Kaminski. In a week where he was called up to the full Belgium national side, his value increases further, Mowbray can certainly spot a player.

    Not all bad is it Rev.


  10. 12 hours ago, Upside Down said:

    That's where we were when the takeover happened, relegation was deliberate and there has been no attempt to get back there.



    Tony Mowbray is no where near the level of manager we should have. He is a symptom of the ownership. With competen people running thigs we'd have a manager with ambition.


    6 hours ago, 1864roverite said:

    Relegation deliberate ? Don’t be so ridiculous we were relegated because of the incompetent managers at the time 



    10 minutes ago, 1864roverite said:

    That’s not evidence of what you have claimed let’s have it from you otherwise it’s just utter rubbish 


    It wasn't me that claimed relegation was deliberate originally, if you can't even recall who you're having the debate with we're struggling 1864.

  11. 23 minutes ago, 1864roverite said:

    Rowing back? Give your head a wobble Gav! I am waiting for you to provide tangible evidence that our team and club were deliberately sent out to get themselves relegated out of the league over the course of the season ! That is what you claim I simply dispute it and unless you do so then your argument fails miserably. Never through the history of football has a club gone out simply to achieve relegation it is as simple as that

    Exhibit A - The past 10yrs of Venkys control, if you can't join those dots you're not looking hard enough.

  12. 47 minutes ago, 1864roverite said:

    You've not read what I wrote properly - I said as a whole, meaning the whole team and set up !

    I read what you wrote and now you're rowing back faster than Redgrave and Pinsent.

    When Blackburn Rovers 2011 was sold, its was a club sat 11th in Premiership, punching well above its weight, with a boardroom full of footballing people and an experienced manager and very good players. 

    2yrs later we had no boardroom structure, we sat firmly in league 1 having sacked many good people that worked day to day at the club, we had crooks filling deep pockets and a visit to the old bailey under our belts.

    Are you telling me that was setup for success? I'm telling you that was setup to fail and it did just that.

  13. 32 minutes ago, Wheelton Blue said:

    So what are you saying then? That we stick with Waggott & Mowbray until Venkys leave?

    My original point was getting rid of Mowbray and Waggott fixes nothing, the bigger picture must be to get rid of Venkys.

    We've changed the manager 9 times in 10yrs, we've changed the CEO probably 5 times, it doesn't work, especially when we're using a small gene pool of washed up dregs owned by 1 agency. 

    The longer these owners are here, the more damage they do.

  14. 6 minutes ago, Armchair supporter supremo said:

    By "history" I meant that (if we are lucky!)We'd just end up in a position where we would unlikely to ever even be able to compete above league 1 level again in my life time. If you'd be happy with that then great for you. 

    They could play on Pleasington playing fields for all I care, if these inept owners sod off I'll have 4 season tickets immediately. 

    As long as we are being run by proper footballing people who give a toss about the club, the town and its supporters, thats good enough for me, at the moment we are dying by a thousand cuts and changing the manager and CEO won't change that, as the last 10yrs have shown us.

  15. 24 minutes ago, Armchair supporter supremo said:

    Sorry cock but I think you have a pretty romanticised view of our stature 😞 Look how long it took Leeds to claw their way back into the premiere league! and they're a far bigger and better supported City team (even if their fans are pure scum😄)

    I'll ask you again.

    How many clubs of the stature of say, a Blackburn Rovers, have folded and 'become history' as you put it?

    The reason why I ask is its the difference between putting up with the continued downgrading of the club or striving for something better.

    If you truly believe Venkys are our only option thats an acceptable position to hold.

  16. 1 hour ago, Armchair supporter supremo said:

    Mowbray Out

    Waggot Out


    Can you name me one person that has the funds available to buy the club and its debt if it was put up for sale? and if this club goes into administration there will be no happy ending! the club would become history.


    Sadly our best bet is rolling the managerial dice and hoping we eventually find a good en.

    I'll take that as a No then, which is the right answer, we have nobody at the club who could make a decent appointment, the last 10yrs proves that.

    How many clubs of the stature of say, a Blackburn Rovers, have folded and 'become history' as you put it?

  17. 58 minutes ago, 1864roverite said:

    Relegation deliberate ? Don’t be so ridiculous we were relegated because of the incompetent managers at the time 


    When new owners come into the club on a ticket to get Champions league football with a budget of £5m a season, the argument could be made that they deliberately relegated the cub in pursuit of that aim. They replaced the current manager with a coach, replaced the best chairman in the country with nobody, sold off all the clubs assets, or put them in the stands so as not to pay win bonuses and loyalty bonuses.

    Those are all very deliberate acts which resulted in relegation and the demise of this football club.

  18. 40 minutes ago, oldjamfan1 said:

    I’m certainly not suggesting he was responsible and I think I have made it very clear what I think of the behaviour towards him. But for some unfathomable reason a huge swathe of people seem reluctant to call him out for the hypocrite and - yes - racist that he is. The credibility of anyone who is racist is surely in question. As someone above says there is much more to his particular story than meets the eye and for the umpteenth time and for additional clarity I agree that the systemic and institutional racism in cricket needs to be sorted out.
    And @gav - of course I’m not directly comparing what he did to what he received but you clearly are - the very definition of whataboutery wouldn’t you say? 

    I'll be honest with you ojf, the scramble to paint Rafiq as the bad guy is unsavoury to say the least and its often from a position of not even knowing the facts relating to the claims. It may not be the intention of posters on this board to do that, but thats the way its coming across. 

    As Jim said yesterday, being racially abused 7 days a week by your work mates, which isn't in dispute by the way, is a far different proposition than sharing private whatsapp messages with a mate, but both are racist.

    Throw the book at them all.


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